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Your monster cables are now diamonds

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Compendium of Presidental Soccer Legends.

Data is incomplete. I am currently flipping through history books and cross-referencing with unidentified soccer legends to put the pieces together

Fellow researchers - /u/teddygoalsevelt /u/churningbutter /u/mrspuff202

## Name notes ## Name notes
01 George Bashington known for headers 23 Benjamin Carryson No longer allowed as goalie
02 John Add'em Racking up points 24 Grover "The Rover" Cleveland Took the "roomba" approach to soccer
03 Thomas DEF-ferson Department of Defense 25 William McKickley Ball's already past your defenders
04 James "Umad"ison Most sportsmanship-related penalties in the league 26 Theodore "Teddy" Goalsevelt "Run softly, but carry a big kick"
05 "Aims" Monroe Aim twice, kick once 27 William "Powered" Taft Kicks like a machine
06 John Qu"IN"cy Adams If I shoot, it's good 28 Win-draw Wilson Only wins or draws
07 NoHand-drew Jackson Block your shots without 'em 29 Warren G. Hard"ball"ing Warning: Aims for the nuts
08 "Honduran" Buren Trained with the Honduran team during his tenure 30 Kelvin Coolfridge Never loses his head over the game
09 William "Baller Bill" Harrison Installed presidential fields in the White House 31 Herbert "Maneuver" Hoover Inventor of the Hoover Maneuver*
10 John Mile-r That's definitely out-of-bounds 32 Franklin Delano Goalsevelt “I ask you to judge me by the goals I have scored”
11 James Poke Doesn't really 'kick' per se 33 Harry S. Throw-in Excellent throw control
12 Zachary Nailer Accuracy over all 34 Dwight D. Eyes'N'power Dangerous; skilled in both aim and range
13 Midfield Fillmore This is as far as you get 35 John F. Tennedy Goals-per-game average: 10
14 Franklin Pierceshot Just put a hole in your goalie 36
15 James "The Cannon" Buchanan Better get out the way 37 Richard "Netson" Nixon Nothin' but net
16 Abraham Lincwin "I cannot lose a game" 38 Gerald R. Scored I came, I saw, I scored
17 Andrew "Brawnson" Johnson Much better at the football that isn't this one 39 James Center #20 was his hero
18 Umiss-es S. Grant Enjoys taunting bad players 40 "Redcard" Reagan Most penalties in the league
19 Rutherford "Blaze" Hayes He's already past you 41
20 James Midfield "Control mid and you control the game" 42 Bill Cleaton "I did not have hands-on relations with that soccer ball"
21 Chested-it A. Arthur The "A" stands for Abdominals 43
22 Grover "The Rover" Cleveland Took the "roomba" approach to soccer 44 Barack Goalbama YES HE DID

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You have chosen... Wisely