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So excited for this AMA!

First off, the new album is incredible and completely flawless.

My questions:

  1. In the video for "Year Zero," was the person who lifted the robe one of the Ghouls, and if so, was it really Papa Emeritus II? Please answer for the ladies who may or may not fantasize that it was ;)

  2. Do you feel like playing outdoor festivals where you may be unable to have the same elaborate stage backdrops may make it more difficult for the audience to get your message?

  3. Where did you find the amazing choir that we hear on Infestissumam?

Hail Satan!

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Huge fan, teddy. Are you planning on seeing united passions and can we expect a teddy goalsevelt film review?

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I noticed that people have already started putting their pre-ordered copies of the new record on eBay. It's really a shame. I wouldn't give mine up for any amount of money!

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I've always wondered how much has not been discovered yet. Do you have an estimate on how many species that could potentially be out there that have not been excavated? Also, are there any regions that haven't been explored that should be?

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Oh my word. How rude.