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Currently writing a philosophy paper on personal identity over time, gonna throw this in the footnotes.

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Oh. So... probably no on the queso dip, huh?

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Lol this is the sketchiest AMA who the fuck are you.

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This whole AMA seems pretty fishy to me. No photo ID in the proof, OP is openly hostile to a lot of people asking for more personal background, he/she is ambiguous and at times contradictory about their nationality, first language, work experience and a number of other things. In addition, half of OP's answers are weirdly aggressive internet references about trigger warnings or /r/conspiratard . And a few of the answers are copy and pasted from elsewhere on the internet, stuff that can easily be google searched. As other people have pointed out, OP used an American style for writing the date in the proof photo, despite elsewhere insisting he/she is not American.

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He/she said elsewhere in the thread that she is a woman (wears high heels), and this post about attack helicopters is copy and pasted verbatim from an urban dictionary entry.