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I sat across the aisle from you at the U.S. Portugal game. My face was used on ESPN to show the disappointment of the stoppage goal. If you remember me and are ever in NY, want to grab coffee? The pictures don't show my USA speedo if that helps jog your memory.


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I have clients that have played with Art Garfunkle. They call him Garkle: no art and no fun. Not surprised you don't have a positive story.

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Brilliant! Shoot me a personal message with your email and I'll reach out!

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I'm an attorney, although I do not practice Constitutional law. I did a quick ctrl f and only saw "Buckley v. Valeo" mentioned once. On what basis will Citizens be overturned with so much court precedent going the other way? Isn't the best way to go about change here with a Constitutional Amendment?

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It seems that almost all who participate in 401 are accepted into Advanced Study at the theater which in turn dilutes the quality of the classes. Is there ever any discussion about making it more difficult to be approved for advanced study classes?

When you get to the level that both of you are at, how important is chemistry? Could you put on a dynamite show with any experienced improviser?