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Can I quote myself? "Not corrupt... mustache."

Seriously, though, FIFA officials need to stop looking at themselves like business people and realize they're public servants. They serve the football/soccer world and need to behave that way. Obviously, that's a bit of an optimistic and borderline naive way of looking at things, but it's the truth. We demand the same of our politicians (as much as is possible), we should expect it of FIFA.

Edit: For clarity, the "not corrupt" part means no. No bribes.

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I hope it’s the last time any World Cup of any kind is played on turf. It would never fly in a men’s tournament. And it shouldn't fly here.

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These days, it tastes like champagne.

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Absolutely! I'm stoked.

For anyone on the fence about whether or not the WWC is as interesting or exciting as the Men's, I beg you to watch. The beautiful game is the beautiful game, not to mention our Women are some of the best in the world!

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Yeah, this is probably a great time to make the point that I really am just one guy in a huge crowd of celebrating US fans. In fact, there's kind of a funny story about how that ESPN shot came to be.

I really was losing my mind after that goal. There had been so much buildup, the supporter section was like a powder keg once JJ smoked that ball into the net. So, I'm jumping around, high fiving people, getting beers spilled on me... people are tumbling over seats, hugging, crying... suddenly this other guy from across the aisle (I was right next to the stairs) comes over and puts his arm around me, and turns me around. He squares us up and I realize he wants to mug for the camera with the weirdo in the Roosevelt costume. So, I just keep going nuts, but facing a camera now. But they cropped him out of the shot! You can just kinda see his arm and shoulder a little if you look for it. But the guy responsible for putting my dumb face in front of the camera in the first place never got the screen time he so desperately desired. Alas...

To answer your actual question, I didn’t find out until the end of the match. I had a cell phone there, but had it turned off during the game, and had generally spotty service at matches anyway. But at the very end of the game, a cameraman, sound guy, and reporter came down to where I was sitting to ask if I minded doing an interview after the match. I’m thinking, “OK, they just want to talk to one of the crazier US fans about this amazing match we just watched.” But the guy says back to me, “OH THANK GOD. My boss just called me from the US and told me if I don’t find and interview that Roosevelt guy, I’m in deep doo-doo.” That’s when I found out.