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Sorry to run a little off topic here! More of a journalism question than anything. It seems that investigative journalism, perhaps like the OxyContin industry, is dying on a large-scale level. Obviously the work you guys are doing at the L.A. Times is important for a lot of reasons. How, maybe even from a very grassroots level (i.e. in the classroom, small, local newspapers), can journalists, editors and news companies as a whole get more involved in producing investigative news? Sorry again that it's off topic and a bit broad but I've always found investigative journalism to be undervalued in an age where it should be as prevalent as ever. Thanks for all you guys are doing!

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Have you come to find that your faith is as strong as ever, or have you kind of questioned Christianity? It seems like such an experience, one that could really foster a lot of animosity, I guess I'm asking how hard it was for you to still trust your faith?

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what's your advice to someone who can't grow a half decent beard to save their life?