Mainly doing this because someone last night said I should.

I got called into work tonight, so I figured, why not?

I've been with Waffle House for 3.5 years, so I've seen a lot.

My Proof: []

Edit: Guys, the response to this has been way more than I anticipated.

Keep asking questions, I'll be here all night. If I don't answer immediately, im ya know, cooking.

Edit 2: I got gilded. Will link the user when I can, but Thank you!

Also, I'm struggling to Keep up with all the questions. Will answer as soon as I can guys. Sorry!

Edit 3: Again, sorry for the delay in answering. We got kinda busy. Im trying to catch up!

Edit 4: I caught up! You guys are awesome.

When I made this I expected barely any response. All of the comments have been awesome. Im still here, so Keep them coming!

/u/wbasc is who gilded one of my comments!

Edit 4.5: I am back! You guys are all incredible.

Let's Keep going until we get kicked out!

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I am honoured!

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Edit 7: Alright guys and gals, it's been real fun, but it's time for bed. I absolutely loved doing this. I'll totally respond more when I wake up, if there are more questions.

Thank you for all the questions!

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GayAndAllergicToNuts2025 karma

I like your chocolate chip waffles. I know they're not "yours" but you know what I mean.

Have you ever tried acid?

MrJacksEnigma1847 karma

Never tried acid.

They are my chocolate chip waffles, don't let them lie to you.

GayAndAllergicToNuts520 karma

I'm really bummed that there are no Houses of Waffle in California. All we have is Dennys and IHOP and that shit blows.

MrJacksEnigma521 karma

Yeah, they'll probably get there eventually.

New stores are opened constantly.

oldschoolfl229 karma

If you decide to try acid you won't want chocolate chip waffles

MrJacksEnigma522 karma

I probably won't try acid, then.

metalfan2680330 karma

Chocolate chip waffles are my anti-drug

MrJacksEnigma226 karma


CDC_1608 karma

One time I was in a Waffle House and I watched a woman do a line of cocaine right on her table, she sat there for a moment, and then vomited all over the place, all while laughing in between jets of vomit.

My wife was with me and still refuses to go to any Waffle House. But I love Waffle House and couldn't care less about the stupid coke-head-vomit-queen. How can I talk my wife into changing her stance on Waffle House?

MrJacksEnigma1347 karma

What the Fuck. That's crazy. Just tell her it's super rare and doesn't happen often at all.

CDC_1346 karma

It was in Gainesville, FL. I tried to tell her it's just Florida.

When you're in Florida, it's pretty much always just Florida.

MrJacksEnigma961 karma

Florida is crazy.

ShitDick71678 karma

Was eating at one in Tampa years ago and a couple of dudes came in and shot a couple rounds into the ceiling , demanded money, robbed the staff and the people at the counter then started to head out and one or the old dudes at the counter pulled his gun and shot BOTH of them, I was at the under the booth closest to the door, robbers died right there ., staring right at me Can still see the holes in the wall and ceiling today Scattered, covered, diced and chunked yo

MrJacksEnigma362 karma

Fucking awesome.

Dick__Marathon140 karma

You watch your fucking mouth. I'll sic my pet gators on you.


MrJacksEnigma96 karma

Hence why Florida is crazy.

bouncy_ball1274 karma

I once played the monster mash a shit load of times in a row on the jukebox at a waffle house. Do you hate me?

MrJacksEnigma1660 karma


bouncy_ball513 karma

I'm sorry. Also the two egg breakfast is a decent bit of food for like 2 bucks.

MrJacksEnigma489 karma

Yeah, it's not that bad.

MattyNiceGuy972 karma

Why are you not making delicious waffles in Michigan? We love waffles in Michigan...but we must travel into Ohio to enjoy Waffle House. We do not love the Ohio. This is problem. Why you not waffle Michigan? We are nice.

MrJacksEnigma548 karma

I don't have control over where stores are built. I am so sorry.

Write a letter to corporate.

MattyNiceGuy322 karma

You are doing an excellent job replying to questions. Fist-Bump, Much Respect.

MrJacksEnigma225 karma

It's a challenge, but im down for it.

hogwartsbirthcontrol767 karma

My brother and I hit every waffle house from Nashville to San Diego on a road trip a few years back. Had one waitress somewhere near Oklahoma city tell us not to look one guy in the eye because he was going to be arrested by the sheriff's outside for murder once he finished his meal.

Has anyone ever told you they were a convict/been arrested at your store?

MrJacksEnigma648 karma

We've had people be arrested, yeah. I had a coworker that got arrested once.

hogwartsbirthcontrol249 karma

Crazy, what was your coworker arrested for? And waffle house staff are awesome, never had bad customer service

MrJacksEnigma607 karma


gtobiast13458 karma

He says casually

MrJacksEnigma191 karma


I_See_Wrong_People706 karma

I have heard that Waffle House line cooks use a highly precise method of placing various condiments and items on plates to communicate silently with other cooks about EXACTLY what goes onto that particular plate. Is this true and if so, can you explain it to us?

MrJacksEnigma737 karma

Yeah. It's the marking system. It's hard to explain, but based on what the condiment is, and where it is on the plate, it translates in our head as a certain thing.

bovineone298 karma

Can you give some specific examples and their meanings?

MrJacksEnigma601 karma

Like jelly packets indicate cooking eggs, and dependent on where it is decides what type of eggs.

Iced_TeaFTW311 karma

That's a pretty bad ass method! I'm impressed!

MrJacksEnigma382 karma

It takes some getting used to.

HeckaFrosty622 karma

It's my understanding that 80% of people who eat at WH are either drunk or hungover.. Which one would you say you get more of?

MrJacksEnigma878 karma

The drunks. Definitely the drunks.

OldBeercan467 karma

Hey buddy. Your the bestorite.

Ilove yuo for superthin stakes that are peppr salted to perfection and coooked a bit. dem shits ar delicus. udaman.

MrJacksEnigma379 karma


siraisy539 karma

what is your most favorite movie and why is it the dark knight?

MrJacksEnigma363 karma

I don't have a favourite movie.

hurtsdonut_264 karma

Are you British?

MrJacksEnigma501 karma

I fucking wish.

iheartbaconsalt365 karma

Your wish has been granted. Sadly, you can now only say "bu'er" instead of "butter."

MrJacksEnigma246 karma

Well, that's close enough.

Biomortis490 karma

From a Georgia town that has multiple Waffle Houses within sight of each other, there is one that just attracts all the crazy. Most notable was when I was there in the middle of a weekday night with a buddy after a long shift, (we were the only 2 customers) and this skinny old black lady in a dirty pink sweatsuit and a newspaper rolled up under her arm comes shuffling in. The guy at the griller glances at her, his eyes go wide, and he just walks over to the phone, calls the police dispatch and quietly tells them there is a crazy lady causing trouble.

Meanwhile, the lady had shuffled over to the left to what used to be the smokers area and starts saying something about Jesus.

The grill guy yells, "Don't you start, you know you can't be in here" and she starts spouting something about the evil inside her and it has to come out.

At this point, the waitress walked to the back out of harm's way. The grill guy turned to us and said, "Hey guys, you should leave. Don't worry about your bill. It's about to get nasty."

I am quite enjoying my patty melt and hashbrowns (scattered, smothered, covered, chunked and diced with a packet of mayonnaise) and large glass of cold milk so I am not exactly keen on leaving. But, she started yelling louder about Jesus and evil and some other religious bullshit, and then more about how the evil has to come out. She then grabs her waistband, pushed her pants down to her knees and proceeds to squat while preaching, "I gotta get this evil out of me!"

Yeah, we got the fuck outside before she got the evil out. The cops were pulling up as we exited and we hung out in the parking lot to watch the show. Fortunately, they got to her before she let loose the shitstorm and were apparently well acquainted with her and ultimately it was over rather quickly.

We went back in and finished our food and they comped our meal so they got a $20 tip. Fun night.

What's the craziest thing you've seen on your shift?

MrJacksEnigma276 karma

That story is crazy as Fuck.

We had a guy drunk fall and break his back outside.

IrishWeegee487 karma

What item on the menu do you dread to be ordered? Like something that is just too much hassle and when you've got bacon, hash and waffles all going at the same time then this thing comes up. My guess would be the ribeye but idk.

MrJacksEnigma992 karma

Fucking. Poached. Goddamned. Eggs.

IrishWeegee286 karma

Oh god, I could see those being a bitch. Not much else you have to set a pot of water for.

MrJacksEnigma421 karma

It's my all time least favourite thing to cook.

southchiraqtwerkteam467 karma

I know what I'm ordering 16 of...

MrJacksEnigma1856 karma

Look here, Fucker.

mflbatman368 karma

I'm picturing you holding your spatula in a threatening manner. Accurate?

MrJacksEnigma608 karma

Or a knife.

MrJacksEnigma169 karma

I absolutely love you.

bdjorn155 karma

Aww, I always order poached eggs. I didn't know I was a dick customer until this moment.

MrJacksEnigma119 karma

They're just super annoying to make if it's busy.

valicat103 karma

Only because they can't make you make hollandaise.

MrJacksEnigma86 karma

True that.

bigowlbrewery454 karma

Scattered, smothered, chopped, or diced?

Edit: and why?

MrJacksEnigma814 karma

Scattered well. Like, almost burnt.

Edit: I don't like things in my hashbrowns, and crispy is super good.

horsenbuggy338 karma

That is the absolute right answer.

MrJacksEnigma254 karma

You got that right.

THE_area_supervisor429 karma

I've never been. Should I go?

MrJacksEnigma606 karma

Totally! It's definitely an experience.

THE_area_supervisor217 karma

Then fuck yeah. I will go there. Just for you.

MrJacksEnigma180 karma

Dude, that's awesome to hear.

I really hope you enjoy it.

moosecliffwood78 karma

I've never been either and this is going to be the catalyst that gets me to finally go! You're officially an inspiration.

MrJacksEnigma83 karma

Awesome! I'm glad I could do that! Lemme know how it goes.

fahzbehn406 karma

Are you allowed to experiment at all and try new grill ideas?

MrJacksEnigma484 karma

Yeah. I do it all the time.

fahzbehn360 karma

Have you figured out if there's such a thing as "too much bacon"?

MrJacksEnigma987 karma

There is not.

Southernerd327 karma

Why the fuck can't I get waffle batter pancakes?

MrJacksEnigma957 karma

Because it's Waffle House, not Pancake House.

Seriously, we can get in trouble for making pancakes.

tiskatie775 karma

Yeah, you batter not then.

MrJacksEnigma744 karma

you little shit

I love you, and your puns.

tiskatie319 karma

I... I love you too.

MrJacksEnigma349 karma

Finally, someone loves me.

tiskatie208 karma

I meant it too. I really did.

MrJacksEnigma230 karma


tiskatie157 karma

I know, right?

MrJacksEnigma258 karma

Let's have an awesome internet romance.

Southernerd121 karma

Corporate is dropping the ball on this. I've had waffle house pancakes and they are the shit.

MrJacksEnigma196 karma

I agree, it's really silly.

Corporate drops the ball on a lot of things.

GoogleyEyedNopes259 karma

When the inevitable ape-pocalypse comes how long could a group of four survive off the food in your store? Assume that said monkey business starts the day you receive a fresh delivery of food.

MrJacksEnigma240 karma

If we can cook things, then a pretty good while. The commissary stays pretty stocked.

ElCaptainRon256 karma

Canadian here, I love waffle house, friendly staff, good cheap food, favourite part of going down south besides warmth. How do I make proper waffle house grits, and any other advice you have on breakfast preparation?

MrJacksEnigma255 karma

We get our grits in a packaged container, and just throw them and boiling water in a pot. It's a consistency thing when you know they're done, and I can't really describe it.

iheartbaconsalt175 karma

Aww yeah, you can tell when they're glistening just right, and the speed at which they slide off the spoon. I love my grits with that crispy WH bacon, lots of butter, a touch of syrup, and then I feed it to myself on another serving of bacon. That's how I Waffle House.

MrJacksEnigma114 karma

Nice! Glad you enjoy it!

Drewbox208 karma


MrJacksEnigma188 karma

With waffles.

tzenrick241 karma

How bad does the weather have to get for you to get a day off?

MrJacksEnigma529 karma

The store would literally have to be destroyed.

There was a really major flood last year, and we still had to come to work.

CapWasRight161 karma

The power being out isn't sufficient?!

MrJacksEnigma389 karma

Nope. We open the doors (so gas doesn't build up) and just chill.

iheartbaconsalt231 karma

Someone asked as a part of another question, but there wasn't really a clear answer. What is the next step up on career path after Master Grill Op?

I have a weird Waffle House story too. My wife and I used to hit lots of Waffle Houses while driving around Texas. We stopped at one spot in south Austin near the airport and ordered drinks, but the waitress just stood there for almost a minute looking sad. Then she suddenly says, "I'm sorry about your angel," and we're just kinda freaking out, maybe she's on drugs. We just kinda shook our heads. I don't remember how the rest went down, but we found out that we looked VERY similar to a couple who had just lost a newborn in the newspaper due to some weird accident. Anyway, we were totally creeped out and never went back to that spot.

Thanks for being awesome!

MrJacksEnigma261 karma

That's fucking creepy.

After Master, is Rockstar (fucking awesome names, right) and that's the highest you can go in terms of cooking. You can get into management, but that's just not my thing.

A-fat-knight226 karma

What's your favorite meal at Waffle House?

MrJacksEnigma459 karma

I typically just eat a Burger, if I'm working.

But if I'm off and happen to stop in, I either get Ribeye and Eggs, or an All-Star. They're both a lot of food, for the best price.

matthewofthemany191 karma

Those are my three favorite orders. Waffle House kicks ass.

MrJacksEnigma175 karma

That it does, sir.

LadyLilly44208 karma

My sister worked at a WH in Maryland when we were growing up. She was working almost to the point of as late as she could (being 16) and got held up by a guy with a box cutter.

Ever get held up with any sort of weapon? ( I partially just wanted to tell the story)

MrJacksEnigma272 karma

Nahh. It'd be a bad day for that person though.

zealousduck189 karma

So my local Waffle House often employs additional security during the night shifts (college town, things get rowdy) -- Is this something your location also does or is this a particularly rare thing?

MrJacksEnigma148 karma

It's rare around here, but I've heard of it.

annerevenant183 karma

The Waffle House I used to go to all the time started out putting the chocolate chips and walnuts inside my waffle but then stopped suddenly and told me company policy says they couldn't anymore, is this true? I really miss those waffles.

MrJacksEnigma271 karma

Chocolate chips in waffles can ruin the Waffle iron. Sorry man. The walnuts should be good though.

lamarcs176 karma

What does it take to be a Master Grill OP, and what does your career progression look like?

MrJacksEnigma258 karma

They're currently restructuring Grill Ops pay plans, and everyone is going to have to re-do testing. It's a 3part thing, with having you cook a lot of food, then a written test, and an evaluation by 3 bigger managers.

Edit: Current career progression is, after testing and everything, I can make up to $15 an hour if I get the highest rank.

newcirclejerkmod97 karma

Not a bad gig. What's your area like (to gauge cost of living compared to that wage)?

MrJacksEnigma224 karma

Currently I make $8.50 an hour, and I live in a decent 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate, have a car payment, a phone bill, and insurance. It's not the best, but I make due with what I can.

Now, if I was making $15 an hour, I'd be much more capable of taking care of myself.

desenagrator66 karma

How many hours do you work a week?

MrJacksEnigma153 karma

~40. Except for this week, because it's 50. Guy called in tonight, so here I am.

Klashus36 karma

how much is your rent?

MrJacksEnigma86 karma

I pay $400 a month.

Cdtco132 karma

You could do another AMA on how to budget on a minimum wage salary.

MrJacksEnigma455 karma

It's really simple. Just ho hungry a lot .

markgbx348 karma

Fuck yeah man, my ho eat a lot too. If I'm broke I'm just like, "Sorry, ho, but you gonna be hungry tonight cuz we ain't got no money for groceries."

MrJacksEnigma130 karma

You Fucker.

dreadpiratewombat158 karma

Now that Waffle House has capitalized on the "smothered and covered" concept to a ridiculous level, do you hate hashbrowns?

MrJacksEnigma186 karma

Hashbrowns have never been my favourite to eat.

Also, I always eat them plain.

Jenkins92150 karma

What is the best experience you can take away from working at Waffle House?

MrJacksEnigma269 karma

Honestly, it really prepares you for doing things under pressure, and at a fast pace. You have to be able to manage many things at once when it's busy.

JamesGoodall184 karma

I never thought the four months I put into WH would help me any more than just paying for my summer shenanigans, but it got me hired on the spot at my current job. That shit isn't a joke. Whenever my co-workers complain about how busy Sunday rush is I just laugh and remember weekend lunch when the small grill was covered in bacon and the big grill was just a layer of carpet of hash browns.

MrJacksEnigma241 karma

It's always been said that people look at you differently if you have experience from WH. You know how to handle your shit.

Fly_Caster147 karma

I've never been to a Waffle House, but considering going tomorrow since it's next to the car wash....what should I order?

MrJacksEnigma146 karma

What type of food do you like, and what time will you be going?

Fly_Caster99 karma

I love French toast and of course bacon. Probably going around 9 am.

MrJacksEnigma222 karma

We don't have French Toast.

I'd say just check out the menu when you get there. We've got a pretty good selection. The All-Star is generally cost-food efficient.

johnamo146 karma

So I made a point to go to a Waffle House once, after being really excited, only to find that they were... out of waffles. That was a letdown and still haven't had WH waffles. How often do you run out of waffle mix?

Edit for some context: There were 8 of us in a van doing a 24-hour drive from Miami to Detroit. We had seen Waffle Houses studded on the side of the highway all the way up from Florida to the middle of Ohio. We built it up to be a magical place with the best waffles in the world. We made a point to stop at the very last Waffle House on our way north, and this is where we found the waffleless Waffle House. :(

MrJacksEnigma215 karma

I've only ever seen it happen once.

That was definitely the manager's fault for not anticipating the business. Sucks that that happened though.

IlIlIIII96 karma

Why don't you have cheddar cheese?

MrJacksEnigma101 karma

I have no idea.

luurrkker94 karma

Is there a rivalry between Waffle House and Huddle House? I've always kind of seen the two as the 24hour restaurant version of Ford/Chevy or Coke/Pepsi. If so how heated is the rivalry?

MrJacksEnigma107 karma

I'm pretty sure Huddle House and Waffle House get along fine. Huddle House is franchised, IIRC.

anewview2c87 karma

I want my hashbrowns scattered. Thin and crispy. I ask for scattered but they always do the same fucking thing no matter what. How do I counter this?

MrJacksEnigma130 karma

Honestly? Keep sending them back until they are the way you want them.

anewview2c132 karma

I'm normally too stoned and paranoid to send anything back =(

MrJacksEnigma138 karma

Don't be. If anyone fucks with your food, you can report them and they get in big trouble.

i_lie_except_on_31st85 karma

Why the fuck is there not a Waffle House in Rhode Island?

Or Connecticut? Or Massachusetts? Nothing above Pennsylvania!!

Moved in October. I miss WH.

MrJacksEnigma104 karma

Corporate just doesn't expand, I dunno why. I think they should be nationwide.

--fap--78 karma

Have you had customers having sex in the restaurant yet?

MrJacksEnigma160 karma

Luckily, no. We have had some pretty serious touching though.

Shit is weird.

swish_75 karma

How many fights have you seen? and what was the worst one?

MrJacksEnigma113 karma

I've not seen any fights, but I've almost been involved in quite a few.

ratinthecellar61 karma

Was it over what you played on the jukebox?

MrJacksEnigma174 karma

I play the best jukebox music. So, no.

draco537472 karma

What shift do you work? I know from years of waffle house patronage that first shift is full of cranky old people, second shift is boring as hell, and third shift gets all the fun drunks and crazies.

Also, what secret off menu items do you know about and/or make for customers on an occasion?

MrJacksEnigma171 karma

I work third shift, am currently at work.

I've made big-ass sandwiches where you take two waffles and put an All-Star in between them. Giant breakfast wraps with so much stuff in them.

I'm a legend around here for making crazy shit.

Washurhandsafterupee57 karma

What's your favorite waffle House themed jukebox song?

MrJacksEnigma217 karma

None of them. They all fucking suck, and if you play them, I hate you.

Lion_Among_Cedars46 karma

"There Are Raisins in My Toast" actually won a legitimate Grammy in 1983.

MrJacksEnigma96 karma

I hate the Grammys.

High732352 karma

Do you like Kid Rock?

MrJacksEnigma212 karma

Not really.

Bloodhound gang though.

mpeterma54 karma

Yeeeeaaah!!! Represent! Chasey lain!

MrJacksEnigma57 karma


OMGjcabomb132 karma

want you smothered want you covered like my waffle house hashbrowns

MrJacksEnigma98 karma


Doc_Haus51 karma

How do you make your omelets so freaking fluffy???

MrJacksEnigma65 karma

Practice, and the omelette mixer helps a lot.

X-Yz43 karma

What was the most stoner-esque order you've gotten before?

MrJacksEnigma81 karma

This one guy got a bunch of originals (tiny hamburger patties) and a triple hashbrown with a bunch of shit in it, and put his hashbrowns in his burgers.

Dippyskoodlez53 karma

triple hashbrown with a bunch of shit in it, and put his hashbrowns in his burgers.

This is so good.

I love the JITB munchie meals.

MrJacksEnigma42 karma

Man, you go. I can't do that.

noshore4me39 karma

What's your favorite book?

MrJacksEnigma77 karma

God's Debris by Scott Adams.

BoogLife36 karma

Where do you plan to go after this job and what are your dreams in life? I'm guessing you don't want to work there forever, right?

MrJacksEnigma93 karma

I want to eventually go to school for Psychology. Ultimately, I just wanna help people.

Though, if I wanted to, I could retire off of Waffle House. They have a really good stock program.

dh5alpha32 karma

What is the craziest thing you've seen and/or the drunkest person you've served?

MrJacksEnigma77 karma

Guy who wanted pork chops for the same price as Bacon. I threatened to put him through a window.

SLUgamer31 karma

How long is the training to become a cook at WH?

MrJacksEnigma52 karma

It varies from person to person.

The training is basically you working at the meat grill, and learning by watching. I trained for about 3 weeks, then got thrown on my own shift.

SLUgamer30 karma

Thanks! I see you guys going a mile-a-minute and figured you either had tons of training or tons of talent. Guess it takes both!

MrJacksEnigma43 karma

Honestly, it's experience more than anything.

After so long, you just get it down.

Thanks for your question!

ihatepersons28 karma

My first night in a kitchen (not waffle house), the guy training me threw a container of vinegar on the grill and ran away. Do you know my pain?

MrJacksEnigma25 karma

No. But im guessing there was a lot of popping?

adlittle27 karma

What's the wackiest late night shenanigans you've seen at la maison du waffle? Also, thanks for your hard work keeping us late nighters fed!

MrJacksEnigma23 karma

This guy came in only wearing a robe once. Was weird.

PMmeYourKindWords24 karma

I have on a rare occasion had my grill operator serve pancakes. Me and him have quite a history that includes putting out an 18 wheeler tire fire with a pan of water, locking a drunk college student in a bathroom to prevent a stabbing, and playing candy crush together. So two questions. How rarely do you,make pancakes and what's the most ridiculous thing that has happened at your Waho?

MrJacksEnigma24 karma

I've made pancakes once. The craziest thing is probably when I almost got into a fight with a dude for bringing alcohol in here .

JavaMonn11 karma

Why isn't chicken and waffles on the menu?

MrJacksEnigma20 karma

Because we are assholes.