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Your wish has been granted. Sadly, you can now only say "bu'er" instead of "butter."

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Someone asked as a part of another question, but there wasn't really a clear answer. What is the next step up on career path after Master Grill Op?

I have a weird Waffle House story too. My wife and I used to hit lots of Waffle Houses while driving around Texas. We stopped at one spot in south Austin near the airport and ordered drinks, but the waitress just stood there for almost a minute looking sad. Then she suddenly says, "I'm sorry about your angel," and we're just kinda freaking out, maybe she's on drugs. We just kinda shook our heads. I don't remember how the rest went down, but we found out that we looked VERY similar to a couple who had just lost a newborn in the newspaper due to some weird accident. Anyway, we were totally creeped out and never went back to that spot.

Thanks for being awesome!

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Aww yeah, you can tell when they're glistening just right, and the speed at which they slide off the spoon. I love my grits with that crispy WH bacon, lots of butter, a touch of syrup, and then I feed it to myself on another serving of bacon. That's how I Waffle House.

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What's the last thing you had wrapped in bacon?

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"Shut up, Wesley!" - Everyone else on the Enterprise.