Hi guys.

I'm an actor/comedian/producer/director.

My new documentary is called Pauly Shore Stands Alone and it airs on Showtime tonight at 8 PM Eastern. I also have a podcast. It's called Pauly Shore Interested.

Victoria's helping me out today. AMA!


Update: Thank you for the great questions. I appreciate all your guys' love and enthusiasm...

Um...if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't continuously do my thing. If you have time, check out Showtime tonight, it's a cool documentary about my life on the road in the Midwest. And when you're free, take a listen to my new podcast on PaulyShore.com and iTunes. This week's episode is Chris Rock with commentary by Tommy Davidson and Chris talks authors.

And also say - and follow me on Twitter @PaulyShore. Thanks again guys! Peace I'm out.

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MrPaulyShore73 karma

You're fast on the typing, aren't you? FAST... TYPER! Huhuh!

Ableyoungthug50 karma

Most you have ever spent on an escort?

MrPaulyShore57 karma

Eight dollars and fifty-two cents.

Redwinevino41 karma

I am sure you get this all the time but when are we going to get Bio-Dome 2?

Thank you for doing the AMA

MrPaulyShore51 karma

Stephen Baldwin and I get requested to do BIO-DOME 2 all the time.

But they have to reach out to MGM.

They're the owners.

I would do it, if it was the right situation.

It would be easy to make an update. But I don't want to put something out there that's not awesome, you know?

Because it was such a cool film.

Tarheel198638 karma

Hey Pauly!

Big fan and thanks for doing this.

"The Leaning Tower of Cheeza" probably was my favorite quote from any movie growing up. What was going through your mind when you spoke these fantastic words? Did you ever try to make it?

MrPaulyShore30 karma

In fact, I'm amazed - "The leaning tower of Chee-za" - I came up with it right after eating some cheez-a. That's how I came up with the wheez-a. It was a whatchamacallit - a voiceover - for the Goofy Movie.

StandAndBeMechanized37 karma


My friends and I have an Encino Man Drinking Game. Anytime you use slang we drink. Thanks for getting us so consistently messed up over the years.

What is your least favorite movie that you have been in?

MrPaulyShore40 karma

Um... BOGUS WITCH PROJECT. Cuz it just was. It was stupid.

I didn't like it.

ZacPensol32 karma

Hey Pauly! Ever tried to construct an actual Leaning Tower of Cheeza?

MrPaulyShore30 karma


Every Thursday I do it. I'm pretty good at it.

xrocket2127 karma

How do you deal with movies being rated poorly?

I absolutely love biodome, in the army now, encino man, etc., If they are ever on tv I have to watch them! It makes me mad when you see see Son in law come on and it is ranked 1 star, I mean, come on, it isnt citizen kane were talking about, son in law is great entertainment, I get that it is stupid and kinda low budget, but so what, its still enjoyable!

MrPaulyShore54 karma


That's what I say in the movie.

You know... as an artist, what you do is you put out material constantly. Whether it's films, or TV shows, music... and you know, you hope people respond to it.

You always have to know, as well, that not everybody's gonna like it. And that's okay. It's not for everyone.

It's just for the crusty nugs.

Vettelaw16 karma

Were Link to ride the Vapor in reverse at a high enough rate of speed, do you believe he could travel back to his original place in time? If so, do you believe his knowledge of the future would have a negative impact on the future world?

MrPaulyShore21 karma

I don't know what to say. That's too much pressure. It's too much to think about.

Someone else needs to work it out.

lmanders3214 karma

Do you still own that sweet pair of Steven Tyler p j's?

MrPaulyShore18 karma

ABSOLUTELY. I'm actually wearing them right now!

Steven Tyler PJ's! Steven Tyler PJ's!

BurgNast13 karma

Really awesome to see you here. Did you and Stephen actually get to bungie jump while filming Bio-Dome? You guys still chat?

MrPaulyShore16 karma

Yes, we got to bungee jump and yes we talk all the time. He's one of my close friends.

jca013013 karma

how does it feel to be banned from the playboy mansion?

MrPaulyShore18 karma

I'm not banned anymore. I was never banned. It was just for ENTOURAGE. I love the Playboy mansion and I love Hugh Hefner and the Playboy family.

jacksinn12 karma

I'm about to hop on the bus back to NYC from DC and Union Station has a variety of food vendors. Which grindage should one munch during a 4.5 hour boring-ass trip and which of your movies should I stream for the trip back?

MrPaulyShore18 karma

Get a fresh apple 'cuz it's sweet and jui-cy.


suaveitguy12 karma

Any news on Tom Hanks' series about your mom and the Comedy Store?

MrPaulyShore15 karma

No, I haven't heard anything about it.

But when I do hear something about it, I will definitely let everyone know.

Not quite sure if Tom Hanks is doing it or not. Everything is up in the air.

richardwrinkle11 karma

Who is the coolest person you have ever “wheezed the juice” with? Details please….

MrPaulyShore23 karma

Barack Obama.

lmanders3210 karma

What's your favorite flavor of juice to wheeze?

MrPaulyShore15 karma


Fruity. Fruity.

KevinDurden10 karma

Best experiences in working on Encino Man?

Seriously, one of my favorite movies of all time right there.

MrPaulyShore22 karma

My best experience... wheezing the juice with Linkovich Chemovsky at the Slurpee machine.

I don't remember how many takes we had to do.

We did a couple each? We did a few takes but he'd have to change his shirt because he got Slurpee on it.

jirlznae10 karma

What's the best advice ever given to you?

MrPaulyShore17 karma

Best advice that's ever been given to me... um...

I mean probably... don't take things so personal?

SouledOut1110 karma

My friend Greg and I regularly enjoy watching and quoting Bio-Dome.

What was your favorite memory from making that flick?

Also, will you please tell my girlfriend and his wife that they're the ones who like stupid movies and should grow up?


MrPaulyShore20 karma

Um... telling myself that when I shot the movie, I wasn't gonna think about anything except for being the biggest knucklehead in the world.

And I think: mission accomplished.

And BIO-DOME is awesome. They need to make more movies like that. I mean when was the last fun movie that came out like that? A fun movie that was fun for kids?

caraozlek9 karma

What's it like working with Adam Sandler?

MrPaulyShore13 karma

Adam's a dear friend of mine. And very very funny and just a pleasure to work with.

empw8 karma


What's your favorite album of 2014?

MrPaulyShore17 karma

My favorite al-bum of 2014?

The new Tom Petty Album.

suaveitguy7 karma

You were the big MTV star more or less at its crest, a few years before it started to give way to reality tv and less music programming. Did I Want My MTV the book capture your experiences accurately? Any feelings about MTV and music videos in general today?

MrPaulyShore14 karma

Um, yes. I think they captured my blah-blah-blah accurately. What'd you say? Yeah. Accurately. And yeah I was lucky to be at MTV for the last heyday before it turned reality.

It's unfortunate that MTV is not playing music videos anymore.

But... you know.. people want to watch TEEN MOM. Or what's on MTV these days? I don't watch...

bgomers7 karma

Is William Atherton (Faulkner in Bio-dome) a dick in real life, or is he really funny, or both?

MrPaulyShore14 karma

William's a great actor. And he's very funny in real life. A great, great man. And he played great into the role in BIO-DOME. And was awesome to work with.

shockingnews2137 karma

I haven't seen you in movies in a while, is this a personal preference or something else?

MrPaulyShore11 karma

Just waiting for the right role.

OR Dancing with the Stars.

MrPaulyShore16 karma

That'd be fun, right?


BaronVonBridman7 karma

If you actually got stuck in a bio-dome for 365.....who would you take inside with you?

MrPaulyShore10 karma

YOU, sweet Darren, YOU!

DasGirg7 karma

Pauly, With the success of Interstellar and sequels in general, do you plan on making a Bio-Dome 2: Bio-Dome in Space/Mars/Etc.?

MrPaulyShore17 karma

I would love to do BIO-DOME: 2 for everyone.

BIO-DOME was a big hit for me. But you have to... tweet at MGM. They own the rights.

cdrinkwine7 karma

My wife and I are big fans - always stop to watch Son in Law whenever it's on TV. Saw you in Jacksonville FL and had a blast; hope you come back soon! Question: Did you really ride that pig?

MrPaulyShore12 karma

Yes, I really rode the pig in SON-IN-LAW.

Euchre7 karma

Thank you for doing this!

When you did your cameos in the Limp Bizkit video for Break Stuff, did you just ad lib it all? That video shoot looked like it was mostly a party, and your behavior in it definitely added to the wild tone of it all. Humping random things is pretty classic humor.

MrPaulyShore12 karma

Um, so yeah, so... the video Break Stuff? Yeah, it was Fred Durst. He called me up, and he asked me to just go crazy, so I did. In the video. And they cut it together with a whole bunch of other fun artists.

MrFalcon7 karma

Did you always insist your characters had cool names? Stoney, Crawl, Bud, Bones...

MrPaulyShore20 karma


Yeah, bud-dy.

CobraCornelius7 karma

Pauly, I met you once at Yuk Yuk's in Calgary after your show and it is one of the most memorable days in my life. Thank you. I just wanted to ask: What are some of your favorite movies? Maybe, what are your top 3 favorite movies.

MrPaulyShore14 karma

What are my top three?

Of all time?

I like AT CLOSE RANGE with Sean Penn. PAPILLON.

And what else is really good...?


Skrillamook6 karma

What is your favorite Keanu Reeves movie?

MrPaulyShore19 karma


All the Matrix.

And then of course BILL AND TED.

Look at you, with your little hands, huh!

weavedimagination6 karma

Do you like the Weird Al song that mentions your name?

MrPaulyShore7 karma

What song was that?

Any_Monkey6 karma

Pauly, what's your favorite sandwich?

MrPaulyShore21 karma

A Manwich.

suaveitguy6 karma

Who are the oldest comics still slugging it out from the early 80s that you have always looked up to?

MrPaulyShore13 karma

Roseanne Barr, Arsenio Hall... Jerry Seinfeld.

bonesy4206 karma

What was it like to work with Tia Carrere in Jury Duty? Is she as awesome as she is hot?

MrPaulyShore10 karma

Tia was, again, great to work with. Very funny. And yes, she's super-awesome, super-hot. And I'm glad you like that flick.

gusacmanguesel5 karma

What do you most like to be recognized for/are most proud of? Is there anything that makes you cringe to this day?

MrPaulyShore6 karma

BOGUS WITCH PROJECT makes me cringe.

And "Pauly Shore Stands Alone" is what i am most proud of.

cincodelavan5 karma

How did you get involved with "a goofy movie" and was cheese a metaphor for Weed?

MrPaulyShore11 karma

Ummm.... Disney asked me to be in the movie, and yes, and yes.

photoguy4235 karma

In all of your dealings with celebrities, who was the rudest?

Also, who was the most fun to work with?

MrPaulyShore9 karma

Ummm.... there was no one ever rude. As far as who was the most fun, I'd have to say Andy Dick in IN THE ARMY NOW.

lessonstaught5 karma

Biodome was one of the all time classics.

What are your memories of working with Kylie Minogue?

Edit: she says hi

MrPaulyShore9 karma

Um... how adorable she was, and how great she was, fun to be around, and how, uh... she's just a pleasure to work with, you know?

dumbquestionsthrow5 karma

Do you consider a hamburger to be a type of sandwich, or an entity of its own?

MrPaulyShore6 karma

I think it's an en-tity on its own.

gerryt325 karma

If you could reboot any superhero/comic book movie and star as the leading role, which would it be?

MrPaulyShore8 karma


I would like to do the voice.

lmanders324 karma

Can you tell us about Adam Eget and how he came to manage the Comedy Store? I have it on good authority that he used to do a lot of work Under the Queensboro Bridge...

MrPaulyShore5 karma

It just goes to show you that anyone can make it in America.

lukistke4 karma

Do you like to smoke pot?

MrPaulyShore9 karma

Ummmm... when work is finished, and I'm on an island on vacation... possibly.

RedditAtWorkToday4 karma

If you had the power to teleport to only one place in the world, where would you teleport to?

MrPaulyShore26 karma

Scarlett Johannsen's vagina...before she got married.

thirdrail694 karma

What is your favourite breed of cat?

MrPaulyShore15 karma

Persian cat, because I like to ride on the Mag-ic carpet.

neil_striker4 karma

Thanks For doing this Mr. Shore. My question for you is: What is your favorite movie and why is it Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg?

MrPaulyShore8 karma

Just because Whoopi is the best comedic actress in the world.

I love her comedic beat.

And you can't go wrong, singing nuns!

xXxChristmasTearsxXx3 karma

Have you ever appeared in a pornography film?

MrPaulyShore11 karma

Yes, several, but I'm not going to release them yet. But I will sometime.

rutgutter3 karma

There was a Totally Pauly clip where you visited Christian Hosoi. You did a few kick turns in his vert ramp if I remember correctly. Do you ever get on a board these days? Also did you know Hosoi outside of that clip?

MrPaulyShore7 karma

I've known Hosoi for a long time, he's an old dear friend of mine.

And it was fun to shoot with him.

I don't ride skateboards. They scare me now.

CelebornX3 karma

Hi Pauly,

What's your favorite James Bond movie?

MrPaulyShore7 karma

Shit, there are so many...

What do you think?


richardwrinkle3 karma

Any truth to the rumour that in order to prepare for your movie In the Army Now that you trained with the Navy Seals for a few months?

MrPaulyShore11 karma

SEAL Team 69!

gerryt323 karma

Pauly, I am a huge fan buuuuuuuuddy! I have recently re-watched Encino Man and forgot how great it is.

Lately, I've had some pretty great results on Tinder using the opening question "Marry, Fuck, Kill - Pauly Shore, Bob Saget, Carrot Top?" So far nobody has said they would kill you, and apparently a lot of people are really into you.

So my question is: Marry, Fuck, Kill - Pauly Shore in Encino Man, Pauly Shore in Biodome, and Pauly Shore in An Extremely Goofy Movie?

MrPaulyShore9 karma

I would marry all of them!


MrPaulyShore10 karma

That's funnn-y.

jingletard3 karma


MrPaulyShore8 karma

Thanks for the invite, I love Chicago.

Please go to my website PaulyShore.com for tour dates coming through.

And in the new documentary on Showtime, there's definitely some dramatic chops in there. Even though it's a documentary. You can see the realness of my vibe.

I would definitely go for indie dramatic roles if they were presented to me in the right light.

man_mayo3 karma

What's your biggest professional regret?

MrPaulyShore11 karma


suaveitguy3 karma

What do you think of Punchline? You played Lenny Bruce in a film, and have been a stand up for a long time. A lot of comics say it is impossible to act a stand-up set. Do you think that's the case? What's the intangible that makes the difference?

MrPaulyShore5 karma

I don't think it's impossible.

The difference is you gotta be a really good actor to pull it off. I think Tom Hanks did it great in PUNCHLINE.

kdk12k2k123 karma

Pauly, hey. Good to see you here in the AMA’s.

Not sure if this is too personal but how’s The Comedy Store doing? Are you involved in it still or at all? Or are you busy with your own career? If you do both, how do you handle it all?

If you don’t want to answer the questions, it’s okay. You always seem incredibly upbeat and productive. I hope you’re doing well these days and are happy.

Our suffixes still have a little flair-age thanks to you and a few choice individuals can whip in a bu-ddy here and there and it gets smiles all around. Cracks us up to this day, man.

MrPaulyShore5 karma

Um... the Comedy Store's doing great. We have great management. Great comedians. And I help out whenever they request my assistance.

And thank you so much! And watch my documentary tonight and check out the podcast, I think you'll like it too.

playblacksabbathat783 karma

I'd love to watch 'Pauly Shore Stands Alone', but I don't have cable. What are your feelings on me downloading a pirated copy later tonight? Also, I haven't seen 'Pauly Shore is Dead' in years - is it cool with you if I download that too, and have a double feature?

MrPaulyShore10 karma

Please no. It'll be streaming online soon.

Vettelaw2 karma

Was there any serious blowback from Pauly Shore is Dead? Any particularly well known people contact you afterwards to express their anger?

MrPaulyShore4 karma

Ummm, no. PAULY SHORE IS DEAD was a mockumentary. It wasn't the real thing. It was just a dark comedy.

No one was mad, not that I know of?

33642 karma

You aren't dead yet?

MrPaulyShore9 karma

No, Bro!


No, broooooo, Pauly Shore LIIIIIIIIIVES.

dayofthedead2042 karma

Hi Pauly,

Are you a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones and if so who's your favorite character?

MrPaulyShore4 karma

No, I don't watch it.

elmerfuck2 karma

How high can you ollie?

MrPaulyShore6 karma

Six feet and 3 inches.

runofthe2 karma

When peeing off of the top of the comedy store, was there anyone in particular you were aiming for?

MrPaulyShore4 karma

Ummm... uhhhhh....ummmm....

Joey Camen.

nickdaisy2 karma

Hey man, big fan.

What's the single most insulting heckle someone has ever dropped on you?

And what was your best ever response to a heckler?

MrPaulyShore3 karma



"Tell that to your Momma!"

Denvermax311 karma

whats up pauly! always loved all your movies. I got to ask what movie was the funnest for you to make and why was in In the army now! also whats your drink of choice?

MrPaulyShore3 karma

I didn't say IN THE ARMY NOW... it was fun working with Andy Dick. But as far as what was the funnest movie to make, IN THE ARMY NOW.

Ummm...vodka... uh, vodka, red bull, splash of cran.

[deleted]1 karma


MrPaulyShore2 karma

Spatula, bro!

StanDinfamy1 karma

Did you ever find somebody to edit your podcast?

MrPaulyShore2 karma

Which one?

r4wrdinosaur1 karma

Do people often confuse you with Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame?

MrPaulyShore5 karma

Who's that?