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What was your favorite moment on set while filming 30 Rock? Who was the funniest cast member? Any great Toofer storyline that got cut?

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I'd rather have the death bed confession from the buyer. "Remember that article on sea turtle cancer from 2017 that I never shut up about? I didn't even write it. I bought it."

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Thanks for answering! I'm a huge 30 Rock fan, so all these little nuggets of gold are awesome!

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When I started Neopets I was an 11 year old nerd with few friends, poor grammar, and a couldn't save enough NP for the Faerie PB I wanted. Now I'm 27, about to graduate law school and you know what I still have in common with that little girl? I still log onto to Neopets every day!

I just want to thank you guys for giving the site so much over the years. It's really gone down hill since the last of the TNT staff has left, but I'm still plugging away because I have an unhealthy attachment.


Were there plans for a mobile app in the works before you guys left? How did TNT see Neopets in the mobile world?

What were your favorite 'puns' or pop culture references items? I always loved 12 Angry Myncis, which inspired my legal gallery, Juris Junk.

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The best way to respond to the pedophile jabs is to continue improving the protection of children in the Church.

This is a great, classy response to those types of jokes. You're good people.