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Thanks for doing this!

When you went on Crossfire, did you expect to confound the hosts the way you did? Was it your mission from the start to disrupt their whole theater of debate (and lead to their demise), or just to engage them about the nature of their show?

(Context for those of you not familiar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE )

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I think we dodged a bullet on the one.

slow clap

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And now we know that Robin Williams really does do the voice thing pretty much all the time. Now I don't feel dumb for imagining him breaking into voices in his daily life.

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But I love Cowboy Bebop!

Your taste does not fail to impress.

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GitS, awesome - but for a guy who loves family, why not Fullmetal Alchemist?