I've done a few AMA's in the past but a few people wanted me to update every once in a while. 1 year ago I was prepubescent and was put on testosterone replacement therapy. My body and mind is still changing so I thought I would do another AMA if anyone is still interested.

here's a shot of my initial test results and the pills I used to take.

here a picture of how my body has changed if anyone is curious. I am a lot stronger but I've only put on 15kg.

also here's what my voice sounds like before the therapy and what my voice sounds like today: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1oJGWC2xpWH

edit: thanks for all the awesome questions guys. I'm still answering ones that haven't been asked. I would like to clear up that I do go the gym and work out, so don't worry about my gainz.

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Rehydratedaussie2627 karma

To be 100% blunt and forward...Did this affect your penis size? Also what has been the weirdest change for you?

20yearsyoung3256 karma

My penis used to be about 3 inches and now it's 6 inches. Also my jawline has developed and I don't recognise myself in photos sometimes.

lisward3671 karma

Penis gainzzzz.

20yearsyoung2849 karma

yeah bro. I just make sure to jerk 3 sets of 5.

unproperNoun1518 karma

Dude you must be having such an awesome time right now. You just got fifty years added to your life, three more inches to your dick. Getting a chizzled jawline 'n' shit. Happy for you OP.

20yearsyoung1220 karma

Thanks man. Things are going quite well for me. My jaw isn't chiseled, it's just a man's jaw now, but I still get compliments anyway.

periodicchemistrypun396 karma

all about the bone then right? seriously though is it just jaw? what about strength?

20yearsyoung878 karma

all my bones are more dense. I've doubled in strength.

DeadSkyy2328 karma

Do you miss your soft hairless ass? Because I sure as hell do.

justmerriwether677 karma

Yeah, OP. We all miss your soft hairless ass.

20yearsyoung1316 karma

It's a mans ass now.

recalcitrantbeatbox1239 karma

So you really will be masturbating like a 13 year old now! Has your sex drive switched on just now or had it always been there?

20yearsyoung1915 karma

I had no sex drive before the testosterone therapy. I started getting truly horny about four or five months ago.

aariboss1024 karma

How was it like to live as a 20-year old with no sex drive, while everyone around you talked about sex and so on?

20yearsyoung1681 karma

I felt out of place. I wanted sex but only because of the pressure as a guy to get laid. I didn't see myself as a sexual being.

legomanz80732 karma

I'll be interest in seeing sexuality budding in someone who is mature enough to know what they're going through. Are you aware of your sexual orientation? And what is it?

20yearsyoung1385 karma

I'm gay. I've known I was gay since I was 18 however.

stuartherrington722 karma

How did you define your sexuality without having a sex drive?

20yearsyoung1124 karma

I had crushes on guys in high school. I'm sure if I had puberty earlier I would have recognized it much sooner.

Zedriodor221 karma

You must be the ultimate twink.

20yearsyoung315 karma

I'm tall, skinny and not as hairy as other dudes, so yeah.

digmachine43 karma

I'm gay.

Call me

20yearsyoung136 karma

I admire your confidence but you haven't really given me any number to call, sorry.

bernarddit1 karma

So now that you are on testosterone therapy, have you started feeling besides the crushes on those guys also sex urges on them?

Also, have you ever been atracted to girls in the process?

20yearsyoung7 karma

still gay, I have lots of sex urges. I like the hairy chests and strong thighs.

Shunshundy926 karma

Do you have frequent mood swings like a teenager?

20yearsyoung1384 karma

I'm more aggressive than before starting the steroids before but my mood doesn't swing.

GamerKey1135 karma


You just hit puberty.

20yearsyoung866 karma

I feel like I hit it like about 6 months ago.

periodicchemistrypun1832 karma

its a long process man, if you start hating your parents, talking about how fucked up society is or how special you are then you know you are really deep in it.

20yearsyoung2193 karma

I am so that right now.

11l1ll1l111l1lll1l1019 karma

Do yourself a favor and listen to Linkin Park.

20yearsyoung3009 karma

I don't know man, in the end, it doesn't even matter.

11l1ll1l111l1lll1l314 karma

For a serious question, have your friends been supportive since they all have very recent experience with puberty and are probably all finished? Or are they making fun of you?

20yearsyoung561 karma

All my friends are very supportive.

Inanna7892 karma

I had a female student for the last 7 years that I suspect has been going through something similar to you. She is 18 now and does not wear a bra, has never had her period (over heard her saying this) and is only 4'8". Her younger sister and older brothers tower over her. Her speaking voice is quite child like and she acts very immature. I have considered that she never went through puberty in the past but because she is a girl it is less noticeable. I can't believe that her parents have never taken her to a doctor. Even though she graduated I still see her once a week. Is there anything I can say to her to help? Do you know what the process is like for women? Your story is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

20yearsyoung959 karma

If she's an adult I would just ask her. If she does have a disorder then it doesn't matter how embarrassing it is, she should at least be aware.

mattroes696 karma

There anything at all you miss about being pre-pubescent?

20yearsyoung1723 karma

Very good question. I had amazing skin for most of high school. Now I have both hormonal and cystic acne.

GSpotAssassin611 karma

As a guy who's dealt with a bit of hypogonadism (and a bit of gynecomastia) due to a well-placed benign tumor on my pituitary gland... You have one other thing to look forward to- Looking younger than your actual age for the rest of your life.

How do you feel about that?

20yearsyoung972 karma

Pretty good. I will wear sunscreen and never grow old.

PIG20391 karma

Definitely wear sunscreen. Just has a pre cancerous cell frozen off the tip of my nose yesterday. I look like a leper but hey, no cancer.

20yearsyoung697 karma

I live in Queensland, Australia. Skin cancer is going to get all of us here.

BizzyM564 karma

Does this condition have any effects on your potential life expectancy?

20yearsyoung1139 karma

If I wasn't diagnosed, my immune system would have continued to weaken and I would have probably would only have lived to 40 at most. With the therapy I should live out to the average life expectancy.

OverlordDarthax502 karma

Will you be taking this therapy for the rest of your life?

20yearsyoung644 karma


ytpies351 karma

What would happen if you were to stop taking it after about 10 years or so? Would some of the changes start to revert?

20yearsyoung534 karma

My muscles and bones would become weak.

daniel_n524 karma

As a musician, this is really intriguing. The demand for Castrati (male singers who were castrated to halt the onset of puberty so that the voice remained high) was great in the past, but it was outlawed half way through the 19th century. Are you able to sing? Did you ever get training? There are very few (quite bad) recordings of true Castrati from the early 20th century, and you would be the next best thing.

20yearsyoung468 karma

In the last AMAs I got comments and personal messages about this. I'm not able to sing, I was extremely self conscious about my voice. I can still hit some high notes but my voice is blowing out less and less so it's pretty much done.

unproperNoun221 karma

Because of the therapy, is your voice all clunky like a teenager's or is it pretty much going straight to a twenty year old's?

20yearsyoung362 karma

It broke about 3 months in and has been lowering since then.

animalinapark490 karma

How did you see your friends go through puberty and what you thought about it? It must have been awkward seeing all these changes and nothing happening to you.

Most of all, how did your thinking seem to (not) change compared to your friends? Like, you used to play some games together and suddenly none of your friends are interested anymore and you can't understand why.

20yearsyoung745 karma

At first I didn't even realise I wasn't developing because I assumed I was going through puberty since I was getting taller. I didn't have friends in high school. I used to hang out with antisocial people who played video games too much so we just hung around each other.

lowd0se300 karma

I find this to be very intriguing. I get the sense that you had a good home life.

How did you find out about your development or lack there of?

20yearsyoung672 karma

I do have a stable home life. I worked out at the gym for a year without seeing any results so I worked up the courage to ask my doctor for a blood test.

kengro14 karma

You didn't even consider them friends? Ouch.

20yearsyoung79 karma

in retrospect, they weren't nice people.

thisnamestakennow398 karma

High school can be tough at the best of times, let alone if you are seen as different by your peers. What effect has your condition had on your school/social life?

All the best mate.

20yearsyoung572 karma

I was very awkward in high school and didn't have any friends. I've improved a lot since then and have way more confidence. I'll always remember my tough times before the testosterone though.

thisnamestakennow109 karma

It's good to remember the hard times as they have made you into the person you are today. Glad things have got better for you. Enjoy!

20yearsyoung292 karma

they definitely have gotten a lot better. I'm very content which is weird because all I've got is an adult male body and the exact same problems as everyone else but I'm still proud of who I am.

liektoks355 karma

what was your reaction when you came to the realisation that you had not gone through puberty?

20yearsyoung986 karma

I got very drunk in a bar with some friends.

GamerKey614 karma

That seems like an appropriate reaction.

"I haven't gone through puberty yet. Let's go drinking!"

20yearsyoung941 karma

It's my reaction to any news.

liektoks89 karma

well, I suppose that is a cause for celebration! have you ever drunk alcohol before you were on your testosterone therapy? if so, were there any obvious differences between the before and after?

20yearsyoung183 karma

I was such a lightweight. I could get drunk off 3 drinks. It takes a lot more to get me feeling anything these days.

el___diablo306 karma

Were you able to ejaculate before the therapy ?

How did your orgasms change ?

20yearsyoung747 karma

I wasn't able to ejaculate before the therapy. I could have multiple orgasms. Now I can only have one and need a break for some orange slices. My orgasms still have the same feeling but I get tired after.

UnholyDemigod157 karma

Wait until you have sex (if you haven't yet). If having a wank makes you tired, a root will knock you the fuck out

20yearsyoung515 karma

Sex is very tiring. I just want to cuddle and sleep.

Emily89289 karma

Did you feel any mental changes during your therapy? Did your way of thinking change?

20yearsyoung583 karma

I'm more relaxed and confident. I had a lot of anxiety before the testosterone so much that I was on antidepressants. I've been off antidepressants for 6 months now and feel great.

horsthorsthorst246 karma

What is your favourite planet?

20yearsyoung326 karma


Nic-who217 karma

Hey mate, thanks for the AMA.

Do you know what happens if somebody without the condition takes that testosterone stuff you were taking?

I wouldn't mind a lower voice and some mad penis gainz.

20yearsyoung476 karma

You would put on muscle and have more energy. Maybe lower your voice, get acne and go bald. Your penis would not change in size at all. Your testicles would stop working and shrink since you're getting testosterone from another source and you would rely on it.

dabisnit188 karma

I don't have a question, but when I was in puberty my sex drive was a monster truck. Don't ever jerk it with shampoo. How do you like to eat your eggs?

20yearsyoung122 karma


thepkmncenter172 karma

I don't know if this is too blunt or anything, but did you have any pubic hair before your treatment?

20yearsyoung285 karma

my disorder meant that I had no secondary sexual characteristics. I had primary sexual characteristics meaning I had pubic hair.

rise024 karma

Did you have any acne before you had treatment?

20yearsyoung35 karma

yeah, after high school. I started taking antibiotics and it cleared up.

mariuolo162 karma

Did this disorder cause any other problem?

Are you fertile now?

20yearsyoung298 karma

Without testosterone you can't absorb calcium and vitamin d (I think?). So I had very weak bones before. I'm infertile but I could get injections to become fertile.

p-m-v159 karma

How are you coping with the changes mentally and how often are people telling you that there's something different about you?

20yearsyoung662 karma

I'm more confident, mature and masculine. Most people who I havent' seen in a while are astonished at my new voice and face. Someone even said I turned out like Neville Longbottom.

Hoptadock216 karma

I bet you'll make a hell of a #TransformationTuesday

20yearsyoung293 karma

I was going to post a picture of my face but I decided I could answer awkward questions more easily if I remained anonymous.

Hoptadock260 karma

Not on here. On Instagram. You're technically a teenager so you should be investing at least 25 hours a day on Instagram Selfies

20yearsyoung150 karma

I don't take too many selfies because of my acne.

TheGoldFighter347 karma


20yearsyoung162 karma

what a beautiful post. I will read it after this AMA since I am answering a lot of questions. thanks :)

xxMallyxx112 karma

How has your confidence level changed? I actually have a hormone disease, where I have too much, I'm female. I'm like absolutely emotional wreck alot of the times. If it helps, you sounded hot before, but definitely more hot now, at least to me.

20yearsyoung112 karma

I hope things get better for you. I was a complete wreck before therapy. I am way more confident in myself these days. I am a bit too cocky sometimes. Some girls say I should model.

mcdinkleberry106 karma

How tall are you?

20yearsyoung201 karma

I'm 6'1/186cm.

nick16961106 karma


20yearsyoung278 karma

My doctor said I should be 6'3

hrafay105 karma

Another blunt question... Are your testicles smaller than average?

20yearsyoung260 karma

they're still the same size from when I was a child. I think my penis looks bigger though by comparison.

jvaughn2484 karma

I have the same problem basically. Is it just testosterone replacement or have they used anything else?

20yearsyoung122 karma

Just testosterone replacement. First pills, then gel, and now injections.

Ultra_HR65 karma

Gel? How'd that work?

20yearsyoung121 karma

it's an alcoholic based gel that I'd rub into my shoulder muscle.

BearCalledDave81 karma

Are you musically talented at all? Also, what music do you like to listen to? Has it changed from before the therapy?

20yearsyoung288 karma

I was hoping someone would ask me this question. I want to be a music journalist even though I can't play any instrument.

My favourite artists are Have A Nice Life, Sufjan Stevens, Neutral Milk Hotel, Titus Andronicus, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver and LCD Soundsystem. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music.

MrUniversalpie74 karma

Will you need to take testosterone supplements your whole life, or just for a while?

20yearsyoung171 karma

For my whole life. My brain doesn't produce a protein which tells my testicles to work.

VSVWB60 karma

Are you able to have children?

20yearsyoung124 karma

I'm infertile right now.

GamerKey51 karma

Is that going to change somtime now that you are taking hormone therapy and going through puberty?

20yearsyoung113 karma

I could take injections of gonadotropins but they're painful and an investment.

Bookkeep59 karma


20yearsyoung115 karma

I have zero idea. I can't really think the same way I did before the therapy. I've got sexual impulse now.

commanderjarak39 karma

What is your favorite animal? Why?

20yearsyoung142 karma

The sloth. Because he's stupid and chill.

iglyboop39 karma

Yo mang, how was your social life in your late teens? We're people more accepting of your lesser developed self? Or were you without a mate for the first 20 years of your life? I must know!!

20yearsyoung103 karma

I was isolated and alienated at the end of high school and my late teens. People didn't understand me, I didn't even understand myself. I didn't have any friends at all. I made people uncomfortable being an extremely tall 10 year old boy.

TheDialol30 karma

Did your personality change after you started treatment?

20yearsyoung68 karma

I'm much more assertive.

fpbrowser24 karma

You mentioned you were getting taller in high school, have you gotten taller again since starting therapy? Like another growth spurt? Gotten hairy all over? Massive Adam's apple?

20yearsyoung40 karma

My long bones kept growing without puberty. I've got lanky arms and legs now. My friends say I'm all legs. I'm going through my first real growth spurt now. I've grown 3cm in the last year.

StreetPeter23 karma

Has your body hair just started to grow out?

20yearsyoung73 karma

Yes, my hair is darker and thicker. I'm also growing a snail trail.

Dropboy620 karma

When did you realise you hadn't hit puberty?

20yearsyoung48 karma

When I was 20.

icrywhenipee18 karma

Do you have a SO? And if so do you bang like rabbits now?

20yearsyoung42 karma

I have a boyfriend. We have sexy times like twice a day.

peacefulchaos896 karma

What was/is the name of your 'condition'? congenital adrenal hyperplasia? 17-B-hydroxylase deficiency?

20yearsyoung15 karma

hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

BreadDelson6 karma

Was your vice high as a teenager?

20yearsyoung11 karma

vidya games.

Nazimods25 karma

Why weren't you put on testosterone therapy in your teens? Btw you should workout they're giving you free test! BRO LIFT SOME SHIT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

20yearsyoung14 karma

I do work out. I don't life for the size, I lift for the strength.

PohFahVoh4 karma

Do you lift breh?

20yearsyoung7 karma


womansman4 karma

Will you age slower and live longer?

20yearsyoung12 karma

Probably not with the way I live

Tren06634 karma

Any negative side effects you've noticed? gyno, baldness, acne etc?

20yearsyoung5 karma

A tiny bit of gyno

my hairline is the same and I hope it stays like that for a while

I'm getting hormonal acne on my face and back.

rageist3 karma

Since no one has asked this yet: I think you have the closest picture when it comes to cis people for seeing how it feels when you're ftm trans and start hormone replacement. I've been on the gel for 5 months now on a tiny doze and still gotten a lowered voice, muscles from nowhere, gotten hairy as an ape etc.. also can concur that if i leave out my gel even for a couple of days, I get super depressed and kinda gloomy and feeling like I don't exist. I've always been gay but since starting hormones I became bi, which is weird. Do you feel that your personality has changed a lot? How do you view yourself now compared to before? When you'll start the shots, what brand will it be? (I'm starting with Sustanon soon with 14 day shots and then moving on to Nebido with 3 month shots)

20yearsyoung2 karma

I can understand being trapped in a body that doesn't feel like your own. I feel much more like a man. I used to feel like a boy with every action. I now feel like an adult.

imaybeanidiot2 karma

If you were to stop using the testosterone supplements what would happen to your voice? Would it stay the same? Go to a higher pitch? Or change completely?

You probably wouldn't know but I'm just hoping you asked your doctor out of sheer curiousity

20yearsyoung2 karma

stay the same.

chocolate_sprinkles2 karma

I got my pituary tumor removed that caused my prolactin levels to be high and my T levels low 2 weeks ago. My T-levels are still quite low (11 nmo/L), so perhaps I have to go on testosterone replacement aswell! Why do you use pills and not injections? Best of luck buddy!
Edit: I see that you take injections already! Great. Another question: do you have much more energy and do you have less trouble waking up now? (curious, because I have that problem :p)

20yearsyoung4 karma

I had my first injection last week. I was just slowly raising my testosterone levels in case I was sensitive to it.

kleenex_brand1 karma

Do you think the lack of testosterone/hormones contributed to you scientifically being gay?

20yearsyoung1 karma

No. Not at all. I have a friend who has the same disorder as me and he's straight.