Justin and Travis are brothers and are 2/3rds of the popular advice-giving podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me.

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Shurimpu38 karma

How did you guys meet?

TravisMcElroy56 karma


liquidarity20 karma

Hoops & Cha'boi,

How do feel about Jesse and John Hodgman backing Griffin as the handsomest McElroy in the most recent Judge John Hodgman?

P.S. I really miss the Besties.

justinmcelroy34 karma

It's horseshit.

Travis is the handsomest. Easy.

TravisMcElroy36 karma

Correct. Also the hurly-burliest.

lady-scumwad14 karma

Hey brothers! Who is your ideal guestpert, and why is it Scott Bakula?

TravisMcElroy17 karma

I would love to get Mel Brooks on the show. He is my personal hero.

JDefined11 karma

Travis, what breed is buttercup? Also, awww.

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Border terrier mix, she was a rescue so I'm not sure. Also, you are correct. I'll post some B-cups pics on the MaxFun facebook page.

ellepav11 karma

So most people probably recognize that the advice you give (while usually pretty insightful!) is for goofs. How often do you get submissions that are difficult or serious?

TravisMcElroy22 karma

Pretty often, and I always regret not being able to actually help people in need. But if anyone reading this really needs help please talk to a family member, mental health care provider or an appropriate authority figure. We love all of you and want the best for you.

rapierspoint10 karma

Hey guys! You have pretty amazing wives. How did you meet these wonderful ladies (and tell Griffin's story too if you can :P )?

TravisMcElroy31 karma

I met Teresa whilst dating her roommate.

sporesofdoubt9 karma

You do a great job of keeping your show fresh and funny while avoiding sexist, racist, and homophobic bullshit. Is that something you've had to work hard at, or were you just raised that way? Also, can you think of instances where you kinda fucked up in this department?

TravisMcElroy20 karma

We were raised very well and taught to be respectful. That said, our biggest problem early on was that we were ignorant. In the early episode we used some terms and expressed some views (in jest) that we didn't realize the implications of. We work very hard now to make sure everyone who listens to our show feel included, respected and loved.

coffee2298419 karma

Thanks for doing this ama, mbmbam is my favorite podcast and has made my commute far more interesting and provided me with many, many hours of entertainment. So thanks for doing the podcast every week!

Do you have any goofs that you didn't think would be particularly memorable, but ended up being really well received and popular? Justin, what's your favorite fact that you've learned while doing sawbones?

TravisMcElroy10 karma

I don't know about individual bits, but it seems like every time I tell my wife that a recording session went "ok", it turns out to be a blockbuster episode.

WrongSideOfRagnarok9 karma

Brothers! What has been your favorite question asked? Also, do you thank Travis for Travis everyday?

TravisMcElroy15 karma

My favorite questions are any one where they get to the point and if it is a subject we haven't covered before. For some reason, I really loved the question about office apples. And yes, every damn day.

JDefined8 karma

Travis, since you dodged the question on Lady to Lady, why did you decide to go hollywood?

TravisMcElroy10 karma

Mostly, I want to do more stuff like MBMBaM and do more live comedy. Plus, I love LA and there is a lot more stuff I want to do out here.

AlloyedClavicle7 karma

Brothers: Were you ever able to determine what would happen if you destroyed a horse and it came back as a ghost that loved to fuck?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Our findings are being studied by top men. TOP MEN!

mgbeug7 karma

What can I do to help in finally getting Travis verified on Twitter?

TravisMcElroy13 karma


biggnife57 karma


Where did the nicknames Juice, Scraps and Ditto come from? Is there a story for those names or did your Weird Dad (to steal a term from John Hodgman) just decide to make up silly names because he thought they were funny?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Juice drooled a lot Scraps was as tough as scrap iron Ditto looked like Ditto from Hi & Lois

NancyDrewFan1237 karma

Is there any way you could be convinced to rescind your designation of the octopus as the anti-horse? I think they are majestic and beautiful and I am worried you have maligned these noble creatures of the sea.

TravisMcElroy8 karma

Nope set in stone: Octopus=Weird. We published in all the major scientific journals

KallefuckinBlomkvist6 karma

Justin: Will you have Chuck play Nier?

Travis: What is your favorite brand cowboy boot?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

I prefer a nice western fashion boot. Solid color, some kind of decorative stitching.

liquidarity6 karma

Brothers, was 'Taste My Steel' the least safe game you played as children?

TravisMcElroy12 karma

there was a time Justin swung Griffin around by his arms, let go and Griff bit through his lip. That one was pretty bad.

KOwhite6 karma

Hey guys, love the show! It really serves as the inspiration for a podcast I do with some friends in terms of tone and style. A few questions for ya:

1) What type of mics, audio recording software, and audio editing software do you use?

2) Which of you three edits the show? How does he handle the time commitment of doing that? Or are you guys experienced enough now that editing is at a minimum and there is just minimal time commitment beyond recording?

3) What would you consider your “big break” that moved your podcast from a hooby-ish activity to an actual commercial endeavor?

4) Probably the most important: Who is the first “My Brother” who is the second “My Brother” and who is “Me”?

TravisMcElroy13 karma

2) Griff edits the show, and usually he handles it by whining about it. 4) We are who ever you want us to be in your heart...

FiP5 karma

What makes a great yahoo/yahdrew question?

TravisMcElroy15 karma

It helps if its not depressing, it helps if we believe it wasn't posted as a joke, it helps if it takes a weird turn some where.

actionalan5 karma

Juice, what's your favorite documentary on Netflix?

Scraps, what's your go-to sandwich combo? I need to eat a big, meaty sandwich.

Love the show, guys. MBMBaM is one of my favorite things in the world. You've given me countless smiles and chuckles. Thanks for vibing and keeping it tight.

TravisMcElroy8 karma

Roast beef and horseradish is never wrong. Maybe some banana peppers in there if you're feeling feisty.

MCBowelmovement5 karma

Brothers, do you carry West Virginia with you in your hearts at all times? (in the form of cholesterol buildup from Tudor's or emotionally, that is)

Oh, also, what's your favorite biscuit from Tudors? Yeah... nailed it.

TravisMcElroy8 karma

I love WV and am proud of my state. I will defend her all day long. Also, a Mountaineer.

MrSpontaneous4 karma

Brothers! Do you feel weird having to say the words "slash my brother" during your Money Zone plugs?

TravisMcElroy11 karma

At first it was weird but way better than saying colon my brother.

Crais4 karma

Hi Brothers! Thanks for doing this AMA. I've been a listener since episode 1.(amazing how time flies) I would like to know what are each of your favourite podcasts to listen to - maxfun network or otherwise?

TravisMcElroy10 karma

LITERALLY ALL MAXFUN SHOWS, also: Dead Authors Pod, How Did This Get Made, 99% Invisible, Fantasy Focus, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Improv for Humans, many more

JDefined3 karma

Travis, how did you celebrate your anniversary?

TravisMcElroy6 karma

Seafood dinner and a moon lit walk on the beach. Then we watched Young Frankenstein.

bsman10113 karma

I know you guys were planning on some more live shows in the future, any chance to have one in Indy? I know a couple fans and you guys have had numerous questions form Indiana so I am sure there is a fanbase waiting for it.

TravisMcElroy3 karma

We are definitely looking at doing one in the OH/KY/IN/VA area so stay tuned.

blizzardfox3 karma

Hey Brothers!

Couple quick questions:

How long do you anticipate the show to continue? It has been a staple of long roadtrips and boring flights!

Travis: How are you liking our fair land of California? I trust that the bounty of our state makes Cleveland look like ass.

Justin: Has fatherhood made any substantive changes in your personality that you've noticed so far? Also, still waiting on that perfect measure for a full load of laundry, sir.

TravisMcElroy11 karma

I love LA so far, and Cleveland always looked like ass which is why I lived in Cincinnati.

welcome_to_erf3 karma

Hey Brothers!

Question: Did either/both of you ever pick on Griffin growing up?


TravisMcElroy15 karma

It was really difficult because Griffin put off a blinding celestial glow as a child so it was hard to look at him.

Mafferclamp3 karma

Hi Brothers, thank you for doing this ama. I hope both brothers answer this question but I guess it's a little more relevant for Justin. At what age will you tell your kids about this show and let them listen to it?

TravisMcElroy5 karma

As soon as they ask. And exist.

Drithyin3 karma

As a fellow Appalachian-American (originally from Ironton, OH), what is the biggest misconception you guys face from others about living/growing up there? I usually just get made fun of because I call a shopping cart a buggy and have to clarify that I do not know how to make meth.

TravisMcElroy3 karma

For awhile it all about not wearing shoes and then everyone thinking that everyone in WV is fat and stupid. I would say we have the same percentage of fat and stupid people as everyone other state.

ENG1NERD2 karma

Hey brothers! Big fan, I've listened from the very beginning. Thanks for making such an awesome show. What's your favorite way of vibing & keepin it tight?

TravisMcElroy8 karma

WWJD my friend, WWJD.

findingpetey2 karma

What is the best way to kill a Glass Shark?

TravisMcElroy6 karma

Glass bullets.

nicetrout2 karma

How important was Scott Bakula and Quantum Leap to the McElroy household? Because from how frequently it's mentioned on the show you'd think it's the only tv show you've ever watched. No hate though, I mean it is Quantum Leap

TravisMcElroy2 karma

It's just one of those things that we all enjoyed. It's fun and unique and everyone seems to relate to it. Plus, I believe Griffin's wife is obsessed with it.

FiP2 karma

Hello brothers, are guesperts something you try to do regularly, or do they just kind of happen?

TravisMcElroy4 karma

We do not TRY to do them regularly, but we do try to do them when we can. We don't want to change the show too much, it's just always fun to have visitors!

JDefined2 karma

It's been great seeing all the crossovers lately, both within the maxfun network and beyond. Is it something you guys enjoy, and do you plan on doing it more in the future?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Yeah, I love it! It was a big part of why I moved to LA. I hope to be on way more stuff.

QuickPhix2 karma

Travis, why did you have to move away from Cincinnati right when I was almost ready to ask you to be best friends?

TravisMcElroy5 karma

I had to move because I feared I would not live up to your expectations.

drewmg2 karma

Justin, which brother is fanciest?

Travis same question.

TravisMcElroy9 karma

Justin has the most refined tastes. I like dressing up the most. Griffin is the most prissy.

whaaaaatt2 karma

Hi Brothers McElroy minus one,

My girlfriend posed this question to you guys recently, and unfortunately it was never answered. I'm asking for her in hopes of getting her her long sought after answer:

I like to read user comments on extreme restraints products out loud to her. It makes her cringe uncontrollably. How does she get me to stop? It's my second favorite pastime, besides your podcast of course.


TravisMcElroy12 karma

That's easy! When she asks you to stop you should. Getting enjoyment from someone else's discomfort is not nice. Unless they are your brothers.

nomtank2 karma

Any advice for those looking to get into the wacky wild world of podcasting?

TravisMcElroy14 karma

Don't go it alone, find a co-host! And don't just pick the "funniest" person you know. Pick the person with whom you have the best chemistry.

Halfhead2 karma

Hi, I love the show.

Any chance the McElroy family has a crest? If so, t-shirts?

TravisMcElroy5 karma

The McElroy family DOES in fact have a family crest, but if were gonna put it on t-shirts, we'd have to "funny it up" first.

le_friendzone1 karma

What is your favorite goof you've done in the podcast?

Also I want to thank Travis for Travis.

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Anyone where Justin laughs so hard he can't breathe. Also, Glass Shark. Also, you're welcome.

mrdamienfoxx1 karma

One other question. What's your favorite bit concerning celebrity ridicule? One of the Fieri bits, or maybe Patrick Duffy?

TravisMcElroy4 karma

I like the one about Tim Curry but mostly because I liked hearing Griffin say "push pops" in his Tim Curry impression.

ellepav1 karma

Travis, do you have any stories of particularly innovative problem solving from your TD days? Or any stories of something going hilariously wrong?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

I once built a dead bird drop that made me pretty happy and I made it rain in to a swimmable river. That was pretty cool. And yes, many things going wrong but none of them hilarious...

JDefined1 karma

Do you guys ever visit /r/MBMBaM?

TravisMcElroy4 karma

All the time! I love when people talk about me. It is my lifeblood...