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Love the show and all of your work! How much do you shoot relative to how much is shown on the show? Are there more interviews with experts that get cut for time/episode flow?

So happy for your success :D

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So most people probably recognize that the advice you give (while usually pretty insightful!) is for goofs. How often do you get submissions that are difficult or serious?

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Is a return of Jim Real, the Master of Would You Rather in the cards?

Also, do you have a favorite guest nickname?

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Is Ross still friends with the LDS guys? How much did that experience change how you ran your investigations moving forward?

Where did goat sperm come from. okay, I KNOW where goat sperm comes from, but...I mean...you know.

How long does the average investigation last, from start to finish?

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I'll cross my fingers for a roller derby/heavy metal spinoff :)