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Hey guys, love the show! It really serves as the inspiration for a podcast I do with some friends in terms of tone and style. A few questions for ya:

1) What type of mics, audio recording software, and audio editing software do you use?

2) Which of you three edits the show? How does he handle the time commitment of doing that? Or are you guys experienced enough now that editing is at a minimum and there is just minimal time commitment beyond recording?

3) What would you consider your “big break” that moved your podcast from a hooby-ish activity to an actual commercial endeavor?

4) Probably the most important: Who is the first “My Brother” who is the second “My Brother” and who is “Me”?

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2 sounds about right and, though you won't care at all, I'd have to say that Justin is my "Me." Thanks for the reply!

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Excellent. audacity and skype ftw.

And once you start advertising sexual restraints on your show, that's a commercial endeavor in my book.