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blizzardfox3 karma

Hey Brothers!

Couple quick questions:

How long do you anticipate the show to continue? It has been a staple of long roadtrips and boring flights!

Travis: How are you liking our fair land of California? I trust that the bounty of our state makes Cleveland look like ass.

Justin: Has fatherhood made any substantive changes in your personality that you've noticed so far? Also, still waiting on that perfect measure for a full load of laundry, sir.

blizzardfox2 karma

Constant abject terror seems to be the response I hear from a lot of new parents in my social circle. At least Chuck's got a killer set of parents to learn from though. Just sayin'.

Thanks again for all the laughs and goofs, and may you all live forever so they'll continue!

blizzardfox2 karma

Glad to hear you're loving LA. California finally has a McElroy to call our own, and you're all now geographically distributed to keep the US satisfied.