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So I love the game! I've had a lot of fun playing with friends. I have two questions:

1) I love the soundtrack on the menu screen and I'm bummed I can't use it in game. Will this ever be possible? Is there some sort of licensing thing preventing it, or is this possible in the future?

2)Do you ever plan to change the penalty system for ranked matches where you still get penalized for leaving after one teammate has already left the match? Playing a match 2v3 (for example) is a severe disadvantage and I don't see an issue with leaving a game when the odds are so strongly against you. Other competitive games like Dota don't penalize teammates for leaving once one teammate has left.

Keep up the good work!

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Where did the nicknames Juice, Scraps and Ditto come from? Is there a story for those names or did your Weird Dad (to steal a term from John Hodgman) just decide to make up silly names because he thought they were funny?

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Noogy - I know you've talked before about how stressful the end of Dust's development was, since you did all the design/programming by yourself. If/when you work on another project, would you still want to do it by yourself or in a team? Do you think you've learned enough lessons that would make the process smoother next time? Dust is rad, by the way.

Adrian - I have to say I'm really impressed by what I've played of Giana Sisters so far. Did you or your team feel intimidated at all by making an old-school platformer for PC, a genre that is not really popular on that platform these days? Or do you think that worked to you and your team's advantage?