Okay, that's it for me! Thaks for all the questions guys, I had a lot of fun! Hope you dig The Cosmopolitans!

Hi guys. I'm an actor. You might know me from a bunch of projects I've done, my latest is The Cosmopolitans, an Amazon original series pilot. The show is directed, produced, and written by filmmaker Whit Stillman, and it stars myself along with Chloe Sevingly, Carrie MacLemore, Dree Hemingway...and my breakout favorite Freddy Abslom.

You can check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MR9WT7Y/ref=tsm_1_tw_s_astu_nazdsd

Victoria's helping me get started. Looking forward to your questions, AMA.


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EckhartsLadder115 karma

Do you miss the OC? I miss the OC.

Adam_Brody60 karma

I miss the original 90210, actually.

flyeaglesfly4432 karma

Can we please have a Grind 2?

Adam_Brody26 karma

Um, surething. But we should probably do the prequel first.

courtiebabe42030 karma


Adam_Brody55 karma

It was nice because the people were cool and the writing was great, but also hard because they made sure you said every syllable. In a way I've never seen before or since

Warlizard30 karma

  1. Generic softball question about new film?

  2. Obligatory gush and proclamation of fandom.

  3. Witty comment designed to provoke a response.

Adam_Brody81 karma

I was a blast!
Thank you for that! I'm not into snakeskin

Princess_Of_Woodbury27 karma

What was it like working with Joaquin Phoenix?

Adam_Brody69 karma

I'm not aware that I've ever worked with him, but I imagine it would be awesome and weird.

Princess_Of_Woodbury53 karma

Oh damn, you're ADAM Brody? As in the one from the OC? Oh, I thought it was Adrian Brody...You're much cooler than Adrian...Well then, my question is, how do you prepare for a film role, i.e. memorizing lines and such?

Adam_Brody282 karma

To play a holocaust survivor I had to loose a ton of weight and that was really challenging because-- Oh, wait, shit, I'm Adam Brody.

SoltanPill27 karma

Chris Pratt said that when he was on The OC final season, all you young actors were so ready for it to be over and basically said that it pissed him off because you guys didn't know how lucky you had it when there were so many actors struggling for work. Do you think you and other actors were guilty of taking it all for granted and acted a bit bratty actor-ish?

Adam_Brody78 karma

I do not think we were guilty of taking it for granted. I also love Chris and he loves me so shut up!

badfantasyadvice22 karma

TED! Would you consider giving Mike Tolbert a shout out on the League this season? Preferably make a case to Taco why he should be a first round pick.

Adam_Brody23 karma

I'll certainly consider it, but it's up to the big boys

Frajer20 karma

did Peter Gallagher ever give you advice in real life ?

Adam_Brody113 karma

He always told me to grow out my eyebrows. Boom!

seanseanseanh19 karma

Hey Adam, do you actually believe in fate and destiny?

Adam_Brody10 karma

I can't say I do. Bit of a downer I'm afraid.

jumpymcfiggins15 karma

Is there anything I can get you, like an orange juice, or a coffee, or a Red Bull??

Adam_Brody23 karma

I guess I'll take a pizza

fooler0415 karma

How's Leighton? ;)

Adam_Brody37 karma

She's swell!

musicallyspeaking14 karma

Do you have any regrets related to the OC? ps: Can you just tell me you love me so I can tell everyone that Adam Brody said he loves me

Adam_Brody38 karma

I seriously love you. No, look at me, I-Love-YOU.

icedancer2314 karma

Did you get to keep any props from The OC? I've often wondered what became of Captain Oats...

Adam_Brody34 karma

I'm not sure what that mofo is up to now!

moneymike24712 karma

Hey Adam, thanks for taking the time to do this. We actually met briefly when I was working the press day for Burning Love on Yahoo! You were super chill!

Being a 20 something year old from Orange County, I was a big OC fan. Do you still talk to Rachel, Ben, Mischa, or anyone else from the show?

Adam_Brody50 karma

I'm in constant psychic communication with all of them. And Ben and I also get lunch in this dimension sometimes

JosephAlwaysStalin11 karma

My girlfriend loves you, how do I make that stop?

Adam_Brody33 karma

Transfer her affections to Adam Driver

ben564711 karma

I have 2 questions:

  1. Do you still keep in contact with Ben McKenzie from The O.C.?

  2. What advice do you have for fans that are going through bullying/depression?

Adam_Brody22 karma

I do still keep in contact with Ben, but I bully the shit out of him, so... I will say that bullying seems like mostly a young thing, and if you can wait it out I'm sure it will get better. But I don't know, I just feel for ya if that's the case. It would really need to be a longer conversation.

JohnnyAcesDueces11 karma

Would you rather fight a county sized orange, or 100 orange sized counties?

Adam_Brody7 karma

the second. But I also need the vitamin C so... maybe the first

Maccas7511 karma

Hi Adam! Do you think there is any chance for an OC reunion in the future? And; is Big Japan still active? If so, what kind of drum kit do you play? (My Sister wants to know how it felt to be killed in Scream 4!) Have a great day - love your work!

Adam_Brody19 karma

Dying in Scream 4 felt silly, and if you look closely I'm pretty sure I'm smiling.

Frasierfan11 karma

Adam, i thought your were fantastic on New Girl, i was wondering how tall are you, what's your shoe size, and what are your most sensitive spots??

Adam_Brody28 karma

Thanks! I'm 6'7'' and I have size 3 feet. It's weird, I know.

McPick10 karma

What was it like getting hit in the face with a telephone by Angelina Jolie? It really happened. Movies don’t lie. Don’t ruin this for me, Brody.

Adam_Brody19 karma

It did happen but it was a rubber phone and she finessed it. I heart her

dimplejuice10 karma

Adam-- big fan of your work. At what point do you tell your agent, "I was born in 1979, so stop pitching me high school/college age roles?" When are we going to see you play the hip cool dad on a tv show or movie?

Adam_Brody46 karma

I'm just getting younger, bro. Gonna play a baby soon

George_Hale10 karma

Hi Adam! You were definitely the best part of the O.C., i've always enjoyed when you were improvising. But anyway, i've been wanting to ask you a question since i was 13 or 14: how was it like to kiss Rachel Bilson? Is she a good kisser? Since i had a crush on her at the time, the 13 years old that's still in me is screaming and is dying to know.

Adam_Brody27 karma

One of the all time greats!

JohnnyAcesDueces9 karma

Hey Adam.

Any response to Cam Gigandet's claim that during production the kids on the set of the OC were "Fucking miserable?"

Adam_Brody26 karma

I just think he had that effect on people. Kidding

shittymongorian9 karma

Hey Adam,

So what the fuck happened to you, man?

Adam_Brody26 karma

Time, man. She wears you down

dimplejuice8 karma

When are you going to pull a mcconaughey and start doing some deep, meaty roles? Maybe in a few years?

Adam_Brody27 karma

Oh, the Comsmopolitans isn't meaty enough for you?!!! Huh?!!! Answer me god dammit!!!

pfelon8 karma

The O.C. was the butt of some jokes but overall it ran for a long time, dealt with some real vital issues at the time, and meant a lot to a lot of people (including myself). What would you pinpoint as your favorite aspect of the show, thematically, and particularly of your character?

Adam_Brody26 karma

I think ultimately it was a comforting show for people, and I hope it did more of that than reinforce any negative stereotypes or whatnot

Black_Suit_Matty8 karma

If I wanted you to answer a question in like three sentences instead of one or two, what should I ask?

Adam_Brody25 karma

You. Nailed. It.

lena_hamilton7 karma

Adam, fun question, what makes you laugh & wha's your biggest weakness?

Adam_Brody24 karma

I'm love me some Step Brothers. And Brules Rules. So I guess John C. Reilly. I'm a bad speller

josephine_amos7 karma

Hello Adam, what attracted you to The Cosmopolitans? How will you tease the coming season for us??

Adam_Brody11 karma

I'm a huuuuge Whit Stillman fan, so I was excited to do it before I even read it. I'm curious myself about the coming season, but as with most of Whit's story lines, I'm sure they'll take some unexpected turns.

alfio453 karma

Do you are familiar with the work of Pierre Le Tan? He is a french illustrator who work with Whit for many years, now.

Adam_Brody8 karma

I'm not, but I guess I should be!

cornponious7 karma

How many Rush albums do you own?

Adam_Brody10 karma

Currently none. But that could change

purplegreendragon7 karma

Hi Adam, What is your favorite breakfast? Mine is two eggs sunny side up and two slices of bacon, with an espresso

Adam_Brody50 karma

Not to be too Seth Cohen-like, but I love me a bagel and coffee.

PrincessSparkle873 karma

What's your favourite bagel filling?!

Adam_Brody30 karma

Filling? You mean, like, spread? If so, I go classic cream cheese. Side note, a bagel slicer is invaluable

MegmegPar6 karma

Go to drink at the moment? You seem like someone who would enjoy a good craft beer!

Adam_Brody23 karma

I enjoy a Hefeweizen of Fat Tire. Love whiskey, hate vodka

TakesAnswerOffTheAir6 karma

Adam, wait a second. What am I going to do without you? You're so wise, and all your sage wisdom. What am I going do without that?

Adam_Brody16 karma

That smells like a quote? is it?

violetgranger6 karma

actually made it to an AMA early! Hey Mr Brody!

I have three questions for you:

What was it like to work with Wes Craven on the set of Scream 4? Anything funny happen?

What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? Toppings of choice?

One of my favourite movies is actually Grind. Got me into Skateboarding for a while. I watch it every summer with my best friend. Were there any accidents on set and how was the experience of shooting that movie?

Extra note: my lovely grandmother, who used to watch the OC with me when i was a lot younger, still today refers to you as “Brody Cohen.” Which I think is both adorable and irritating. Sorry about that.

Thank you for doing this AMA,

Kind regards from an 18 year old, London, England!


Adam_Brody10 karma

Hey London! I like your grandmother so we're cool. Grind was fun cause we just skated around and punched eachother in the balls and stuff

97_Glen_Rice6 karma

When is Big Japan making another album?

Adam_Brody14 karma

Probably never, although I do miss playing with those guys. That was really fun!

Beats95 karma

Favorite part of filming in Paris?

Adam_Brody20 karma

It sounds stupid but all the French bread!

fooler045 karma

How much do you love Leighton?

Adam_Brody35 karma


Bigassbird5 karma

Hi Adam

I had such a crush on you during the OC. My husband was very jealous of you and found it inappropriate (although you are only five years younger than me) - I think he was threatened as you have better hair.

Anyway - what are your thoughts on the Pitt marriage? Could you tell they liked each other during the making of Mr & Mrs Smith?

Keep up the good work.

Adam_Brody23 karma

For two satanists, they make it work.

AussieBoyJon5 karma

Adam, if you could work with any actor, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Adam_Brody22 karma

I think Bill Murray would be amazing. And the corpse of Orson Welles

fansong4 karma

Hey Adam. I started copying your dressing style back when I first saw you in The OC, and I keep doing that until this day, from paparazzi photos of you. But since you're answering questions now, I thought I should ask you first. Is it ok if I copy your dressing style? Thanks!

Adam_Brody7 karma

I'm honored! Thanks

Ali_Parker174 karma

Would you rather:

  1. Have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers?

  2. Have a dragon or be a dragon?

  3. Stand barefoot on an iceblock for 20 min or be tickled on your bare feet for 20 min?

Why? lol! Thanks for doing this!

Adam_Brody9 karma

Long fingers, have a dragon, tickled

hannahstorm54 karma

Hi Adam, huge fan here, what's your favorite role so far & what's the best acting advice anyone's ever given you? :)

Adam_Brody12 karma

Right now I'm in love with the Cosmopolitan role, but usually it's the last role I've done because it's the most reflective of where my head's at at the time.

CrazyLilBlondie3 karma

Hi Adam, Peter Gallagher has nominated you for the Ice Bucket Challenge? Are you going to do it? I will if you will :D

Adam_Brody8 karma

I did it the dry way and gave money. So now you have to!

queen_poser3 karma

What is your guilty pleasure?

Adam_Brody29 karma

googling myself. Yuck!

Dollarama3 karma

Hey Adam, thanks for the AMA! Just recently watched baggage claim and think like a man too and thought your parts were funny. I didn't even know you were in those movies until you came on screen. What new projects do you have lined up? Also, land of women was great!

Adam_Brody9 karma

Thanks! I just filmed a fun part in a Kevin Smith movie two days ago. I played a drummer and I did so much headbanging that i gave myself whiplash. Really.

Beats93 karma

How old is Penny Lane now?

Adam_Brody12 karma

She's 11. Has a white face. Her real name is just Penny though. You aren't wrong, it's just incorrect on the internet

KenGlauber3 karma

How did you link up with David Wain? Did you audition for The Ten or was the role given to you?

Adam_Brody7 karma

I was a enormous fan of Wet Hot, and it was given to me for my fame! hahahahaha

dimplejuice3 karma

Do you and Leighton split up the chores equally or does she carry more than her fair share? I.e. who does laundry, bro?

Adam_Brody16 karma

I do some stuff but she definitely does the heavy lifting(figuratively). Literally, I do the heavy lifting.

ezdrocks3 karma

Hey Adam, Thanks for doing this AMA.

My youngest son is named after you. All my kids are named after my wife and my favorite actors. My son Owen is named after Owen Wilson, my daughter Callie Reese is named after Reese Witherspoon, and my youngest, Dylan Brody, is named after you.

First question, How are you doing today?

Second, Do you have any awesome stories about working with Kevin Smith?

Lastly, Do you have any idea when The OC is going to be on Netflix?

Thanks again.

Adam_Brody9 karma

Whoa, really?! Crazy, thanks! Kevin is wone of the most fun people I've ever worked for. He loves to collaborate, he's in a perpetual good mood, and he invites you to his house to show you rough cuts!

baenafrancisco2 karma

Hi Adam, I've seen lot of things but to me you will always be that lovely Seth Cohen from The O.C.… you inspired my childhood, and I wanted to thank you for this.

Do people often confuse you for Jesse Eisemberg, or that's just me?

Adam_Brody7 karma

Think it's just you, but you're very very welcome

GoogleAss2 karma

how was it working with kristen stewart?

Adam_Brody6 karma

She was cool, but had on set school so we didn't really talk much. I could tell she had a big future though

AlcidesGirl2 karma

Hi Adam, are you serious on set or goofy? When was the last time you laughed really, really hard?

Adam_Brody9 karma

Pretty goofy I think. I laugh at my dogs a lot. They can really do comedy

Beats92 karma

Big fan here. We miss you on screen. It's great to have you back. Future projects?

Adam_Brody3 karma

thanks. Just hoping for a pickup

darbyd0ll2 karma

How many times have you seen Death Cab live? Favorite song? Also, I love you.

Adam_Brody5 karma

Not sure how many times. Probaly liked the album before transatlanticsm best. And thank you!

ani_kuthi2 karma

Hi! Big fan here! I fell in love with your acting when OC started and we were actually that big fans with my sister that we even watched it in german since there was not that good internet connection at a time and we had only german cable. I'm Hungarian so its a big thing! I was around 14 back than and didn't know german that well back than. BUT still we loved it later i re-watched it online in english. And it still reminds me of my childhood! Thank you for the sweet memories and for making my childhood amazing!!! I'm 26 now and an artist as Seth Cohen kinda' was! My question is: Can you actually draw? And how well :)

Adam_Brody6 karma

You're very welcome, and I'm sad to report that I draw for shite

ani_kuthi2 karma

Hi Adam thanks for the AMA (kisses)! Basic question!

Zombie Apocalypse.

Two guys from the band Bastille (Dan and Kyle), said they would use Suarez on a stick as a weapon to protect themselves. What would you choose? :DD And do you know the band Bastille?

Adam_Brody4 karma

I would use two mini uzis and go for the head

rayrayallday2 karma

Hey Adam big fan of your work I think your a very good actor. I am fresh out of acting school and currently working as much as I can in featured tv spots, featured extra work, shorts, and auditioning for whatever I can land. I am trying to get my first agent and manager to help me get to the next level to hopefully actually get lines on the shows I book. What advice to you have when it comes to picking an agent or manager for the first time and trying to get lines on shows instead of just being featured? And thank you for Grind it was my favorite movie as a kid!

Adam_Brody5 karma

Make sure you have fun when you audition. I try to.

shywater2 karma

Did you ever get to try on a costume for The Flash before George Miller's Justice League was cancelled?

Adam_Brody3 karma

I did, but it was so preliminary that I felt stupid. It would have looked good eventually though

StellaMaroo2 karma

What is your favorite kind of pie?

Adam_Brody7 karma

depends on the day. I love my pies equally

h3v2 karma

Your character on The O.C got me into Death Cab For Cutie, who are now my favourite band!

Did you discover any new music through the show, & if you have a favourite, what is your favourite Death Cab song?

Adam_Brody3 karma

Deerhunter is good.

josephine_amos2 karma

Adam, I love your smile, are you ticklish anywhere? If so, where??

Adam_Brody6 karma

What is with all the ticklish questions?

I_love_adambrody2 karma

I love you so much 😍 you're my idol always😍 when you come in Italy ?! 😍😍😍😍😍

Adam_Brody3 karma

I was there in 2011. Where were you???

lexis922 karma

In your opinion, what is the perfect sandwich?

Adam_Brody8 karma

That all depends, but I can't overstate the importance of the bread

Sakura_72 karma

Who is your favorite superhero?

Adam_Brody12 karma

Hmm. Well, Batman is always good. When I was in 7th grade The Savage Dragon was my favorite. I also love Robocop, if that counts. Not the new one though

rosebud19792 karma

what books are you into right now?

Adam_Brody3 karma

I'm on a big Norman Mailer kick right now. Just read Ancient Evenings and loved it.

entowl2 karma

hi Adam, do you like skateboarding irl?

Adam_Brody6 karma

I like it but I don't like falling

Beats92 karma

Any scoop on your appearance in the latest season of The League?

Adam_Brody3 karma

Yes! It's dramatic! Really. But that's all I can say.

spcms2 karma

How do you keep your hair so nice and curly? Do you use a lot of conditioner?

Adam_Brody6 karma

No! The trick is no conditioner. Dirtier the better

jonemillard1 karma

What do you like to do in-between filming scenes?

Adam_Brody8 karma

I really enjoy a read, nap combo

StarvingArtistsInc1 karma

Hi Adam, what would be your dream project to do?

Adam_Brody2 karma

This is going to be vomit inducing, but working on a Stillman series is it.

amandatickles11 karma

Adam, can you tell us something about you we'd never guess, and something that would make us laugh? ;)

Adam_Brody17 karma

I'm a hella good napper.

PrincessSparkle871 karma

Hi Adam!!!

How are you?

First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being part of the best tv show ever made. (check out my username!)

My question is, what was the audition process like for The O.C.?

And two, what the most memorable experience for you being part of the show?

I'm so hyper and nervous typing this, The O.C. was and still is a huge part of my life and, well, like I said, thank you so much for being part of that!!

Adam_Brody11 karma

I got to read with Ben for my audition and that was really fun because I liked him instantly

PartyOnAlec1 karma

Hey man, talk to me about your leisure time.

What do you do on a day off?
What do you do when you're kicking it with your friends?
What sort of music do you listen to?
What video games are you playing right now?
What's something you love, but are maybe a little embarrassed to admit?

Adam_Brody8 karma

Oh god, so much... How about music? Can't go wrong with the new War on Drugs album. That's a good time

ioliveiraa1 karma

Hey Adam, thanks for the AMA. What advice can you give to someone who wants to make it big as an actress/actor?

Adam_Brody3 karma

Just go for it!

JosephAlwaysStalin1 karma

What kind of hair gel do you use bro?

Adam_Brody2 karma

I like a no shine putty. And kind o putty

klennski1 karma

Was working on The Ten a weird experience compared to other projects you've done?

Adam_Brody4 karma

It was great except for being stuck in the ground all day. That was a drag

ioliveiraa1 karma

What's the craziest thing a fan has ever done?

Adam_Brody5 karma

Nothing too outlandish. Oh, wait, apparently someone on here named a kid after me! So definitely that

rkfig1 karma

After all the time you have spent acting and doing Hollywood events, what actor/director/whatever would make you react to meeting them like a starstruck fool?

Adam_Brody2 karma

I feel stupid talking to most people I respect immensely. PTA would be cool

dimplejuice1 karma

You grew up in San Diego. What's your wildest Tijuana story?

Adam_Brody2 karma

A very mild sojourn when I was eighteen. I remember nothing.

coolgirl2111 karma

Really looking forward to checking this out!

I know many actors like to try their hands at directing, is that something you're looking to explore in the future?

Adam_Brody2 karma

I would absolutely love to. I'm very jealous of all the creative decisions directors get to make

beernerd1 karma

What happened with the Revenge of the Nerds remake? Any chance it will get made eventually?

Adam_Brody2 karma

Um, I'm sure someone will get to it. I think I heard they were making revenge of the jocks, which seems like a good idea

louhiatar1 karma

What are some differences you've experienced being in a project through Amazon versus network TV?

Also, I'm a big fan of The Ring and it is weird seeing a big star like you spout like, three lines. I don't recall seeing any other minor characters becoming well-known actors, so congratulations on all of your success!

Adam_Brody4 karma

You're left to your own devices a lot more, that's for sure. And I had quite a number of three liners before the OC. The Ring is probably the best of them though. I really like that movie and yet hate myself in it

Beats91 karma

Favorite Music Fesival? and what's your morning routine?

Adam_Brody2 karma

Been years and years but Cochella has a lot going for it. In the morning I do a lot of flexing in the mirror

bustednugget1 karma

Heya Adam, what's your fav tunes to chill to?

Adam_Brody3 karma

I really like this old group The Fleetwoods

Beats91 karma

Can you tell us more about your love for boxing?

Adam_Brody5 karma

Sure. It's a great workout and I'm addicted to watching it. Also, I could easlily beat up the old me

missamandarahl1 karma

Hi Adam! Here are some random questions: Boxers or Briefs? Socks or barefoot? Coffee or tea? Beach or mountains? Mani or pedi? Why/why not?

Adam_Brody6 karma


dimplejuice1 karma

What is your favorite song to air drum to? Have you seen the Cadbury gorilla drumming to "In the Air Tonight"? Classic.

Adam_Brody2 karma

I air dum to everything like a real asshole. haven't seen the gorilla yet

Beats91 karma

Can you tell us more about Yoga hosers? Am I the only one who's annoyed with all the OC questions?

Adam_Brody4 karma

Dude, it's gonna be rad. The two lead girls are great and I can't even beging to explain how weird it's gonna get.

AndyDufrense1 karma

how was working on the league? any funny stories from the set?

Adam_Brody4 karma

All those guys are so funny on the fly, I actually feel like I'm stuck in the mud when I'm trying to come up with stuff there

Wonton_noodle1 karma

Please don't let Pete4Peat, you coming back on The League this season?

Adam_Brody3 karma

I am!

entowl1 karma

hi Adam, my mom is a big fan she still watching the oc every day on summer. have you some news from Benjamin McKenzie?

Adam_Brody8 karma

I'm excited for his new show1

alfio451 karma

How is it to work with Whit Stillman?

Do you want your career to take an indie, more artistic road now with this kind of project?

Adam_Brody3 karma

Love working with Whit, love his specificity and his humor. I'm just gonna go where the road takes me

coconut_bliss1 karma

What would you order from a coffee shop?

Adam_Brody6 karma


jonemillard1 karma

What is the best movie that you've recently seen?

Adam_Brody13 karma

I'm a little behind, but Obvious Child and Blue Ruin were my two favorites this summer. Also, I'd never seen The Bridge Over The River Kwai. Now that was a movie.