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Hello, thanks for doing this AMA. I was just wondering how it was to work to Tupac on Juice. Any funny stories you remember from the set?

AndyDufrense23 karma

Do you play NBA 2K14 on PlayStation or on XBOX?

AndyDufrense12 karma

thanks for the AMA. my question is if you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you be doing?

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Mr. Klein, how was it working with Alexander Payne on Election? Any funny stories from the set you remember?

AndyDufrense3 karma

Nick, thanks for the AMA. I love you as Ron on Parks and Rec. My question is about woodworking however. I want to build a coffee table, however I have never worked with wood before. What kind of wood would you recommend I use for my coffee table and do you have any tips or tricks for a beginner?