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Mr Liotta. I am a huge fan but, quite frankly, you scare me in most of your work (the Muppet movie notwithstanding)

Do you have any anecdotes of inadvertently scaring people in real life just by your presence? I imagine there are times when people see you and think “Oh shit! He’s gonna whack me because I didn’t give him the extra jalapeños he requested”

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Dog or cat man?

Also, congrats on never having made a bad film. Seriously, if you're in it then it's great. Even something like Déjà Vu which could easily have been a disaster was amazing.

Keep on being great Mr Washington.

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Hi Alex

Is it ok that when you were talking about wank socks on Friday that I spent far too long wondering if you experience difficulties masturbating?

Love the show. You should be very proud that you made John Cleese almost piss his pants laughing.

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Hi Frankie.

Who is the boss of you?

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Hi Andy

Were you responsible for the sleeve of Can't Stand Losing you that got banned? It was a great image!