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1) How do you rank your movies in terms of personal achievement? 2) Is there one moment that you fought hard to get into any of your films and were denied the chance? If so, please describe 3) How often do you see Gary Sanchez? Hell of a guy...

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Do you realize that you and Scott are the Jay and Bey (respectively) of the alternative LA club comedy scene?

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Let it be known! Scotrick is a good and pure man!

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What challenge do you want to do next as a musician? I recall reading you had decided to abandon the drum machine at a certain point in Bomb the Music Industry, do you self impose certain restrictions for each project?

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1) Who was the most unexpectedly interesting guest on The Champs? 2) Did The Goods sour you from directing more features? Or it soured the studios from asking you again? 3) Now that Key and Peele has become established beyond Chappelle Show comparisons, would you consider getting involved? 4) Do you think putting The Roots on Fallon is good for the commercialization of hip hop? So many acts have debuted on there and it's really putting the genre in a more accessible place for viewers. Might be looking into it a bit too far though...