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purplegreendragon449 karma

Hi. What is a traditional breakfast where you come from? Oh and what do you eat now, is it still the same breakfast for you or something you discovered?

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Hi Sean, What is your favorite breakfast? I would love to know that, mine is two slices of bacon and two eggs sunny-side up.

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Hi Mary, welcome to reddit. Me and my daughter watched Monsters inc yesterday. She will be thrilled when I tell her, that I talked to Boo. Could you send a few greetings to my tiny three year old Elisabeth?

And something that I'm very interested in, what is your favorite breakfast, do you have anything special for birthdays?

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Hey Justin, thanks for doing this iama. What is your favorite breakfast? I would love to know that. Mine is two eggs sunny side up, two slices of bacon and a cup of coffee

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Hi Justin, I really liked you as the Mac in the Get a Mac campaign by apple, I think it was the first time for me really paying attention to advertisement. So, my question is, had you as much fun as it seems doing these spots, or was it just another job at the time? Oh and do you use a Mac or a PC?