Hi Guys...

Thank you all so much for your questions. My fingers are NUMB from typing!!! A lot of people want to know how they can get into stunts, I've answered that question in full here so check it out.

I'm done for the night but keep em; coming and I'll do my best to answer them tomorrow! In the meantime, please follow me to keep up to date with my upcoming work/projects and advice...

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I’m Nick Mckinless


I’m currently working on Tarzan which stars Samuel L Jackson and Alexander Skarsgård.

I made a short film called Faith in 2012 which won;

  • Best Action Sequence @ Action On Film Festival

  • Award of Merit @ Best Shorts Film Festival and

  • Showcase Award @ Lucerne International Film Festival

I've also accomplished a few things and won a few titles in the strength world, such as;

• 1996 IAWA Weightlifting Champion @ 90kg

• 2005 Champion of Champions 2nd Overall

• 2006 Britain's Strongest Man @ 105kg

• 2010 World's Strongest Hands 3rd Overall

• 2011 British Grip Champion

• 2012 English 'Open' Stone Lifting Champion

• Have accomplished many of the 'great' feats of strength - Closed Ironmind No.3 Gripper, Lifted the Thomas Inch Dumbbell, Lifted the Dinnie Stones, The Blue Stones of Old Dailly and The Criccieth Stone

AMA about stunts, film making, celebrities, strength... and anything else you can think of!

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uptowner27385 karma

How common is steroid use among Hollywood actors?

I have seen how many can gain or lose insane amounts of muscle mass and would love to know if it's really just hard work or a little extra help.

NickMckinless605 karma

I can't name names but it is used on almost every film I'm afraid.

PointOfFingers798 karma

I always suspected Dame Judy Dench in Skyfall.

NickMckinless199 karma


thatwolfieguy220 karma

Thank you for being honest on this one.

NickMckinless181 karma


fabulousprizes132 karma

As a guy who passed the 40 mark last year, I know how tough it is to stay in the same kind of shape that seemed easy when I was 25-30. When I see Hugh Jackman in the latest X Men, I know he busted his ass at the gym, but winstrol and decca probably helped out.

NickMckinless220 karma

Maybe I don't know...I do know that Hugh LOVES his training...

mosquit075 karma

There is a good rule of thumb I heard. If someone is getting paid for how he looks he will probably use it.

NickMckinless77 karma

These days...maybe....

GiraffeFactZ369 karma

Will the Tarzan movie have giraffes?

NickMckinless230 karma

I think so but they will be CGI!

danick42275 karma

Have you ever argued with actors that want to do their own stunts; but you didn't believe they should/could? Any stories?

Thanks so much for doing this AMA!

NickMckinless507 karma

Yup. Kellan Lutz. I did a movie in Indonesia called Java Heat. Kellan's first lead role. He thought he knew it all but soon realised, although a decent athlete, stunts is a different ball game.

He was basically being rude to me one day on the roof. So when it came to do an 8ft jump to concrete I decided to teach him a lesson. In front of the whole cast and crew I jumped up and said...'so you just jump off, roll and run off'...I made it look super easy and then whispered...your turn tough guy!

He stood up there looking all nervous and shaky but to his credit he did the jump, just not as easy and confidently. That earnt his respect although my credits put his to shame and I shouldn't have had to do that. Nice kid in the end and he bought the whole crew presents.

bennybenbenben328 karma

When you say "Your turn tough guy" you know you've watched too many films

NickMckinless260 karma

Hahahahaha...or maybe I am just tough ;)

anotherbozo98 karma

I just realized how getting older takes away your stunt-capabilities. Being younger, I have easily jumped off 6 feet heights, and occasionally up till 10 feet. Thinking about jumping 6 feet now, makes me think if I can do it.

NickMckinless75 karma

Yep...no doubt!

j_shuttlesworthy253 karma

Soooo Anne Hathaway's butt in Dark Knight Rises. Was that you?

NickMckinless387 karma

I helped shape it ;)

mosquit0103 karma

You mean you molded it?

NickMckinless295 karma

Made her SQUAT!

GokusEvilTwin169 karma

Hi Nick. I think your profession has to be one of the most under-appreciated but vital roles in Hollywood so thanks for doing what you do. My question is who is the most willing and capable actor you've worked with in terms of doing their own stunts? And if I can ask a second question, has there ever been a situation where you or another stuntman you've worked with/heard of have just noped out after being asked to do something completely ridiculous?

NickMckinless315 karma

Hi GokusEvilTwin...great questions!!

Without a doubt the most willing and capable actor I have worked with (and there are many) is Tom Cruise. I worked with him on Edge of Tomorrow and although he had a full time stunt double (Chris Gordon) who rehearsed everything for Tom, Tom did 99% of the stunts on that film and on every other AND he is now over 50!! The guy is drven like no one I have ever seen. Meticulous and brilliant.

2nd Question. I have NEVER said no to a stunt. I know my limits and my skill levels and my resume doesn't have anything on it that I can't do at the drop of a hat. However, MANY have been caught out. On Safe House in SA (this was from eye wtiness accounts I wasn't there) a stuntman who called himself a driver was doing a t-bone (colliding side on into another vehicle). Well, he got scared and stopped and said he couldn't do it. That is virtually career suicide!

Thanks for your comments and appreciating the work we do!

GokusEvilTwin119 karma

Thanks for the great answer! I have heard that Cruise does a lot of his own stunts, for example the scene where he runs down the side of the Burj Khalifa hotel in MI3. I'm not the biggest fan of his acting but have to respect that fact. Especially since he's so tiny haha. Thanks again and keep doing what you do!

NickMckinless95 karma

Yes he did that stunt too!

Smacksmackums82 karma

It's a great stunt/scene, but you got the movie wrong. It's M:I (4) Ghost Protocol when he is in Dubai. In 3 he goes after the late PSH.

NickMckinless47 karma


idea_seeker17 karma

What's your limit?

NickMckinless29 karma

In what respect?

RedditRalf151 karma

How badly have you injured yourself?

NickMckinless300 karma

Pretty bad. I have had full paralysis down my left side from a fall onto rocks (found out about 2 weeks later when I couldn't click the fingers on my left hand!).

On Troy I was burned quite badly and hospitalised for 5 days then got a severe chest infection from such a worn out immune system which lasted for 4 months.

I could list probably 100 injuries...my back is a mess, hips, feet, ankles, wrists...multiple concussions, whiplash on a consistent basis when doing wire work...it goes on...

The job isn't for the faint hearted!

bleepbloop12345109 karma

How does it take you 2 weeks to mind out that half of your body is paralysed? Are you just tough as shit?

Leather_Boots487 karma

he was doing the stunts for Derek Zoolander and never turned left for months.

Edit: - Gold for a Zoolander quip? To quote Nick McKinless, Awesome. Now I'm off to watch his short film Faith again, as that too was Awesome.

NickMckinless129 karma


NickMckinless137 karma

I lost feeling and strength slowly because the way the nerves were being compressed. I was told to give up stunts then...not the first time...:)

thewitt3355 karma

Did the studio have to pay for your medical care and was there any extra for pain and suffering from the burns? Not that you would file a lawsuit just wondering if that's part of your contract.

NickMckinless72 karma

Long story...but no....I should be a rich man!!!

danick4237 karma

One would think somebody in your line of work risking your body would be.... (Rich I mean)

NickMckinless59 karma

We do ok...

danick4239 karma

Good pal, much deserved. Movies wouldn't be half of what they are now if our weren't for people like you.

NickMckinless43 karma

Thank you!

suckerforhentai131 karma


NickMckinless84 karma

Ah I see what you did there. Around 10-11 ;)

NockAndLoad130 karma


NickMckinless243 karma

Not too many. Women generally adapt to training quicker than men and recover quicker. I think it has to do with muscle mass. I have trained TONS of women outside of films though.

Maccas75121 karma


NickMckinless153 karma

As above really. Eat everything. At 25 you should be able to eat tons and not get too fat. Eat and eat and eat. Find good, clean, healthy foods and get to work!

transmigrant73 karma

What about a 33 year old guy trying to slim down but bulk up? I'm asking for…. a friend. He's about 6'0 and about 140 with a beer belly but sad about his skinny arms.

NickMckinless186 karma

Uhh...that's just someone who needs to get in the gym!

mar10wright59 karma

Peanut butter.

NickMckinless87 karma

Yes good one and Almond Butter which is also delicious!

DeePro198 karma

Hi Nick! What's the funniest moment you've ever had on set, or, what was the most embarrassing?

NickMckinless242 karma

To be honest the film I just finished would be up there (Grimsby starring Sacha Baron Cohen/Borat)! However, it isn't finished yet so I can't say too much.

I did a film called The Descent: Part 2. I was the big king Crawler at the end who had a fight with the 3 girls. I was basically naked, covered in prosthetics, ky jelly and blood! I had a patch, glued over my privates and once I was wet and soaked it was see through.

So, I'm doing the fight and at one point I have to jump onto one of the lead actresses. I end up staddling her and she stops half way, looks at my balls which are now hanging out, looks back at me and says 'errr, your showing'...not my finest moment...haha!!

Quadr1l1zed90 karma

Right around here? http://youtu.be/CEjyuyUv5EE

NickMckinless106 karma

Wow! I've never seen that on YT. YEP! Right there...hahahaha...balls an all...

danick4252 karma

You seem surprised. You've not been on reddit before have you, bud?

NickMckinless64 karma

No never! What have I let myself in for!

pnewell81 karma

What's the most challenging thing you've done?

NickMckinless84 karma

In stunts, filmmmaking or strength?

pnewell68 karma

Stunts or filmmaking, whichever has a better story!

NickMckinless173 karma

For filmmaking...it has to be my own short film...FAITH.

This was my chance to put my money where my mouth is.

I have MANY ideas for films and some are even scripts or treatments but FAITh was about putting a piece of action cinema onto screen MY WAY. It cost me the best part of a VERY NICE BRAND NEW CAR but it was worth every penny and it is THE MOST FUN I have ever had on a film set ever. It made me realise that my future lies behind the camera when the old body starts to fail me.

I shot it in 4 days and it contains two big fights, a pipe ramps and a jump BIGGER than the one in Casino Royale!

Imagine what I could do with a few million!!!!

AntAntJ35 karma

Got a link to it somewhere? Sounds great to watch

NickMckinless198 karma

https://vimeo.com/70233865... WATCH AND SHARE please!!!

gon_zoh37 karma

Not gonna lie, I'm not a big action guy but Faith was really awesome! Are you planning on any other shorts in the future?

EDIT: Everyone really needs to check Faith out, it really is more than a action film.

NickMckinless35 karma

I'm really planning on features. I could shoot more shorts but they don't really prove what I can do as a filmmaker.

NickMckinless31 karma

Thanks for saying that...that was my aim...I'm a filmmaker not just an action director.

RedHotCurryPowder22 karma

Great job with your short film! ... Though the whole time I was watching it, I couldn't help but to think of Peter Griffin and Ernie the Giant Chicken!

NickMckinless19 karma

Really...ok...not sure what to say...hah!

AndrewWaldron2 karma

With a few million you could have probably shot it in 5 or 6 hours!

NickMckinless2 karma

With a few million I can make a feature length version!

Cessna7181 karma

What did you think of the Movie "Hot Rod" or "Super Dave" and are there any actual similarities in those movies that are in your life as a Stunt man?

NickMckinless116 karma

All stuntmen LOVE those films!

Not much similarity because they are daredevils like Evel Knievel. Some guys do both but these days they are rare. We try to eliminate any danger on the whole and those guys basically aim to hurt themselves it seems. Those films are hilarious and there are some wicked stunts in them!

songbird4478 karma


NickMckinless122 karma

Far from it!

Some of my best friends are VFX artists. We work collaboratively together. We make each other look good!

jankteeth66 karma


NickMckinless160 karma

Oh wow...TOO MANY!!!

Lots of our work doesn't make the cut.

I did a huge fireburn for a film once and it didn't make the film. On Quantum of Solace...Danial Craig shoots me dead then runs at me still shooting me as I hit the deck he uses my chest to leapfrog a car. It was such a cool stunt amd good timing between me and Ben Cooke (his double) and it never made the film.

There's thousands more!

zingaba59 karma

Sometimes I want to be an actor just so I can get access to trainers of your caliber. Oh well. Who needs acting when you can be unemployed? Wooo....

Which celebrity have you enjoyed training the most? (just to get a fix on personalities outside of movies)

NickMckinless133 karma

Ralph Fiennes wothout question. He is off the chart with his intelligence, humble, kind and always outworked every program and challenge I set him. The man is a machine. Not mega strong but based on his genetics and age, he is phenominal. One of the greatest actors of our time and becoming a great director too. You can access my stuff at...wwwbeyondstrong.com...it's all there FOR FREE!!!

FluffyWof21 karma

Which movie did you train Ralph in?

NickMckinless54 karma

Coriolanus and the last 2 HP films.

KyleOfTheBeard53 karma

Did you train Anne Hathaway for TDKR? If so, what was it like getting to work with her, and what was it like being on Nolan's set?

NickMckinless93 karma

Yes I trained her early on for that role before going onto another film. She is a sweetheart and works her ass off! I really liked worked with Annie (as she likes to be called).

Nolan is just an amazing filmmaker. No 2nd Unit. Chris shoots everything and he nows EXACTLY what he wants. Always wears the long dark trench coat too.

PsychopathicMunchkin51 karma


Ashamed to say I only recently got around to watching the Matrix - some of the moves and scenes are so complex but amazing to watch - who did you work with specifically and do we see you in it?!


NickMckinless97 karma

You don't see me really. I rehearsed TONS of the key action and was one of the key riggers for the films. They were long shoots and much of the work was very experimental back then. Ground breaking. A highlight of my career for sure. I was often working with Keanu, putting on his harness and making sure he was safe. Also got on well with Carey Anne Moss, super nice lady!

thedudejohn51 karma

How would a young athlete that wants to become involved in stunt work get into the business?

NickMckinless65 karma

Depends where you live. Uk has strict guidelines. Australia also. USA, none but you need contacts. Where do you live?

thedudejohn39 karma

Moving to LA in a week. Are there programs to get involved in?

NickMckinless146 karma

For stunts? yes...Australian Stunt Academy runs a course in LA...tell Colin Handley I recommended him....great guy...doubled Hasslehoff in Baywatch!

Thehunterforce41 karma

What actor has surprised you the most with work out for a movie? To eloborate what Iam thinking is, like Christian Bale going from the skinny person in The Machinist to the big bad Batman in just a year. Could be the other way around also

NickMckinless93 karma

Christian Bale is probably the answer. Brad Pitt did an amazing job for Troy. And Ralph Fiennes added 10kg of bodyweight for ONE SCENE of his BACK on Coriolanus!!!

fitnet38 karma

Ever met Jackie chan. what do you think about his work?

NickMckinless67 karma

I've not but have come close SOOOOO many times. I have friends who know him personally and have been in the same restaurants and didnt even know it!

He is a legend and one of the greatest on screen martial artists of our time.

CapricornAngel38 karma

Can you ever shut your emotions down and not be scared?

NickMckinless70 karma

Yep. The best do IMO. It is not unlike a competition. Your apprehensive but so wired and focussed that any fear leaves you. The job has been rehearsed, safety is in place and now you just do your thing. The worst thing is that often stunts are rushed but you get used to that.

CapricornAngel41 karma

It's a shame that they are rushed since it's your life on the line.

NickMckinless58 karma

They don't really care...they want their shots!

recourse934 karma

What about health and safety standards? Do stunt people who push for safety run the risk of being blackballed?


NickMckinless53 karma

No. Safety is paramount.

JordH3MZ37 karma

You're what four year old me dreamed of becoming!

Anyway, I just want to ask how you got started in the world of stunting and are you happy you chose that career path? You have certainly accomplished more than 'a few things' haha!

NickMckinless69 karma

Yes and No.

I love being a stuntman and all I ever wanted was to be a working stuntman and have my peers say - 'yeah Nick's a good stuntman'. That was it. I have a good career and it is moving forward.

However, there is a darkside. It is VERY political and to a certain extenet you have to play the game.

But the worst thing is seeing your friends get hurt. I have friends in wheelchairs, colleagues without limps and others with career eneding injuries.

It is a tough industry in more ways than one.


What advice would you give an aspiring stunt driver? How does one even go about trying that? I'm seriously considering that as a career option and any pointers you had would be greatly appreciated!

NickMckinless52 karma

Stunt driving is all about consistency and accuracy. Can you stop on a dime?

Practice. Do LOTS of car courses and get REALLY good at all driving!

recourse933 karma

What actor doesn't pull their punches correctly?

NickMckinless86 karma

Most do...we teach them right and they do the best they can under extreme pressure. They are not trained like us and yes, we do get hit. On Sherlock Holmes though the idea was to HIT full bore time and time again to get the opening sequence. RDJ is a trained Martial Artist and he really CAN HIT HARD!!!

thewitt3338 karma

Did you get to hang with RDJ off set at all? What actors or actresses have you grabbed a beer with?

NickMckinless55 karma

A little. Super cool.

Many. Ralph, Mickey, Kellan, Brad, Angelina, Eric, Keanu, Jean Claude etc etc

thewitt3331 karma

That is freaking awesome!!! You are living the good life and deserve to. The amount of work and training to be at your level must be incredible. Keep doing what ya do Nick!!!

NickMckinless19 karma

Thanks very much!

Temptress7551926 karma

In Sherlock Holmes was RDJ really landing those? How much training did he need from you?

NickMckinless48 karma

Yep. Full bore punches and hits. He's pretty good on his own and Guy Ritchie who directed it is also a great fighter. He helped choreograph that fight.

TheGronkiestCuntOut26 karma

How could an amateur film maker go about performing safe and practical stunts?

NickMckinless84 karma

I wouldn't frankly.

Mikeaz12325 karma

Is burt reynolds your hero?

NickMckinless33 karma

You know it...Hooper all the way!

laskinonthebeach25 karma

What's the proudest moment of your career?

NickMckinless36 karma

Great questions guys!

Do you mean for stunts, filmmaking or strength feats?

00austin24 karma

Did you get a Harley from Keanu Reeves while working on The Matrix?

NickMckinless35 karma

hah! NO!!! Dammit!!!

austinready9623 karma

Hi Nick! Thanks so much for doing this Ask Me Anything. My question is: What was the most physically or mentally challenging stunt that you ever performed in your career?

NickMckinless40 karma

Hi austinready96,

I would say stunt coordinating high level car chases is the most challenging stunts I have had to do. When you are in charge of 40-50 cars at high speed...the pressure is immense!

dudesbroman22 karma

Who is the best and worst actor you've worked with on set?

NickMckinless85 karma

Best - too many...most are great...I've mentioned Ralph Fiennes but Brad Pitt, Jon Bernthal, Keanu Reeves, Sacha Baron Cohen, Eric Bana, Robert Downey Jr, Carl Weathers....all fantastic guys.

The worst - name and shame huh. You know you can catch them on a bad day like anyone ;)

Himalayasaurus20 karma

Hi Nick! How did you get into stunt work?

NickMckinless32 karma

I wanted to do it from a young age. I was a half decent athlete (track and field) and rock climber and had a lot of fire in my belly.

I spent a few years travelling and leanring about life (girls ;)) and then got stuck into training for the British Stunt Register. After that you SLOWLY build a reputation and hope for the best!

Jakeable19 karma

What's the scariest stunt you've ever had to do?

NickMckinless44 karma

Sometimes it's the little ones! I actually rarely get scared...there's no point. But on Troy, after Brad Pitt spears me off a horse, 30-50 horses galloped past me. I was hoping that they all missed trampling me! A few just clipped me. Car stunts are always pretty butt clenching too!!!

PaulOfPauland21 karma

butt clenching. This is a nice new English figure of speech I just learned.

NickMckinless19 karma

Hahaha...you can have it and use it!

theghostsand13 karma

hello Nick, i saw that you mentioned also being an actor. 1. is it easy to jump from "actor" to "stunt" job? 2. how was your training for the stunt register? 3. do you think that the action movie genre (talking about those Expandables style movie) is dying, because of all those CGI movies? 4. what did you think of THE RAID 2? 5. do you plan to film something like THE RAID 2 in the UK?

NickMckinless14 karma

Lotsa questions!

  1. No I find it tough unless the role is basically ME!
  2. The stunt register is HARD! As it should be.
  3. No I think hard core movies will come back. Watch my short film FAITH!
  4. Love it!
  5. I plan to film LOTS yes.

Nesmohten13 karma

Thanks for doing this Who was easiest to work with/train. And who was the the biggest douche?

NickMckinless23 karma

Easiest for films. Ralph Fiennes.

Douche. Hmmmmm....;)

LateralLimey12 karma

What would be your simple tip to keeping fit and lean?

NickMckinless28 karma

Be consistent. Make training like brushing your teeth, just something you do.

NickMckinless22 karma

Simple tips...there's a ton of info in my blog...www.beyondstrong.com...but in no particular order...

  • Supersets.
  • More work in less time.
  • Cut out carbs after 4pm
  • Squat frequently

There's a ton more but for simplicity this is it.

hoopajoop6912 karma

how long did you have to train before you were at the point where you started to work on movies? And how old were you when you started?

NickMckinless20 karma

I trained for 5 years. I started at 26. Most people train for 2-5 years depending on talent and contacts. I knew nobody so it took a little longer.

deevohugs12 karma

Who did you idolize growing up or influenced you into doing stunts? Also, what kind of combat training do you have under your belt?

NickMckinless25 karma

Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and many more. You won't know all these people but the 3 biggest would be Brian Jacks (Judoka and Superstars), Allan Wells (100m Olympic Gold Medalist) and Daley Thompson (Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon).

I did judo and karate as a child (6-10) and then did boxing and brazillian and japanese jujistu. I have trained with some of the greatesr martial artists on earth but I do not consider myself a martial artist because I don;t train it all the time. My martial art is lifting!

Fromaniac11 karma

What stunt are you the most proud of?

NickMckinless20 karma

The jump in my film...https://vimeo.com/70233865

tmfp10 karma

Who was the most frustrating to work with?

If you can't say names, tell us the movie or scene that was the most frustrating.

NickMckinless15 karma

Golden Compass. Peter Pan.

ClassicBolin9 karma

Was it always your dream to become a stuntman or did you plan to do something else with your life, if so what was it?

NickMckinless11 karma

Yes - always stunts, strength and filmmaking for me. Those are my passions!

Mswanda9 karma

Have you ever had a stunt that you were unable to do?

NickMckinless20 karma

Me personally no.

Mswanda9 karma

Just had a look at your website, what is the best character you have been made up as?

NickMckinless17 karma

I don't know. What do you think? Mad Eye Moody perhaps? The King Crawler from The Descent 2?

Mswanda11 karma

Must admit, mad eye moody is one of my fav's as am from the UK so a big fan of Harry Potter. Hopefully it will live on so my kids can enjoy it just as much as me. Must admit, some of the photos were a tad scary! What is the longest time its taken to get made up? and are you able to eat/drink while having it done?

NickMckinless13 karma

I've been in the chair for 6 hours but others have done longer. Yes you can drink but sometimes not eat!

dead_phish8 karma

What was it like to work with Nicholas Cage?

Thank you for doing this; it turns out I've been loving your work for years without knowing it!

NickMckinless10 karma

He is the archetypal movie star! What a dude!! Out there in every respect but a professional.

mojawallatalha8 karma

What first made you decide to get into stunts? Was there a specific memory where you just remember going, "yep, that's what I wanna do?"

NickMckinless15 karma

Probably around 10-11 I saw Hooper and thought...that's me!

subhumanrobot7 karma

In your film 'Faith', was the jump out of the window for real or was there any wires involved?

EDIT: Are actors who put a lot of muscle on for a role ever on steroids?

NickMckinless8 karma

Yes there was a wire but it is very subtle. I jumped 30ft before any decel happens. The impact on screen was for real and nothing was sped up!

stayonthecloud4 karma

When a casting happens of someone who's physically far off where they need to be to play a role, what kind of process might they undergo to get ready? Have you worked with any actors who wanted to do their own stunts but couldn't meet the bar?

NickMckinless5 karma

We get them a REALLY GOOD stunt double ;)

mysteriousdolphin3 karma

What was the most disturbing you had to work with? Particularly in the filming industry.

NickMckinless7 karma

Sorry most disturbing what?

lo0ilo0ilo0i3 karma

have you ever hesitated before doing a stunt and had trouble pulling yourself together? how did you get over it? i'm terrified of heights.

NickMckinless3 karma

No never. I'm usually so well rehearsed that this just isn't an option.

Leather_Boots2 karma

I have to say that I have always been impressed by the various stunt people that risk bodily injury to add excitement to the movies I have watched over the decades. If I wore a hat I would take it off to you guys and girls.

My question is; we have seen many changes over the years making stunts bigger, better and safer through the use of improved fall bags, wires etc and trained stunt people are an integral part of a good movie experience, so what do you see as the challenges ahead to keep you guys safe, without replacing you with CGI once the costs of green screen and CGI drop?

NickMckinless3 karma

It is safer now generally although people still get hurt.

The trouble is CGI often doesn't looks real and a guy hitting the deck hard looks like a guy hitting the deck hard! Sometimes it just has to be done for real! Like here...https://vimeo.com/70233865

coreytaylorneck2 karma

Hey Nick, did you personally train Chloe Grace Moretz and Aaron Taylor Johnson on Kick-Ass ?

NickMckinless2 karma

No...I trained with Chloe for Dark Shadows though.

ashfalls1 karma

what parts of HP7 did you work at? Any interesting stories?

NickMckinless3 karma

All of it...the side car sequence, I was a death eater, doubled Mad Eye Moody and Fenrir Greyback...that was a huge film but sadly much of it is CGI.

bofe1 karma

Do you know Steve Boyum?

NickMckinless2 karma

I don't know him I'm afraid.

GiftTag1 karma

Hello, Nick! What, please, is your favorite ice cream?

NickMckinless5 karma

Haha...funny...I like Rum and Raisin and Salted Caramel...but all ice cream is good right!

johnnynoname121 karma

be honest- how many IU's would someone like you would suggest for brad pitt for when he did "Troy"? 6Iu's ED?

again- "someone like you" and not "you"....this way you can avoid liablilty

Also, Genotropin's for your clients? I love geno's......also, is insulin starting to be used by the hollywood elite ?

NickMckinless1 karma

Brad wasn't on anything for Troy and that's the truth.

I have never prescribed these for my clients. If they want to use them that is up to them.

I would think insulin would be highly dangerous for anyone!

NauticalxDisaster1 karma

I'm curious which film you worked on with Ralph Fiennes? He's such an incredibly devoted actor that I imagine he would be a dream to work with. I think he seems like he would take direction well. Plus, he's just unbelievably charming. I'm secretly hoping it was Coriolanus as it was his own film. Please say Coriolanus :)

NickMckinless2 karma

Yes I worked extensively on Coriolanus in Serbia. We were up at 5am training every day!

Mswanda1 karma

Hi Nick, a wild question - if you could be any animal, what animal would you be?

NickMckinless4 karma

Gorilla or Dog

coniform1 karma

What tricks do you use to maintain your focus and concentration during a difficult task?

NickMckinless2 karma

To me it's the same as competitions. I just get in my zone, think of not success and work towards that mentally.