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Do you have any stories of receiving an item out of pity? Like if they are so down on their luck, they present you with something to buy or pawn, but it is really not much of value, but their hard-luck story touches you.

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My neighbor's daughter stole jewelry from apartment. I found out later that she had a drug problem. If you know that someone is on drugs or alcohol, would you still buy what they were trying to sell?

My father gave me a gold necklace for my birthday one year. It was the only piece of jewelry he ever gave me. She stole this from me after he passed away. I'll never see it again.

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I worked for a major phone company and we had screen readers for our blind employees since the 80s. I was told it was an intense course for months they had to take before they could start working. They saw the same complicated and coded screens like we did, but on a Braille pad. The customers never knew they were blind.

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It sincerely bothers that since OP posted this two hours ago and has not responded to anyone.

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Do you feel that in the next 100 years, the Amish population, as a whole, will increase or decrease?