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How common is steroid use among Hollywood actors?

I have seen how many can gain or lose insane amounts of muscle mass and would love to know if it's really just hard work or a little extra help.

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As someone who just had their dog pass yesterday, this has me in Tears.

Thank you for your service and keep up the hard work and training.

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Just to give you an idea of the dangers. I know your full name, school, previous and current employer, places you worked in the past, the fact you had an Ipad for sale in 2011...Should I continue?

I did this in about 25 seconds. Take the email down NOW

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Other than being honest and nice, how can I get out of the ding I got on the rental car?

What's the easiest way to get a free upgrade?

What's the deal with the insurance always being so expensive?

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Oh man I love hearing from business leaders like you.

  1. People say you learn the most from mistakes. What was your best mistake?

  2. Any amazing turn around stories of you fixing online presence (no specific company names required!)

  3. I adore E-commerce and have built a few sites for fun (I'm an algorithmic trader for a large bank currently) what do you think the next shift coming is? Do you feel people like me (day jobs and selling stuff on the side) is really changing the business?

Amazing to read the answers here and appreciate the ama!