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It depends on what you want for your society.

In Denmark, you contribe to the society alot from paying high tax. I think the lowest tax you can pay is between 40-42%, where as the normal taxpayer is 45-50%. We also got a high VAT on 25% so our grocery are rather expensive. WIth that said, you can also see that on our saleries. A typical standard carpenter here, would get 180 DKK an hour, which is about 300.000 DKK or 60.000 USD a year.

And with all the tax, we dont pay for education (that also includes College/University), our student actually get money for studying (1.000 USD a month), our healthcare system is entirely free. We get part of our medicine paid, the government pay stuff like culture-contribution so it gets cheaper to go to a concert or go watch the movie etc.

We also have a system that makes it almost impossible to be put on the street. We got welfare help that provide you with a decent bag of money every week, so that you can get an apartment, food and clothes.

Problem is then again, high taxes, most americans I've talked to says its on the edge of being communistic and not liberal.

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What actor has surprised you the most with work out for a movie? To eloborate what Iam thinking is, like Christian Bale going from the skinny person in The Machinist to the big bad Batman in just a year. Could be the other way around also

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It's not a fair question, I like them all... well to pick one I would say Shawshank.

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What was your favorite role?

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So you're saying that every skeptic and technical thinker can't, in any way or circumstance, fall victim to or be seduced by a shady organisation?