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Hi Bill, for some reason my computer has started playing up, freezing and opening random pages when I tried to open up this link. I think my computer is excited that you are on Reddit. I just wanted to ask you, what is one of your best memories of meeting a fan?

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Is it difficult to perform when you have camera man, director and all the other people involved that arent seen on the films watching you. And has there been any funny incidents that have happened on scene with these people?

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But why male models?

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Very much so, the United Nations view the internet as a basic human right.

Setting limits on what information / media people can access is not only a threat to our society it is a breach of our freedom.

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In movies of the Vietnam there are quite a lot of references to soldiers smoking weed, doing opium. Did you experience any of this 1st hand? and what was it like in an atmosphere of war?