• I (unlike the newly famous employee) won your heart's over for customer satisfaction.
  • I was apart of 2 major changes including the NBC Universal buyout.
  • I figure there are lots of questions and maybe a few tips I can offer.


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RoyCisneros15 karma

I have a few questions..

1 what is the best time of month/day/week to get the best possible deal on service?

2 do you always give customers the best deals possible? or do we have to say extra stuff to get the better deals?

3 Any extra services/packages we can get for free/cheap? any upgrading reccomendations?

4 Could you hook me up with any free reddit bro code promotions?

HooRaeForHops19 karma

It used to be at the beginning of the month by the 5th. This may have changed. Just state " I would like to speak with customer loyalty please" or "I was advised to speak with customer loyalty could you please transfer me?" when you get to a representative. ESPECIALLY if you reach a sales rep. Freebies are always there. Always. The duration fluctuates anywhere from x3 to x6 to x12 months. However, you can always remove the freebie at the end of its course and add a different one (Or more. I reccomend staying at 2 you'll see why in a moment). Once that/those expire call to have them removed and wait a few weeks and just call back and say "hey you know I really miss my HBO/Cinemax is there any promotions currently running?". There is always a way to wriggle out a free premium channel or some Blast internet. Plus, if you get your cycle down you can rotate and always have a freebie and never be without even during your couple week "break". I wish I had promo codes to offer for reference, but those expire and recycle with the monthly commission cycle.

RoyCisneros5 karma

Appreciate it. lol I'm a cable idiot. my wife locked in wiith dish network, and we hate it. unable to cancel because of the huge cancelation fee. and I signed up for comcasts triple pay package because i wanted the free installation.

currently I have 2 cable services. one with dish network, and one with comcast. I literally use neither because i have no good channels on either. the very basic on both. I spoke with a sales rep about canceling my cable to lower my bill. unfortunately they claim my bill will be higher if i remove my triple play package.

lol I'll try calling and asking to speak with customer loyalty tomorrow see what they can do for me.

HooRaeForHops6 karma

And if they don't you can always try next month to see if anything new has been added. I don't see why they shouldn't be able to provide a double play package for less than the triple play bundle pricing. Give it a shot! Try calling during the morning to mid day or try to predetermine the customer loyalty hours so you don't miss them.

mcgrotts3 karma

I got the new double play blast (TV and 105Mbs dl) and it is a good deal ($60/month no contract). We now use ooma instead of a land line and that $4/month which is just for taxes.

HooRaeForHops2 karma

You scored BIG time my friend. I am honestly taken back by that.

HooRaeForHops10 karma

OH I forgot to add this! If you have a shitty experience you can ask for a "customer first" credit which goes up to $20.

RoyCisneros4 karma

what are some shitty experinces I can list? lol comcast has been decent to me. I just don't want to pay a shit ton for premium channels.

HooRaeForHops5 karma

If you feel your problem wasn't solved, a rep was rude, you were given misinformation, your bill wasn't as promised (like saying a freebie like Blast would roll off on its own and it didnt because it doesnt). Anything you felt was incorrectly executed. If that happens just say "You know I'm disappointed right now. I was told there is a customer guarantee and what was supposed to happen didn't happen. So I want to take advantage of that guarantee." They will/should know where that's headed right quick.

KFCConspiracy1 karma

So if I ask for this by name, how would they react?

HooRaeForHops1 karma

They don't get docked for doing that. They figure if you know it by name and have a reason for it, just do it to satisfy the customer. But if you just want it just because you want it for no reason, that won't fly.

TaxiDriverJustice15 karma

Fuck Comcast. Also what was the weirdest thing to happen to you while working for comcast?

HooRaeForHops46 karma

Definitely some of the calls from schizophrenics. Some of those calls where waaaay out there. Or people just nonchalantly poopin and flushing. I did sell internet to a guy that was spending easily $2500 in porn pay per views each month. He didn't know porn was free on the internet. It blew my mind. I felt like I gave him wings.

ericrs229 karma

Not a Comcast employee but I am a former AT&T Tier 2 Employee. the worst calls were definitely the ones on Christmas Day.

Anyone who didn't have a loved one or had recently lost someone seemed to call us on those days because they didn't want to be alone. Even if they didn't have AT&T they would call us up and just talk about their loss.

Very Sad.

Schizos were pretty funny. We had one call in because she wanted our Wireless Modem to stop sending her signals in her sleep to kill people. We remotely power cycled the modem and told her that it was fixed.

HooRaeForHops3 karma

I know the feels! :(

SniperNero3 karma

You're... a very nice person.

HooRaeForHops3 karma

Well thanks. Every man's a peacock, you gotta let him fly!

ASmileOnTop14 karma

How do they treat their employees? Is it just is they dump on or everyone?

HooRaeForHops23 karma

The sales managers and supervisors are really the only ones that are very blunt and pushy. The monthly metrics you must meet or beat are what stress you out. Plus, if a customer wants to cuss you out or degrade you, you DO NOT have the authority to state something like "sir/ma'am if you continue your abusive language I will have to disconnect this call" like any other call center. You have to take it. Your average calls per hour are very closely monitored. So it's hurry up, nut up, and shut up, and close the deal. The customer satisfaction surveys are also scored against you. Most customers are pissed off at Comcast not the rep. But sadly the rep takes the heat because the customer scored all zeros on the survey at the end of the call. I always rate my surveys fairly when I take them at the end of calls now no matter what call center or company I spoke with for that very reason.

ilikethelibrary10 karma

Most customers are pissed off at Comcast not the rep.

This is definitely true!! But it is so hard to disentangle in the heat of frustration. Important reminder for us all!

HooRaeForHops2 karma

I totally get it and understand that. I felt for the customers it can be down right infuriating calling in. To be fair though, some reps forget that it goes both ways.

Shadow7037935 karma

you DO NOT have the authority to state something like "sir/ma'am if you continue your abusive language I will have to disconnect this call" like any other call center.

Holy shit... I've had two jobs for CRM companies doing L1/L2 support, and if we deemed that the customer was being too rude, we could disconnect and then had to file in some forms. Almost always managers were on your side.

HooRaeForHops2 karma

I really feel if they gave the operator that authority it would eliminate a lot of negativity on both sides. Sometimes you just need to step away from the situation to cool down.

frothewin2 karma

I thought your company threw out all surveys where a customer scored all ones?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

It is a cumulative score. They do throw out many of the all zero surveys (only after your manager reviews the call though) but the problem is some people will answer some of the questions honestly then zero out the rest. Those are what kill the average.

DidItAll4TheWookiee0 karma

you DO NOT have the authority to state something like "sir/ma'am if you continue your abusive language I will have to disconnect this call" like any other call center.

GOOD. There is literally nothing more annoying than someone who drives you to rage and then pulls out that patronizing garbage and threatens to disconnect you and make you start all over again because you had the audacity to say "damn."

HooRaeForHops1 karma

Well if someone says damn I couldn't care less. But some people will go above and beyond to be flat out disrespectful and degrading. They turn it personal not just about the services any longer. I think there should always be a limit to how far a customer or any human in any situation can press the disrespect before they need to go on time out and cool off and try again. It is only fueling their fire by responding. It's like a child having a temper tantrum. You should not respond to those behaviors so they find a better avenue because they quickly learn that method is not working.

knowsomeofit14 karma

Any idea how the execs can live with themselves while offering crappy bandwidth at high prices?

HooRaeForHops74 karma

Yeah, by eating filet mignon whilst giving no fucks.

seraphls10 karma

I will admit, my morals and ethics are pretty strong... but filet mignon is really really good.

HooRaeForHops3 karma

No arguments there!

nineonestreet10 karma

What does Comcast do well?

HooRaeForHops16 karma

Honestly, they do give the techs some pretty radical opportunities to climb up the ladder if they reach for it. Being a field tech takes you out of the chaos of the office politics. Sucks that big brother is a dick, but you are just a guy on a mission to fix the real world end of things.

maxxratt8 karma

I know I'm late to the party but I'll shoot anyway. Thanks for coming on to do this. Though I recently traded in my Comcast Cable for UVerse, I appreciated you guys.

My question is this: Why do the old loyal customers have to keep working for discounts and huge bills when I would get mailers weekly, if not daily, giving away all sorts of good stuff cheap to new customers? I understand hooking in new customers, I don't understand why the loyal ones (10+ years) would have to jump through hoops for minimal reward.

HooRaeForHops2 karma

I brought up the same question many times during team meetings. Makes no sense to me. I always received the "it's just an introductory rate and we do provide other options to long time customers" spiel.

13yoOnA9hourCarRide8 karma

What is your opinion on net neutrality?

HooRaeForHops7 karma

I really really abhor the idea of any ISP determining the extent of any persons access to information. I will fight to the fullest extent to uphold the right of freedom to information. Its disgusting we even have to do so.

mabr7 karma

Are retention agents' salaries dependent on their ability to retain customers that are attempting to cancel?

HooRaeForHops11 karma

Well, you get commission for tacking items on and persuading costumers to enter into a contract. They play the game of promotional discounts - 6 to 12 month step up if non contracted and 12 to 24 months if contracted. A large chunk of those customers are calling because their non contracted promotions are going to expire. Most people are suckered in for a $15 to $25 reduction.....for the first year. Then all of your freebies expire and the second year contract is only $5 to $10 cheaper or in most cases right where you were prior to needing the adjustment. Buuuuut now it has an ETF attached. The more bundles you make, the more contracts signed, the more freebies attached, more money in your pocket. There is a very strict metrics system that can make you sweat towards the end of the month. A lot of people don't want a contract so reps use those freebies for persuasion. Most people forget about those freebies and call back screaming that they weren't removed 4 months later. Then they receive the "Too bad we bill a month in advance for that reason. So you can make adjustments".

HooRaeForHops1 karma

I love that video so much. I get such a good laugh out of it every time. It encompasses some true facts but most are grossly exaggerated. The techs are actually trained well.

hexidon6 karma

Why is Comcast so goddamn slow?

HooRaeForHops14 karma

The HSD, wifi, or the call center response rate?

Minnesnota33 karma


HooRaeForHops6 karma

No! ;)

hexidon8 karma

Wifi. Sorry for being so abrasvie

HooRaeForHops16 karma

Oh you weren't abrasive no worries! You may need to have your channel changed. Not TV, but WiFi channel. 90% of the time it is WiFi channel interference. If you live in a complex or heavily populated area that is most likely the issue I can almost guarantee it. You should look up more online and download a tool to assist you. There is lots of information readily available. Or you can always hit up /r/techsupport :)

Opheltes13 karma

90% of the time it is WiFi channel interference.

Can confirm - I ran into this problem as well and switching the wifi channel solved it.

HooRaeForHops2 karma


Capt_Curry15 karma

Does management actually notice customer complaints or are they completely oblivious to them?

HooRaeForHops4 karma

It is a battle against the daily influx and whether time is on your side that day. Sometimes the customers really do just want to hoot and holler because they need someone to talk to or they are just a grumpy old bag and want to be downright rude and escalate that to an hour long call. Sometimes it is a legitimate complaint that a supervisor will truly attempt to remedy. But the supervisors can only go so far and do so much. They aren't granted much more authority beyond their approval for credits. But even those are within a set limit before they do get looked at by the higher ups at corporate. Ultimately, if it is a credit within reason or a simple billing dispute they can handle it, but service satisfaction complaints can only be emailed to a portal. And you can imagine how many of those emails are pressed out for review. The wait may be 2 min on a good day or it may be necessary to leave a message for a supervisor the next. The supervisors are pretty good about trying to satisfy the customer to retain them though. And Comcast does have an extensive notation system that documents when anyone touches your account. Always mark down dates and ask for operator ID's so when you do have the opportunity to speak with a supervisor, you make the whole process seamless and your defense will be extremely tough to beat.

Damnskipp4 karma

Do you have horns and hooves?

HooRaeForHops4 karma

Hooves:4 Horns:1 Ima purdy unicorn.

ShowMeYourDog4 karma

Do you love me?

HooRaeForHops21 karma

Watch me now, oh (Work, work) Ah, work it all baby (Work, work) Well, you're drivin' me crazy (Work, work) With a little bit of soul now (Work)

Runyantacoma4 karma

why did you decide to do an AMA?

HooRaeForHops10 karma

The lovely 8 min recording displaying horrendous customer service by a Comcast rep. He was being completely absurd, however it reminded me of what the work environment was like. Plus, they only tell you what they need to tell you. For instance, they told us to NOT reference the "customer loyalty" department. They are essentially retention with a bunch of goodies that the previous rep stated didn't exist! So you get over to the customer loyalty department and they make that previous customer care or billing rep look like a complete bafoon. And you were negatively scored on transfers like those.

EB12012 karma

Do you think that customer service rep was totally rogue or do you think Comcast is to blame for poor training and encouraging their customer service reps to be difficult with people trying to cancel?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

He probably got super smacked on the "Comcast Sludge". Their coffee is crack. They do not encourage that behavior but it was probably the end of the month and he wasn't meeting his metrics. I don't know what he expected was going to happen because he wasn't saving shit. He was absolutely absurd.

GlitteredCunt3 karma

Have you ever had sex with a customer? Or had one come onto you?

HooRaeForHops3 karma

There were many that came on to me (haha not literally). But I think they just liked to put people in awkward situations that they are in control of....like the creepy guy on the bus that has to sit next to you because there is only 2 seats left and asks you if you want to sit on his lap or makes remarks about how great you'd look in lace....and then later asks for dental floss after being declined. And I mean my fiance uses Comcast so I guess that counts? And if that counts in that case, then yes I've been came on literally too lol.

GlitteredCunt1 karma

Wait so you're a chick right.... Cause if not I'm a little worried about people telling you about looking good in lace

HooRaeForHops3 karma

Yes, your assumption is correct. But hey man, if a guy wants to wear lace then more power to him. Whatever floats your boat.

toadkiller3 karma

How do the employees deal with Comcast's abysmal public image? Were there workplace discussions over it? Did you ever get shit from friends/family/strangers for working there?

HooRaeForHops1 karma

Surprisingly no one gave me shit for working there. We were just encouraged to deliver excellent customer service to the best of our ability and were assured the customer complaints that were escalated above our reach we're heard. That was pretty much the extent of that aspect.

WedgeTalon3 karma

Is there any way at all for me to get them to remove that 300GB bandwidth cap?

It's just an unreasonable money-grab. :/ I don't even torrent and I go over by at least 50-100GB ($20 fee) every month.

Edit: I listed my limit higher than it was. :/

HooRaeForHops2 karma

If you enroll in the lowest level of business class service that cap goes away. Many people just go get a cheap business license through their state for something like say a crochet or knitting business and never sell a thing and just utilize the business HSD service.


You actually have to have a business license to get business class internet?

HooRaeForHops1 karma

Well technically no. They ask what you need it for and ask your business name and what not but really all you have to say is that you run a small home-based internet business and they won't bug you at all. It's not required you send any documentation in. There is a contract involved though with business class so keep in mind you will need to stay in a Comcast serviceable area to avoid an ETF. Some people just liked having a coolio or funny name on their bill.

Clestonlee2 karma

Why is Comcast so demonized (I have personal issues with them and I have heard how bad they treat some customers)? At least in your experience

HooRaeForHops2 karma

They want to take over everything entertainment related but lack the understanding that they need to think like the customer. Too much too fast leads to too little in the long run. A small customer base can make adjustments or ideas reality. But when 10,000 different complaints or ideas roll through a day you can't help but become overwhelmed as a company.

ShouldBe_Working2 karma

Why did you quit?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

I wanted out of that busy call center environment. I don't mind office work one bit, but not that kind of environment is too stressful. And they decided to isolate and separate their departments into "excellence centers" spread across the US. I was not about to move to a new state for the sake of my department or switch to the sales team. It was life providing me with the opportunity to move on.

danthonywalker2 karma

Did they provide any benefit of their service to their employees like free or reduced price Internet that's more reliable? If so, how was that service or was it no different? If no different then what benefits are there as it sounds like a stressful environment to work at with little compensation.

HooRaeForHops1 karma

Employees receive the highest triple play bundle at less than the cost of one line of service. Same exact service however. The sales department is where you can make the most $ but that is also the most aggressive department.

qwertyydamus2 karma

What was the worst/best part of your job?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

Worst: Having to be berated by a large quantity of customers for previous experiences when I always tried my best to change or correct the situation. Sometimes it was never enough.

Best: Getting the opportunity to change someone's day, week, or sometimes month. It felt really good to know I benefited someone. There were some instances where someone tried for months to understand a situation and no one took the time to explain properly or in a different way because they were worried about their handle time. Or finding out that hey, the customer was right all those months back and deserve a $150 credit. Or helping out a kiddo get his XBOX up and running. Sometimes people would call on holidays or after the passing of a relative and had no one to talk to. Sometimes I couldn't lower the bill but could lend an ear and some comforting words and offer free HBO and Starz so they could have some movies to throw on for free. I would create a calender on my computer and remove those freebies for them so they didn't have to call back in and I would follow up with them just to see how they were doing and let them know I followed through on my promise.

sStarz17792 karma

Is there any way I can make my Comcast internet faster without paying extra? Like some tricks?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

Sadly that is something no one can accomplish. The computer coding has to be properly applied to your account. Now for Wi-Fi you can definitely check for interference. I posted a little on that subject to a previous commenter.

motytrah2 karma

What determines the kinds of discounts a CSR can offer for retention purposes? Do they need to make a case to a supervisor or do they have carte blanche on pre-set levels.

HooRaeForHops2 karma

There is set guidelines for certain promotions. There is a shared spreadsheet in the system that outlines the criteria. Some just require you don't have it and you're all set for the period of time it was designed for, while some require a contract to obtain it. The supervisors can only retro back to previously offered promotions if something was goofed up. They have no way of generating their own. You can thank corporate for that one.

razzleberrycrunch2 karma

Ever encounter someone who was down for phone sex? and if so would you have done it?

HooRaeForHops3 karma

I never let it get anywhere near that point. I would have been a phone sex operator if that was my desire. But on a side note, some phone sex operators make BANK. I just couldn't be that serious. I'd laugh too much or get caught yawning or something silly.

JCBird10122 karma

How do Comcast reps deal with belligerent customers? Is there a protocol (ie. rep hangs up)? Have there ever been times where the customer insists that he/she is right, when he/she really isn't?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

You have to take their behavior and try to come to a head and solution. There were individuals that were definitely wrong and felt they were right. I would do my best to explain it in different ways and even offer to wait for them to grab a calculator, pen, and paper to go step by step. Sometimes even then they wouldn't get it. By that point they would request a supervisor and I would have to hang on the line with them until a supervisor was available (I would never let them sit and fester I would check in on them and be honest about the hold time) or if a sup was not available I would organize a call back and offer to have them leave a message as well to vent. We always had to let our supervisor know what they were getting themselves into. That was done either via chat, email, or direct contact.

Krashys2 karma

How often did you see or know about comcast throttling their customers to slow their usage? i feel this is happening more and more and being talked about less.

HooRaeForHops2 karma

I'll copy and paste I just answered this :p " Back in 2007 there was light brought on about that subject. They did admit that they were slowing the transfer of music and video between subscribers when better flow of traffic on the network was needed. But there was an FCC complaint and investigation. Comcast responded by stating it would increase bandwidth and upgrade its systems rather than limit how customers used their service. They then came up with a way to try and limit congestion - data caps. They now charge if you go over that limit. The only time speeds may be slower is due to node congestion, but that isn't a throttle set. They need to have less users sharing bandwith on the network node if that is occurring. "

boomgnade2 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how evil is comcast?

HooRaeForHops3 karma

Well there are plenty of much more evil corporations and individuals that I believe are much much worse, but they are really stepping over the line with their attempts at destroying net nuetrality. So right now a solid 6 in my opinion.

PatATC2 karma

Hi. I'd like to cancel my service. So yes or no, can you cancel my service over the phone, yes or no?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

Haha yes you definitely can. It may be required to speak with customer loyalty during their business hours, but your request is documented and backtracked to the request date. That rep was just mad bro.

CharmingDoctor2 karma

What are the views of the higher ups on how lowly the rest of the world thinks of Comcast? Do they actually care about their reputation or do they just brush it off?

HooRaeForHops5 karma

I do believe founding CEO cared/cares but I personally feel he is probably overwhelmed and drowned by the opinions of his colleagues. There needs to be a dedicated department for personalized responses and they need to gather that data and organize it by sheer amount of complaints recieved. From there they can eliminate the largest problems and work to fulfill the smaller needs/wants. If they do have that department, they need to be wiped clean and replaced by unbiased employees that can start to accomplish those tasks.

HooRaeForHops2 karma

I do believe founding CEO cared/cares but I personally feel he is probably overwhelmed and drowned by the opinions of his colleagues. There needs to be a dedicated department for personalized responses and they need to gather that data and organize it by sheer amount of complaints recieved. From there they can eliminate the largest problems and work to fulfill the smaller needs/wants. If they do have that department, they need to be wiped clean and replaced by unbiased employees that can start to accomplish those tasks.


How do the customers treat you?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

Some people are respectful and others don't quite have a sunny disposition towards Comcast or life in general. Those folks definitely verbally express that haha. Sometimes you are their makeshift counselor for the day.

MattyB4x42 karma

Do you throttle internet speeds with increased usage?

...Or...does paying for faster internet speed actually get you faster internet speed?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

Nope, no throttling. And believe it or not, paying for faster speeds does deliver.

dlpwillywonka1 karma


HooRaeForHops2 karma

Back in 2007 there was light brought on about that subject. They did admit that they were slowing the transfer of music and video between subscribers when better flow of traffic on the network was needed. But there was an FCC complaint and investigation. Comcast responded by stating it would increase bandwidth and upgrade its systems rather than limit how customers used their service. They then came up with a way to try and limit congestion - data caps. They now charge if you go over that limit. The only time speeds may be slower is due to node congestion, but that isn't a throttle set. They need to have less users sharing bandwith on the network node if that is occurring.

skoorbevad2 karma

Honestly, in terms of service, things have been pretty positive with Comcast for me. I consistently get a speed over what I'm paying for, and rarely have outages (in a suburban area). My problems have historically been quality of customer service.

I feel like it's a crap shoot if you call in with the simplest question. Either the person on the other end completely has no idea what you're talking about or what to do about it, or can't fix it. I feel like every time I engage with Comcast I have to utilize their executive service to get the simplest of tasks completed.

From your impression, was Comcast self-aware of how bad their customer service was in general?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

Most representatives are aware of it and are just as frustrated. I think when they attempted to centralize their call centers they were trying to eliminate misinformation spread across so many different regions. Now they are just making up for the skills that were lost when the majority of employees decided not to relocate for the business. I hope it starts to change soon.

Pink_Grapefruit2 karma

What is the best way for me to lower my ever rising cable/internet bill?

I've called before (acted politely) and have had a negative experience and was stonewalled with any sort of promotions, discounts, etc. I live in Seattle and got the vibe that Comcast knows it's one of the few and "best" options in the area so they aren't willing to deal.

I even tried to play the card that I'd like to cancel my service and got the exact opposite reaction to the video that is going around. The rep basically said okay and was willing to disconnect me on the spot.

HooRaeForHops1 karma

Do you have a roommate or spouse that can sign up as a new enrollee? You could just call to cancel to say you won't pay for it anymore and pay your closing bill. A day or so later the roommate or spouse can call to state they can't stand to be without service and will enroll on their own. They will probably give them flack of there is an outstanding balance however. So you could organize to cancel and pay off your bill at your normal time. Just remember they bill a month in advance so canceling should relieve you of a bill.

Pink_Grapefruit2 karma

I do. I'd like to avoid that if possible just because it's an added hassle to return equipment, sign up again, etc.

Do you have any tips, aside from being cordial, to get a promo or lower rate? I've been told multiple times there is nothing better than what I have but I'm paying $135/mo. for expanded cable and 25mbps internet (even though I only get 10mbps). Seems a bit steep.

HooRaeForHops1 karma

Hmmm. I would complain about those speeds. Get a tech to look into that for you when you get the chance. I'm curious, what time are you contacting the customer loyalty team? If it is after hours and you are speaking with a general rep that may be an issue. There should be at least a year contract at a lower rate or a freebie on equipment. Sometimes bundling into the triple play will even lower your bill, just don't use the phone. If they really can't lower it then it may be a dry period for monthly promos. I wish I could see your account and current promos damn it! You can also invest in your own equipment like a TiVo and modem if you use a DVR. There is even a $2.50 credit applied for each device that is customer owned. There is a small cable card fee to slap in your TiVo or cable card ready device/tv but you get a credit and it is than renting and you own that shizznizz. I know that there is 2 or 3 series of TiVo's that get the Comcast guides not the manufacturer guide and get on demand access. But check your area because I think there are a few markets that don't utilize TiVo on demand services.

renasissanceman62 karma

I'm really fucking sick of posts about Comcast. Are you getting tired of everyone getting a hard on for hating on comcast?

HooRaeForHops1 karma

It's the net neutrality issues that have brought them back in the spot light.

sobjecka2 karma

Have you ever worked in the customer cancellation (aka retention) department? What do you think about the now famous recorded phone call?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

I worked in both the customer care department and billing department. I worked directly with retention and none of them were as asinine as that gent. Most of them we're pretty awesome and actually try to help so they can a) save you and b) get off of the phone as quickly as possible to have the best handle time. Their job is to swindle you not aggravate you to wits end.

CurlSagan2 karma

Do you guys intentionally miss your targets all the time or are you really that poorly trained? Is it true that you all hit your heads on doorways a lot? How often does Darth Vader come by?

HooRaeForHops9 karma

Haha the targets can be attained. Some meeples found some sex phone operator smooth talk and do make very large commission checks. They don't share their secrets and everyone is always skeptical. You start to wonder if that is what fuels the call backs for adjustments. If there was any doorways to be had in their centers I'd say that for most that would be a big 10-4. Its like a sea of bobbing heads adorned by one eared headphones. Mr. Darth V isn't really the bad guy he's made out to be. He's really a big softy.

illusivezeal2 karma

When I'm talking to someone on the phone with an issue and they try and sell me something else during the wait, is someone listening in on the call and coaching them to ask them to sell me something? Or is that them on their own just having to meet some quota?

HooRaeForHops1 karma

That is their own selling tactic. There is not an older sibling coaching you along. They expect you to meet your quota and let you determine your own tactic. There is of course a general guideline to follow, but you ultimately get to personalize that outline.

Hazbell1 karma

Did you honestly think Comcast is the best in the business, or were you just working there for money?

Dumb question, I know, I'm just curious.

EDIT: past tense

HooRaeForHops3 karma

Yes, and the free service was nice. I will admit it also felt good that I was upfront and honest and did what I could to help. Some customers went through the ringer and I wanted to help end that cycle. I like solving problems and feeling accomplished. My prior job was a dreaded 3am to 11am shift and I couldn't take it anymore. From there I got stuck in the adult circle of life. Paycheck to paycheck, bill to bill, holy hell where did the time go haha

iplaydarts1 karma

Employee benefits?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

You recieved the highest triple play package for just under the price of one line of service. Buuuut you couldnt be delinquent more than a set amount of times or they would eliminate that benefit.

SPF121 karma

Thanks for helping all of us out. In my area they only offer Charter.

Do you have any suggestions when dealing with them/getting best possible service?

Are the suggestions below industry practices or only good with Comcast?


HooRaeForHops1 karma

We always had to transfer Charter clients so unfortunately I don't know. It's worth a shot to call and try!

TheBoozeKing1 karma

Have any customers ever called asking for decreased ping?

HooRaeForHops1 karma

Hahaha no but it is interesting trying to explain that to the elderly.

fvdcsxaz1 karma

New customers get a 12 month promotional rate for services. I've heard after the 12 months you can call up to cancel and they'll offer you an extension on the promotional rate, assuming you live in an area where there is a competitor.

What if I live in an area with a competitor, but I'm in an apartment that only offers Comcast for high speed internet. Do you guys know? Could I still do this?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

You can always call to discuss adjusting your rate and package whether or not there is a competitor in the area. You can always use that as a bargaining chip by slightly sneaking the switch threat in there. They may want you to sign a contract to obtain a different deal or may have another non contracted option. Keep in mind it may run for a lesser period of time being non contracted or be slightly more than your previous discounted rate.

chillysea211 karma

Last month I signed up for comcast. Since then I have been receiving many phone calls from comcast, half of which no one said anything and hung up on me. I had planned on calling them that day in order to downgrade my plan to just internet to save money. It took two reps, a $2.00 change plan fee and an hour of my time to get it changed. One of the reps offered me a deal that was 'listed on my account', and could save me a lot of money. When I showed no interest in the deal he continued to push on and asked why I would choose not to save on my bill. Said that in order to save on that plan I needed to 1. pay my bill, 2. pay up to 6 months in advance and 3. pay the change plan fee, an estimate of around $300 something dollars... I thought I was being scammed. Ten minutes later I'm still on the line with this guy, and then he asks if I know that my bill is due. Rep:"Do you plan on paying?" Me: of course I know about my bill. I will pay it. Sir, all I want to do is downgrade my plan. That's it. I don't need a deal. Rep: "Well if you don't pay your service will be terminated", Me: "I fully understand that". He sounded agitated when thanking me for being a customer and hung up on me. I then had to call comcast two more times and wait for the next available rep. She explained that they don't offer internet-only plans, and that an cable/internet plan would be cheaper that it by itself. I was offered 3 more possible deals and put on hold. In the end my plan did get changed, but i'm still receiving calls from comcast reps about cable deals. Today I had to tell a rep to put me on a do not call list, and AGAIN I was offered a deal. Im tired of comcast but it seems the media giant is the only option. Why are reps harassing and pushing us like this?

HooRaeForHops2 karma

What in the actual f*ck?! There are so many things wrong with your situation. A) You never need to pay in advance like that. They actually bill you a month in advance so adjustments can be made B) No one just offers deals just because. They want you to stay with what you have. C) You ALWAYS have the opportunity to choose one line of service What phone number are you calling? Is it a third party? Because they don't call to offer any promos, but they do send out flyers though.

chillysea211 karma

That was my exact thought process when trying to downgrade. I think you're right, it must be a third party member. Does comcast sell their information to third parties? Because these calls have been happening for almost a month now..almost the amount of time i've had this new service (im a first time customer). I seen on CNN how a man recorded his 18 minute battle to cancel his service. The number is (800)717-9396.

HooRaeForHops2 karma

I don't recognize that number in the slightest. Yes they do for promotional reasons, but they should never harass you like that. They have third parties like PGE (Portland General Electric) that offer deals/transfer service when customers call to transfer their electric service. I called the number you provided and I don't know what that "reward program" department is. Customer loyalty is a department, but it doesn't have rewards attached to it nor did they have a dedicated phone tree like that. Try calling Comcast directly at 1-800-266-2278. Ask them about that funky number and report the harassment. That should definitely be known about and handled. I am so sorry you are going through that.

fuzznacht1 karma

I may be a little late, but I'm hoping you can answer this..

I live a minute up a hill from a friend who can get Comcast internet, and live on a street that is divided by the county line. One side of the street (Side x) can get comcast, but my side (side Y) cannot, why is that?

Also, what would I need to do to get Comcast in my area? Right now we are running a 30gb/mo wifi hotspot from verizon.

HooRaeForHops2 karma

It is simply node distance. You can place a serviceability request however and it is a simple process. There is a dedicated team that takes care of those requests and they are very on top of things. Sometimes it is not something that can be accomplished, but it sounds like you may be in luck. You can pay out of pocket to have service connected if it is too far from the node, but it can get pricey if there is too much distance.