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Hi Rick,

Can you please explain why Taser sues medical examiners who cite tasers as a cause of death? And why they push junk science "excited delirium" (a once-obscure medically-unsupported cause of death that, though it predates Taser, has been heavily pushed by the company) explanations rather than the obvious (being electrocuted to death)?

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Whoa there. Are you trying to start a holy war here?

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What's the legal status of abandonware? Is there an actual, formal loophole in copyright law for it yet? If not, how is it possible for the Internet Archive to host some abandonware games? (Are they essentially betting that no one will sue them?)

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Colonel, Alabama recently closed a number of DMV offices across the state, but especially targeted towards places where African Americans live. There's not a single DMV office left in a majority black county. This is especially concerning considering Alabama has required a government issued photo ID to vote since 2011.

Do you think this is acceptable? If not, would you support legislation at the federal level to address it?

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It was only after the Khrushchev speech in 1956

For those of you who don't get the reference: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Cult_of_Personality_and_Its_Consequences