Hey reddit, my name is Steve Sims. I am the founder of “Bluefish” an exclusive lifestyle, concierge, and travel service for corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and other discerning individuals.

We’ve arranged everything from supersonic military jet flights in Russia, submersible dives in the Atlantic Ocean to view the Titanic, sunsets in the Serengeti, deep-sea dives with great whites, performing with rock stars, to flights into space for our clients.

I thought reddit might be interested in my company, some of the crazy things we’ve arranged, how these types of services work, or what people are planning next. AMA!

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Snowman5027 karma

How did you get the connections to hook up your clients? The giraffe client for example, do you just say "yeah I got central African wildlife guy upstate" and then place a call? I assume your previous work got you these connections...

steve_sims28 karma

the more i do the more doors it opens, i may not need that connection for years yet I'm always staying in touch till i do - you never know

m-cameron22 karma

What was the most bizarre/ inappropriate request youve gotten?

What was the most expensive trip anyone's ever take ?

steve_sims45 karma

2 answers there, 1. we had a client wanted to detonate a nuclear warhead - we said no 2. space travel is currently being offered to the international space station at $75million

m-cameron12 karma

Did you decline to detonate the warhead for ethical reasons?

Or was it just just to difficult to arrange?

steve_sims31 karma

we don't do anything for power or to harm others

montemonte31621 karma

What is the most crazy thing someone has requested? Thanks

steve_sims24 karma

i was just telling someone but last week got a client a Giraffe !

Semrelum10 karma

How is that the craziest thing to be requested?

steve_sims18 karma

it wasn't, it was just another abnormal thing requested - after a while nothing is too crazy

montemonte3164 karma

I was expecting midget hookers or something.

steve_sims22 karma

heheheh - we have been asked for the midget hookers!!!

SnowWhiteMemorial2 karma

I found a good site that sent my brothers party a midget hooker.... Can't recommend them enough. TIL Get a man a midget stripper, and he can die happy.

OhHelloPlease2 karma

Where were you when I went to Vegas last year?

SnowWhiteMemorial3 karma

The site is www.SexyStripperParty.com but I think they are only in New York, Texas, Florida and New Jersey. But they did have some crazy tiny strippers.

ChristyElizabeth5 karma

I KNOW WHAT I'M BUYING MY FRIEND FOR HIS BIRTHDAY! Thank you magical internet stranger.

steve_sims2 karma


steve_sims15 karma

we also stuck a client live on stage with the rock band Journey - http://www.thebluefish.com/dan-fitzpatrick-sings-with-journey-thanks-to-bluefish

skipjim20 karma

I've done purchasing /sourcing work for the last 10-12 years, I'm jealous, your work actually sounds like a lot of fun.

You hiring? :-D

steve_sims18 karma

it is and yes - always

steve_sims15 karma

but its also mind zapping - you work 24/7 and get it done no matter what it takes, that kills most new recruits - its not all glitter and hollywierd

skipjim7 karma

I understand. I've been having far too many late night chats with our people overseas lately, it gets tiring after a while.

steve_sims11 karma

chats don't pay the bills!

kylesfromspace25 karma

neither does love, but it's still important

steve_sims7 karma

well said

Jux_7 karma

Your page doesn't have a "careers" section that I could find. Just send a resume via email?

steve_sims2 karma


nicsicx18 karma

Do you have any need for staffing for Executive Protection? I've protected government officials and the like in Afghanistan and looking for a job that allows for traveling :)

steve_sims12 karma

reach out to us via our website

AzeTheGreat14 karma

Do you find that the richer clients have a tendency to be more demanding, less flexible, and overall less pleasurable to work with?

steve_sims18 karma

sometimes richer clients are tighter with their cash, the wildest stuff i have done are for people that have the passion

mead8012 karma


steve_sims10 karma

i don't but some events i have done and met up with clients like Victoria Secrets show, Grammys, Titanic - the usual fun stuff

Semrelum12 karma

So, bluefish does seem to exist. Lots of articles and videos from different places... But what is the proof that you are Steve Sims?

steve_sims14 karma

what proof do you need - I'm british, bald and ugly :)

steve_sims10 karma

I'm off to do cool shit - ill check back later - thanks!

Rezrat899 karma

Have you ever used your companies connections in your free time? If so what is the craziest thing you have done?

steve_sims13 karma

i don't have free time - this is my life and yes I'm traveling all the time having fun

Rezrat898 karma

Traveling must be so much fun!Hypothetically though,what awesome thing would you want to do?

steve_sims13 karma

after 18 years i love any moment with my family. last month i was with them in London, Florence & Toronto all for "business" so lives pretty damn good :)

Rezrat893 karma

That's pretty cool man, thanks for your answer! :)

steve_sims7 karma

honestly its been a pleasure - i have never done this before and its cool!

karmanaut8 karma

Could you please provide some additional proof, like adding a note to your website that links to this AMA?

karmanaut10 karma

That's a description of what you do, though. That doesn't prove that you are doing an AMA. I could link to an article about Joe Biden, but that doesn't prove that I'm the Vice President.

We need something that shows that you are who you claim to be, like a note added to your website. The only person who could add that would be you, or someone who works for you.

steve_sims12 karma

just posted it on our Twitter and Facebook pages - hope that helps

karmanaut6 karma

That's fine, thanks.

steve_sims8 karma

more than a pleasure, its my first time here and been fun - how did i do?

karmanaut3 karma

Looks like you're answering everyone's questions, which is exactly what we want.

joetromboni5 karma

I want to be Joe Biden

globotech7 karma

Yeah, how much for Joe Biden guy?

steve_sims9 karma

everything has its price :)

steve_sims8 karma

i just posted on my marketing page https://www.facebook.com/UglySims

steve_sims2 karma

have fun :)

revenge-dough7 karma

Whose the most notable person you've done an a service for?

steve_sims20 karma

if i named the person thats the last time i would work for them :(

sddulaney7 karma

If you were a Bluefish client, what is one thing you'd like your company to arrange for you?

steve_sims9 karma

hmmm, never had that question - peace and quiet i think (for maybe about 1 hour then i would be bored :))

DirectorOfPwn6 karma

What is the strangest thing a client has ever asked you to arrange?

steve_sims14 karma

detonate a nuclear warhead - wanted no part of that for so many reasons

DirectorOfPwn10 karma

On the flip side of that, what is the lamest thing someone has requested? :D

steve_sims29 karma

drunk client outside a club screaming - "get me in!!"

arcticrider3 karma

So do clients have your company on some sort of retainer? Or are most of you clients' requests one and done?

Also, just out of curiosity, what does it cost a client for you to get them in a club?

steve_sims4 karma

our membership is $5000 per year

Snowman506 karma

What's your company's cut on this stuff, or more specifically, how do you price it? When dealing with the ultra-wealthy I assume your margins are quite nice, yes?

steve_sims8 karma

they are and thats my secret sauce - its based on how much time and how exclusive it is


Any notable celebrities you have worked with?

steve_sims4 karma

there are tons of pics on my Facebook etc yet we never name names

ziolanty5 karma

What's the most expensive request you've ever gotten?

steve_sims12 karma

strangely space travel is $75m but not the most fun to plan - its not always the most expensive that tuns out to be the most enjoyable

CaptainGreezy2 karma

How much availability for ISS trips actually remains? Is Roscosmos still holding vacant Soyuz seats for tourists or are they effectively accepting multi-million dollar bribes to bump Kosmonauts off their assigned Expeditions? $75M seems quite an increase from the reported $20M that Tito and Shuttleworth paid.

steve_sims3 karma

the price has lept as only route till Ellons trip is through the Russians

srkrnprsd4 karma

Has anyone died on a strange request? If yes then how did you handle it?

steve_sims10 karma

nope, thank fully

itsyaboyaccountt12344 karma

Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

Do you ever feel some sort of guilt or emptiness inside, seeing as how you spend your life entertaining the new aristocracy of humanity, composed of narcissistic rappers, wall street scam artists and sport stars?

Do you ever wonder if the resources spend on entertaining a select few who managed to suck money out of their fifteen minutes of fame could have been used for better purposes?

steve_sims9 karma

I'm happy to answer this as i don't work for those, if you think those with money all earn it by fraud then you are mistaken - i work with those with a passion and means

DirectorOfPwn5 karma

Well aren't you just peachy.

steve_sims4 karma


gotthelowdown3 karma

After working with so many clients over the years, are there certain "personality types" you encounter over and over again? Can you describe them?

P.S. I first heard about your service in this discussion thread:

AskReddit: Wealthy redditors, what are some services or products you pay for that the common man might not know exists?

steve_sims2 karma

I will say 99% of my clients are self made entrepreneurs - very interesting crowd

m-cameron3 karma

Is there any project you've always wanted to do, but no one has ever requested?

steve_sims3 karma

i hate boredom and thankfully clients keep me stretching so i don't have time for my own imagination to step in but love a good challenge

Supermansadak3 karma

How did you start your company?

steve_sims4 karma

no idea, just started doing this - would love to give some smart answer of how i saw the niche but nope

hollyplum2 karma

This is my question.. Did you start doing this sort of thing & realise the business potential? What was your first job?

steve_sims2 karma

correct, it started as i just like to get like minded people in the same room - it grew from there

anamelikenoneother3 karma

I know you're gone from this AMA, but if you can see it past these whiney brats who want you use your AMA as an opportunity to air their grievances against some invisible spector that apparently stole all the opportunity on the world and gave it to the rich, would you mind telling us how you got into such an unusual business? The idea of making people's wild ideas come true seems like a cool business to be in.

steve_sims6 karma

actually i came from a very working class family and those values have never left me, many people think as you gain money you become special - fact is most new money comes from people who earn it and just want to try new stuff with out the pomp often given out as the price tag grows - i just call it as i see it!

anamelikenoneother2 karma

What lead you into this particular industry though? Did you get introduced to the idea from someone else/another job? How long did it take you to really get the business rolling and feel like you had the real thing? What's your business background like?

steve_sims2 karma

i was a bricklayer and used to work on the door for clubs, i started watching different people and what they wanted from that great position

Ehlmaris3 karma

I want to know more about BlueCause. Are there any particular charities you're supporting with this, or can donors/customers pick which charity their money goes to?

steve_sims5 karma

we are getting celebs to donate experiences and they pick the chariety were 100% of the proceeds go to - its super cool

iamkj3 karma


steve_sims3 karma

depends on standard of girls and where :)

iamkj3 karma


steve_sims3 karma

could work, yep but why? often the reason will be asked and thats the breaking point

hdvcxnyt3 karma

Can you arrange a marriage, and if so how much would that cost?

steve_sims3 karma

ill pass on that one yet there are sites - good luck :)

steve_sims2 karma

I'm out in 5 mins - any other questions?

ThatSteeve2 karma

Why bluefish?

steve_sims2 karma

used to be a password into my private party, password was "1 fish, 2 fish, red fish,....."

ThatSteeve2 karma

Lol... Not sure what I expected... That wasn't it. I had ruled out Dr. Seuss in favour of something darker or deeper!

Thanks for the answer & a 23 skidoo to you!

steve_sims2 karma

nothing deep about me :)

ThatSteeve3 karma

You must be new to reditt.. That statement could get you interesting PMs. ;)

steve_sims3 karma

hmmmm, could be interesting

vilani2 karma

You guys are like the company on the Dan Brown book, 'Inferno'? If someone wants to get lonely and not be found to work on a evil plan... would you do?

steve_sims2 karma

just read that book while in Florence - same idea just less sinister :)

Snatchmo2 karma

What are a few requests you have fulfilled that are actually very unique and accessible to common folk that we may not have realized?

steve_sims10 karma

to be honest some people come to me and i keep it simple, the ask for the most romantic thing for their partner and we arrange a picnic in a park - keep it simple and use thought - that always wins

Snatchmo3 karma

What I mean is like your example of flying in military jets in Russia(by the way, how much does this cost?!). Something that people can actually do but haven't considered. Any other examples similar to jet flying in Russia or visiting the Titanic?

steve_sims13 karma

you can fly jets in Russia from $3,500, Titanic is $60k and next dive is planned for 2015. have you visited http://tasteofblue.com thats our other site site that dosnt require membership but has cool ideas

manyukin2 karma

How much for a 24 hour trip to space?

steve_sims2 karma

space is 5-7 days and currently $75m

beingand2 karma

Refusing to detonate a nuclear bomb is a no brainer, but how do you handle more morally ambiguous requests from wealthy clients? You "don't do anything for power or to harm others," but you mentioned "midget hookers" and getting a client a giraffe? I'm assuming confidentiality is important to your clients. But I am hoping there is a system in place to ensure no harm comes the 'wishes' and that said 'wishes' do not violate the law? Care to elaborate or share a code of ethics?

steve_sims6 karma

you can sense if clients want it for fun and those that are just trying to showoff - thats the first sign

MisterE2k142 karma

Did you ever have any clients who earned their income illegally (drugs, bank robbery)? Of course, they probably will not tell you flat out, but did you ever suspect such?

steve_sims3 karma

not sure anyone would ever admit that but we are very careful with who we accept as clients

m-cameron2 karma

Is there any request that you've fulfilled that you will never offer to do again?

steve_sims4 karma

I'm always careful from the start so thankfully no

mm16882 karma

What are some requests that you received that you were unable to deliver on? Either because they were too outrageous or just not possible etc.

steve_sims6 karma

detonate a nuclear warhead - wanted no part of that for so many reasons

nyyou2 karma

any trips or adventures in teh works you can tell us about?

how long does the planning process take?

how long does the client have to give you in advance to get something in order? can i just call drunk and say "i want to go to space in an hour" and you'll make it happen?

steve_sims5 karma

we often don't have too much time to plan, World Cup has us slammed at present with tickets, partys etc

Caveed1 karma

What kind of pricing is there?

How much would it take to get to play with a famous band? (Metallica, for example)

steve_sims2 karma

depends where, are they touring or is this in the studio yet i would say anywhere from $75k

Brozco1 karma

Who is the most famous person who you had to do work for?

steve_sims1 karma

can't say - thats the secret sauce

Sabal1 karma

How do you get started in starting such a niche company? I mean it's not as if you were born with so many connections. And even if get those connections and build on them it must have been hard to connect them in a way for them to provide you services?

steve_sims2 karma

true, start small and be a man of your word - just get it done

i started small and the stuff grew, 18yrs later and its been a cool ride

m-cameron1 karma

What is the most nervous/ afraid on a job?...

steve_sims2 karma

i have gone into some clubs and private doors that have had me a little nervous :)

but its the nerves that let you know your alive!!

m-cameron2 karma

" Some clubs".... " private doors"...Oh I know there is more to this story....

steve_sims8 karma

a lot more but thats over whisky that those stores come out :)

General_Haz1 karma

What were the top 5 most challenging requests you have completed? What requests have you not been able to complete?

steve_sims3 karma

top 5, in no precise order Sing on stage with rock group Journey get a Giraffe have a client at a royal tea party attend a private party in Monaco with Royals Drive a current Formula 1 car

General_Haz2 karma

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

steve_sims2 karma

glad you like them

2pacpsu1 karma

How much do your services typically cost and what is the single most expensive service you have provided for a client?

steve_sims2 karma

ranges from thousands to millions

spoinkaroo1 karma

Why are you doing this AMA?

steve_sims7 karma

like doing stuff i have never done before

NorbitGorbit1 karma

Which areas do you need contacts or procurers in but can't, for whatever reason, get?

steve_sims3 karma

sources are gold and should be treated as such, we are always looking for new and special access

NorbitGorbit1 karma

who are your competitors? what offshoots from your core business would you like to try, but they won't let you, yet?

steve_sims2 karma

i have many but thankfully my company has launched magazine's, credit cards and online bucket dream company http://tasteofblue.com and soon our philanthropic arm http://www.bluecause.com

typicallydownvoted1 karma

rich, famous, and adventurous.

don't they just need to be rich?

steve_sims1 karma

nope, we do cool stuff from a couple of thousand bucks

jax126221 karma

How do you handle illegal or ethically gray stuff? Like prostitutes or something.

steve_sims2 karma

we say no!

lululucia1 karma

I think this is the most awesome ANA ever. Cool job you have.

Do you often work with women or its mostly men? Whats the most requested thing between the women?

steve_sims1 karma

a good 50/50 of the requests, no specify gender calls us more and thanks for the compliments

getityetquestionmark1 karma

Since your job is just calling people and asking how much to send "add tool here" to space... Why can't I, some nobody, start my own business to compete against yours? All I have to do is offer a smaller fee.


steve_sims1 karma

go ahead - have fun :)

Thebrownhobbit0 karma

  1. What's a typical day like for you?

  2. How rich?

  3. Best story

4.worst client story

5 . why did you decide to start this kind of business.

  1. How demanding are your client's

steve_sims1 karma

i didn't decide, it found me - i just fell into doing this and lets be honest i get to play ever day!!

steve_sims1 karma

wow - long interview, 1. wake drink coffee and check e-mails 2. get it done!