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SnowWhiteMemorial73 karma

Last time I lost a bike; I locked it to a pine tree. Someone just cut the tree down :/

SnowWhiteMemorial22 karma

I can't own a bike for a week without it getting stolen... What do you do around the world to prevent getting you're bike taken?

SnowWhiteMemorial3 karma

The site is www.SexyStripperParty.com but I think they are only in New York, Texas, Florida and New Jersey. But they did have some crazy tiny strippers.

SnowWhiteMemorial3 karma

Man thank god someone is saying this...

SnowWhiteMemorial2 karma

I found a good site that sent my brothers party a midget hooker.... Can't recommend them enough. TIL Get a man a midget stripper, and he can die happy.