Been in LA the last 4+ years working my way up on many exciting shows like Marrying The Game, Basketball Wives, Supernanny, Playboy Channel's Swing, X Factor, Next Iron Chef and more.

I've also done a number of commercials and web content including skits for Funny or Die and shooting/editing for YouTube channels like Strawburry17, Joey Graceffa and my own called Brooks Show.



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paulvs8822 karma

How much of what you film is "fake reality"?

brooks1836 karma

Knew this one was coming. From our end we just set up the scenes and shoot. Sometimes producers feed them things to talk about but I would say if anyone is "faking it" it's the cast and how they decide to act that day. You can tell if someone has an agenda and it's not natural.

kingsweight21 karma

Is Patti Stanger really a bitch?

brooks1833 karma

To many people yes, but she's actually pretty cool with camera guys. I mean she never even said hi to me for the first few weeks. Which I would prefer to how she treats assistants and producers.

PhotoTard2 karma

Any truth to the rumor that her nickname is "Stanker"?

brooks183 karma

I never heard that actually

coreybb1 karma

Producer here on Matchmaker. Oh Brooks! This is funny.

I am a producer and she treats me just fine. You just need to be on point because she knows her shit. And no one I know calls her Stanker. She's very savvy and what you see on TV is no accident. She is no dummy. She can be difficult at times but she is the star of the show and it's all on her shoulders so imagine how you would act.

brooks181 karma

I would act nice if I was getting paid that much

coreybb1 karma

That's why you get paid the big bucks!

brooks181 karma

I wish!

tokinpenguin14 karma


brooks188 karma

Save up and move to a city good for the industry like LA or NYC. Get any entertainment job you can, looking for something close to production. Once you get your first PA gig you can ask around and work your way into the camera department.

countvoncastro9 karma

To be honest, working on reality and wanting to be a Cinematographer are two very different worlds. The way reality works compared to narrative are very different. If you ever do join the union, you would be joining as an operator coming from reality and wouldnt be able to go out and work as a DP. (Plus its a several thousand dollar difference in joining fees to be a DP). If you want to do Narrative, avoid reality and its quick money, because it has a low cieling of what you can do with it and were to go. I would suggest craigslist gigs at first for short films, indies amd videos. Do your time workin for free, and try and work in camera, electric and grip in the begining. You will want to know how to light, more then how to operate a camera. On any union show, the Cinematographer has a camera operator and Camera Assistants, so they really need to know little about the camera, amd may never touch it. But you will want to know how to light and work with your Gaffer and Key grip. You will want to know how much light output each unit gives, the shape and texture and color tempeture of the light, how to control and manipulate it, and the amount of time it takes to do that. You also will need to know how to build lighting set ups so they work for the entire scenes coverage with as little tweaks and repositioning as possible. Reality tv tends to just get exposure on people and lights with basic 3 point set ups that any photographer could do.

Reality is fun for your first couple years here, but its far from working on actual film and tv. It will pay the bills though, and get you prepared for your minimum day your entire career will be 12 hours if your lucky, but usually more like 15, not including lunch.

Humble, cause we always are learning, and a good attitude, cause no one wants to hire that negative guy.

SirMixesAlot-4 karma

This guy knows what he's talking about. I can say this because I have been on the reality circuit for 10 years as a location sound mixer. The narrative and reality worlds don't meet.

Also OP is a "camera op" on some reality and some softcore, and this deserves an AMA? Gimme a break

brooks183 karma

I mean I saw a Whataburger employee do an AMA last week so I figured why not.

SirBensalot-1 karma

As someone looking to go into broadcasting (behind the scenes) and similar jobs to you (what is the official term?), how do I get out there and get the first job? Who do I contact?

Thanks. Also, could you possibly provide any behind-the-scenes stuff? I enjoy that.

brooks181 karma

The official term would be tv production or film crew.

As mentioned before, getting your first job involves calling/emailing production companies looking for productions assistants aka PAs. PAs are entry level gigs that can be in the office or the field or even post. Find a PA spot and then try and move over to the department you're interested in.

BTS? Be more specific.

SirBensalot1 karma

Thanks for the response!

Sorry, I should've been more specific, I was tired and I think I left out what I meant to say.

If you know anything about the 'adventure' shows, ie Naked and Afraid, what are they like? Is it just a cameraman walking around in the wild with the actors? Or is there actually professional equipment set up such as dollys, cranes, etc? Does the cameraman have good food and a nice place to sleep unlike the cast?

Thanks again.

brooks181 karma

No worries! I haven't done an adventure show exactly but friends have. For those it's usually just a cameraman, audio and producer following the cast in the wild. Very minimal so I would say probably no on dollys or anything fancy. Maybe a light at night.

And yes crew is generally well fed and always has a hotel room when shooting on the road. Though the quality of these amenities can very greatly especially if you're in the middle of no where with few options.

Bruugy12 karma

What show had the pickiest cast to deal with?

brooks186 karma

Welp Matchmaker was pretty picky. Patti has been hosting for like 7 years and pretty much gets whatever she wants. And Marrying The Game was pretty brutal schedule wise. The Game had very limited availability but once he was on set it was chill.

liamquane10 karma

Hi The biggest problem for our camerawork has been keeping focus. what's the easiest way to keep it without spending too much? thanks :~)

brooks1813 karma

Hmm I don't know how money factors into it because we tend to use rented gear but as for focusing; I try to keep an eye on the subject and find a part of their face or outfit that will help me get the focus clear. Many of our eyepieces have different settings to help with that like black/white only, zebras and peaking. It's also good to know everything about your camera and lens.

CONY_KONI7 karma

Do you have a favorite "this is comedic gold" moment from anything you've filmed so far? I know some of those shows aren't meant to be funny, but I'm sure you capture some seriously hilarious situations from time to time.

brooks188 karma

Some of my biggest laughs are when cast makes up words haha. They get on a role and then drop something crazy like "litigical" or other nonsense. The best part is they just role with it.

zach2thefuture7 karma

What's the worst injury you've seen on set? Some of the fights I see on those shows get pretty heated; has anyone taken it way too far and actually hurt someone?

...and how often do them ole titties get pulled out?

brooks1810 karma

I've seen many fights on camera. Worst injuries are usually just black eyes though. Hair pulling is big too. Lots of lost weave on the floors haha

As for boobies; yes. Sometimes they pop out or even shown off. I mean when I worked on Playboy's Swing I saw everything. I mean we were filming swingers banging every night haha

meatdome346 karma

If given a chance to be a cameraman for deadliest catch would you do it?

brooks182 karma

Sounds intimidating but certainly! I'm pretty open and welcome any challenge at least the first time around. Only time I really turn down stuff is for scheduling conflicts.

JimboFett6 karma

What is the craziest interaction you've seen between cast and crew that never aired anywhere?

brooks1815 karma

Good question. On one show our crew was setting up all morning for a big party scene. Once ready we waited hours for a special guest to arrive so we could get things started. When she finally got to set she wasn't even ready to shoot, needing hair and makeup done. Our director said "we are ready when you're ready" and she took it the wrong way. She didn't want us to be rushing her haha. Anyways her and the director really got into it. She was rude and then he started yelling "we have over 100 people here who have families to get home to". Eventually she walked out. We waited another 40 minutes and she came back and gave us an abbreviated performance. Very classy.

laffytaffy895 karma

What is Jo Frost like? Are the families on Supernanny really messed up/the kids really bad, or do they edit to make the bad things worse and the follow-up seen better? Basically, is she really a miracle worker?

brooks1813 karma

Well I actually worked on the 2nd Supernanny aka America's Supernanny so I never met Jo Frost but I heard many many crazy stories. She's pretty much what you expect; controlling, demanding and outrageous. Production basically babysitted her as much as the kids haha.

As for the families; they are usually very messed up actually. I'm sure the edits make things more dramatic but I have seen some wild kids. Sometimes they act up even more for the cameras. And yes Jo/New Nanny are sometimes miracle workers. I mean usually the parents just let their kids run wild and give up. So once Nanny comes in and sets ground rules things change quickly.

thomasGK5 karma

Are you in IATSE?

brooks183 karma

I'm not. Have yet to join a union but will eventually.

needvisuals0 karma

How are you working on a production if you're not in any union...

brooks182 karma

Many shows are non union.

needvisuals1 karma

Are reality shows non-union? Im working in Baltimore in costumes.. did House of Cards and Turn in Richmond Va

brooks181 karma

Most of them are non-union but some of the bigger ones are turning union like The Bachelor or Kitchen Nightmares.

tornadoxl5 karma

Worst and best moments?

brooks1826 karma

Worst: there were some really long days on the road with Supernanny. 12+ hours and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere when you get off.

Best: Filming in Paris last year. Shooting cast in front of the Eiffel Tower was epic!

armand113 karma

I'm a line producer in reality tv. What's your opinion of the recent influx of "12-hour" day rates? I've always thought it was strange as I used to work 10s but anymore 12s seem to be the expectation (at least from my end, working with networks on budgets, etc)

brooks182 karma

Well I'm newer and have always had 12 hr day rates. But from what I've heard the transition sucks. Seems like across the board, reality shows are expecting more for their buck. So camera switches to 12s but gets the same rates and other departments do the same. I mean obviously I would prefer to work less but 12s are still fine.

BigGrayBeast3 karma

Do they ever stop and reshoot a scene due to technical, blocking, or dramatic reasons?

brooks183 karma

All the time! It's usually just a walk up (when the cast enters a building) or broll like shots (beauty shots, action stuff). But sometimes cameras will miss an important line in a scene and producers ask for it to be repeated.

DonnaNobleHasBeenSav3 karma

Have you ever re-watched a scene you know you shot and been shocked by the editing?

brooks182 karma

Yes! haha. But usually its just the score and sound effects that shock me. I mean sometimes we shoot the most riveting stuff and a corny sound effect will just ruin it.

Denarb3 karma

Do you ever get to interact with the "stars" or do they mostly ignore you?

brooks181 karma

Yes totally! I mean most of the time on set we all do our thing and focus on getting the work done but there's plenty of down time and traveling where you get a chance to chat.

IAmZackAttack2 karma

How did you become involved with these shows?

brooks182 karma

Moved to LA in 2009 and began assisting anywhere I could. Eventually got into an office for a production company (because I was the only applicant with a truck haha). From there I asked around until I got on set.

ChristianNeace1 karma

How long did you spend assisting before you got into a production company?

brooks181 karma

Took about 6 months of looking and doing other bs

LilleDreng2 karma

How is it working for (and with) YouTubers? Have you had to deal with anyone overly unpleasant? On that note is Joey as dramatic as we hear?

brooks183 karma

YouTubers are great. Sometimes things can go to their head like any celeb, which makes it even funnier since they are just internet celebs usually. But YT people are very hands on and often more creative than others.

Neboola2 karma

What are you hoping to do in the future?

brooks182 karma

Would love to do more travel shows and see the world while shooting it. Eventually I would like to direct my own show. Maybe make a movie one day.

AlexBerghe2 karma

What's your worst experience ? :D

brooks182 karma

Well I mentioned long days on the road before but another example would be holding a camera on my shoulder all day while running around out in the sun. Nothing crazy just really really exhausting.

Lion_on_the_floor2 karma

Have you (or any of your colleagues in the crew) gotten injured while filming? If so, what has been the worse injury?

brooks181 karma

I've been lucky. No injuries but it does happen

NorbitGorbit2 karma

is there difference in union pay on reality jobs vs non-reality programming?

brooks181 karma

Pay varies greatly depending on the show and your exact title. But in general shooters on reality shows get paid less than scripted tv and movies.

doublebarrel22 karma


brooks181 karma

It was interesting. Funny to see so many people getting dolled up to try bag a millionaire. It really brings out the crazies, and the hotties.

doublebarrel22 karma


brooks181 karma

thats pretty much correct

GymLeaderTom2 karma

How did you get into this field of work?

brooks181 karma

Studied production in college, moved to LA, worked as an assistant at the production company and then asked around until I got on set.

triviaDT2 karma


brooks183 karma

Yes we are! But we also have lots of down time and sometimes we can even sit and shoot. Depends on the set up. Shoes with good support are a must. Some people use insoles. Also knee pads are a must.

HahamemeOKwegetit2 karma

How staged are these shows?

brooks181 karma

Well I kinda answered this before but; we mostly just set up the scenes and the cast comes in and does their thing. Sometimes producers feed them lines or topics but it's mostly natural.

RapsRecipe1 karma

How was working with Game?

brooks181 karma

It was great! He has a very nice place. Don't wear shoes inside though! Then you will see is wrath haha

chazzeromus1 karma

Can you describe a typical lighting setup?

brooks182 karma

We mainly do location shoots and here's our kit; Kino Flo tube lighting, 2 and 4 foot setups, tungsten and daylight bulbs Full Arri Lighting Kit - 2x150, 1x300, 1x650 2 Joker Bug 400s 1x1 bi-color Litepanel Various China balls and LED lighting

Setups are based on the location. If theres a lot of sunlight we may just add a joker to fill their faces. At night complete lighting setups are more common. We usually key the cast with a couple kinos and then fill in the backgrounds with Arris or LED.

It really varies so much scene to scene. I hope this answers and apologize if there's too much industry lingo. Please ask if you need clarifications.

tdre6661 karma


brooks181 karma

Favorite run and gun is the Sony PMW F500. Very similar to the PDW but a lil lighter and able to record longer (it holds two memory cards at up to 90 min each)

Least favorite: any of the DSLR like cameras are a bitch to run around with. While light, their elaborate rigs are bulky and uncomfortable.

AC to Shooter can take a while; 2-3 years typically but sometimes quicker or much longer ha

tdre6661 karma


brooks180 karma

Not that I know of. Sorry.

moonPool1 karma

Interesting no one has asked you about gear- what's your typical rig? Do you have audio or is that a separate person with a boom? Do you have a favorite camera?

brooks181 karma

Lately the Sony PDW-F800 has been our most used camera. See here

We also use the Canon 5D regularly, usually for b roll.

There is a separate audio mixer with a boom who records to his rig that is typically a 788t. See here

Audio also transmits sound to the camera in most scenes.

My favorite personally is the 5D. I use it for great beauty shots and also for all my personal projects.

moonPool1 karma

I am an amateur audio guy and that 788t fluffed my muffin. Thanks!

brooks180 karma


Randomjuser-1 karma


brooks181 karma

This question was about run and gun cameras

Supermansadak1 karma

How do you know which lighting is appropriate for the situation?

brooks181 karma

Well you start with looking at the lighting that's already in the room. Sometimes a person stands in and wee see how they look, especially how much light is in their faces. From there we fill it on with our lights. We start with the cast spot. Where they are sitting. And then we fill in lights for the background.

onthearmada1 karma

Did you shoot Parents Just Don't Understand?

brooks180 karma

I did not.

onthearmada1 karma

I just ask because of the other 51 shows. Cheers!

brooks181 karma

Yes of course! We shared an office with them on my last show.

kylefilms1 karma

Hey, thanks for all of the great advice. I just moved to NYC. I have a ton of ideas but mainly I would like to work my way up production and eventually direct my own ideas. I have a good reference for film, I am working on a portfolio piece this week.

What's your main approach to being an assistant at a studio? Email through their website? Everything? I didn't go to school for film, even though I am considering taking some classes. I am extremely hard working and detail oriented when creating and I know I would be a great assistant and more.

brooks181 karma

Trying calling in and asking where to send your resume for a PA job. Usually production managers or line producers do the hiring.

kylefilms1 karma

Thanks a ton. Will be doing that tomorrow. Do you ever shoot in NYC?

brooks181 karma

I have shot in NYC a few times, yes.

TeenWithPocketmoney1 karma

How much do cameramen earn?

brooks181 karma

It varies show to shows and scripted is different but in reality tv 600 a day is average

ppinick1 karma

Are cameramen usually working 5 days /week or is this just a few times a week?

brooks181 karma

That depends on your schedule. Working freelance is usually day to day but if you get on a full time show you could work 4-6 days a week.

TheObnoxiousPanda1 karma

I am so inspired by your IAmA. I just have a quick question. Is it hard to have a film career, or to work in the Mass Media industry in the United States or it's a lot easier than any other countries?

brooks181 karma

It is hard to have a film career but not impossible. Learning to deal with stress and uncertainty is key. There's lots of high pressure scenarios and also off time. Film/TV can be very seasonal, especially for newcomers.

As for other countries, that's hard for me to say personally. I have have only worked in the US but from what I here every major city has some sort of media/production industry. Some are even comparable to LA including London, Sydney and Tokyo.

TheObnoxiousPanda1 karma

Thanks for answering my question. I am currently taking up a film related course (Multimedia Arts) and hoping to have a job in the future wherein I can do what I love doing.

brooks181 karma

good luck!

TheObnoxiousPanda1 karma

good luck!

My colleague told me that when he went to the U.S for a vacation, he was able to talk to someone who is from Hollywood. That guy/girl told him that it is really not necessary for you to have a film course. A business course is better. What is your opinion regarding that?

brooks181 karma

To be honest no degree is really necessary. I know plenty of guys who are doing the same job and the never went to college. And others who did but studied completely unrelated majors. In this business you have to work your way up from an assistant no matter what, unless your daddy owns the company.

TheObnoxiousPanda1 karma

Because, well, generally you definitely have to apply for a company in order to earn something for a living right? Usually, companies see a person basing from his or her educational attainment. Most discrimination comes from that perspective. Sad, but true.

brooks181 karma

That's usually true but not in entertainment. They are more looking for go getters and people ready to hustle.

TheObnoxiousPanda1 karma

They are more looking for go getters and people ready to hustle.

People who love to explore and try out new things?

brooks181 karma

That helps too!

Rhabdomyosarcoma1 karma

I've seen shows like matchmaker where the cast sometimes gets.... Intimate with each other... The camera shows them for maybe 5 seconds and cuts out to supposedly let them do their thing until the morning. Do you just pack up and leave when that happens? What happens to the cameraman in those situations?

brooks181 karma

On that show, ya we would call it a day. Sometimes we film for longer then shown but we're not like going back to the room and watching them bang haha. There are other shows that might.

jchabotte1 karma

Who comes up with this shit?

brooks181 karma

Comes up with what? The show ideas? There's usually producers who pitch an idea to a production company and they elaborate from there. Sometimes the stars will come up with the pitch themselves.

shredtilldead1 karma

Is The Game a nice guy or what?

brooks181 karma

The Game is very cool. He was hard to schedule with and would flake sometimes but in person he's pretty nice. Very pro.

Dollarama1 karma

This makes me happy. I really enjoy his work

brooks180 karma

As do I, thanks for the Q

SilllyTay1 karma

When shooting the playboy stuff did you ever have to, um, adjust yourself to avoid an embarrassing boner? Was it uncomfortable at first or were you always able to keep it strictly professional?

brooks183 karma

I mean there were some hotties that I put in the spank bank for later but while working it's not hard to avoid. We focus on so much technical stuff its distracting enough. As for being uncomfortable yes, a bit. But I have been more uncomfortable in tense fighting situations. Also being behind a camera kind of gives you this layer of protection.

jamexxx1 karma

How do you stay in shape? I'm exhausted after lugging around a camera and my back kills me.

brooks181 karma

Well I'm not a great example of human physique right now haha, but regular cardio and weight lifting is very helpful. Nothing crazy, but running a few times a week can really help.

zebrake20101 karma

What's the first thing I can do to move my personal shoots from 'good occasional shot' to consistently good work?

brooks181 karma

Depends on what you're shooting. Have a shot for shot plan to start out with really helps. Think about the framing and camera movement of each shot. I would even draw story boards when I began but I'm a horrible drawer ha.

dinosquirrel0 karma

Are you taking full rates on televised shoots?

brooks180 karma


joetromboni0 karma

I have never heard of seen any of those shows. Are they popular?

brooks18-1 karma

Yes. Basketball Wives is the #1 cable show on Monday nights and Supernanny was a big hit for ABC for years. But don't worry, I don't watch much reality myself either actually.

kickababyv2-1 karma

Would you tell yourself and everybody you work with 'fuck you'?

brooks181 karma

I would say that to coworkers but only if I was really pissed, or kidding. As for myself, I say "fuck you" to myself all the time. In fact every morning I wake up, brush my teeth and then stare at myself in the mirror for a good 60 seconds contemplating all the mistakes I've made in life. They I belt a loud "fuck you" and go on with my day.

hertzdonut11 karma

Hey now, you're doing great - it's not easy to get the jobs you've gotten. Keep on plugging away!

brooks181 karma


kickababyv21 karma

Whatever gets you through the day. Although I still wish ill-will on reality shows and think that they're single-handedly lowering the IQ of millions daily.

brooks181 karma

It was a joke man. And wishing ill-will on reality shows is silly. If there's anyone on earth deserving ill-will I would would start with murders and rapists. Then maybe republicans. As for "single handedly lowering the IQ of millions daily" thanks for holding us in such high regard but I doubt TV shows are really that influential especially regarding a person's intelligence. If you want to really get to the root of what causes lowered IQ's I would start with parenting and then schooling perhaps. But to blame one genre of TV for "lowering the IQ of millions" is absurd.

kickababyv21 karma

A lot of good points except the part about doubting the effects television of that breed has on it's viewership.

brooks181 karma

Well you're taking that part the wrong way. I don't doubt that TV affects its viewers, but it's not doing so single handedly. There are many other factors to consider like education, environment, psychology, and even diet.

You should know that none of your "theories" are fully proven. I would also consider this; is it the reality shows that are making the viewers stupid or do already stupid people just choose to watch reality shows. I believe the latter is more prevalent.

kickababyv21 karma

Theories aren't by nature incorrect, they come from tangible observations and are formed by logical conclusions. That being said, the effect television has on people is palpable and to deny that is ludicrous. Is it as bad as other things? No perhaps, but I don't facilitate the widespread access of those things either. Your impact is, negative, and quite so. You yourself admitting that it's between: attracting stupid viewers or creating them is in itself an admission to exactly what I'm saying. Hyping this type of thing to the masses is not something I could ever stand behind. You, and more importantly, the people higher than you, are traders in filth.

brooks181 karma

Actually theories are supports by scientific evidence. You're just speculating.

You're clearly unreasonable and are already vehemently decided on this topic. So any further discussion is unnecessary. Last thing I will say is that you're getting closer to the root of this evil at the end there when you said "more importantly, the people higher than you". Not to cop out or anything, but film crew's are freelance, like hired guns. We have little say in what we end up shooting. In fact many times I'm called for a gig and I don't even know what I'm shooting until I get to the office that morning. So to blame the cameraman here is like blaming a cashier at McDonalds for ruining America's diets and making everyone fat.

frambot-1 karma


brooks185 karma

Millions and millions everyday

tosstsalad-3 karma

How do you feel knowing that reality television has an inherently negative effect on union dealings for Crew members in Film and Television?

brooks182 karma

Personally I work freelance on reality shows that are non-union so it hasn't effected me. And I'm sure exactly what union dealings you mean are being negatively effected. But I will say that I've always seen unions as a bit of a racket and loosened their hold on all shows in Hollywood isn't necessarily all bad. It sucks for the old timers but is good for fresh blood.

tosstsalad-7 karma

Yeah; all that healthcare and overtime protection is such a racket. But hey, thanks for contributing to lowest common denominator programming. As someone who works in scripted television; I have to say it's people like you that are ruining the industry with your willingness to take the table scraps production throws you because your eyes are filled with stars. Wake up, you are a scab and your work has no merit.

brooks185 karma

That's exactly how I would expect a union-er to respond. Sorry things aren't working out for you. Good luck to you and yours.

tosstsalad-8 karma

Shit's been great for us east coast boys since you cats started chasing the scripted work out of LA; I just can't wait to see your name on a call sheet as a camera PA when you get nothing but studio lip service for that crap ass youtube channel you're pitching. But until then, I'll hold on to my Local 52 card and pocket my OT while you hunch in a 15-pass changing the batteries on your toy camera. The industry has no respect for you but I'm glad you're content being a reality lifer.

brooks185 karma

We actually shoot out of Suburbans and/or minivans. As for the industry not having respect for me, well the feeling is mutual.

DongleNocker-7 karma

I know this is how you pay your bills, but could you find a better line of work and stop working on shitty reality tv shows that are rotting the nation's minds?

brooks183 karma

If you are offering a better gig please message me. Otherwise this one's pretty tits for me. And I don't think you can blame reality tv for rotting our nation's minds. Maybe tv in general but to just single out one genre is absurd. If you have any evidence to the contrary please share.

DongleNocker-3 karma

Have you watched some of the crap you have helped make? Complete trash and a waste of human/earth resources.

brooks180 karma

I watch some stuff I shoot but not much really. I watch more dramas and comedies.

DongleNocker-5 karma

Then why not work on something that you would be more proud to have worked on?

brooks182 karma

I would if I could. I imagine anyone would want to work on True Detective or Fargo. But those gigs are few and far between. Very rare and hard to get on.

capsule_corp86-8 karma

how does it feel to know you are just making useless crap? as a life's profession i would imagine that would bother me, but hey its something you're proud of so, fuck it right?

brooks189 karma

I get what you're saying but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's useless. I mean these shows entertain millions everyday. Entertainment has great value and that's why people on these shows are paid so well. Would I be more proud working on a movie or TV show that I actually watched, probably but this is a great gig too.

What's your job by the way? Because there are plenty of people in the world working jobs they aren't proud of. I mean I don't imagine a janitor or phone operator going home and being super proud about what they did all day. Sometimes a job is just a job.