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Knew this one was coming. From our end we just set up the scenes and shoot. Sometimes producers feed them things to talk about but I would say if anyone is "faking it" it's the cast and how they decide to act that day. You can tell if someone has an agenda and it's not natural.

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To many people yes, but she's actually pretty cool with camera guys. I mean she never even said hi to me for the first few weeks. Which I would prefer to how she treats assistants and producers.

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Worst: there were some really long days on the road with Supernanny. 12+ hours and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere when you get off.

Best: Filming in Paris last year. Shooting cast in front of the Eiffel Tower was epic!

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Good question. On one show our crew was setting up all morning for a big party scene. Once ready we waited hours for a special guest to arrive so we could get things started. When she finally got to set she wasn't even ready to shoot, needing hair and makeup done. Our director said "we are ready when you're ready" and she took it the wrong way. She didn't want us to be rushing her haha. Anyways her and the director really got into it. She was rude and then he started yelling "we have over 100 people here who have families to get home to". Eventually she walked out. We waited another 40 minutes and she came back and gave us an abbreviated performance. Very classy.

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Hmm I don't know how money factors into it because we tend to use rented gear but as for focusing; I try to keep an eye on the subject and find a part of their face or outfit that will help me get the focus clear. Many of our eyepieces have different settings to help with that like black/white only, zebras and peaking. It's also good to know everything about your camera and lens.