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Free speech protects "hate speech". I thought the same as you until I listened to philosophers explain why free speech is the basis of freedom of expression, and how fundamental that is to things not getting out of control with people silencing each other. When your chosen candidate is in the white house, and he or she enacts hate speech laws to protect say trans people, that's all well and good... But what happens when someone you don't like get electeds, and he or she has a very different definition of hate speech. You left the barn door open.

Look into Jordan Peterson. I say it sincerely and not as a troll. I'm sad to admit that I got through high school and college and didn't understand until one year ago why it's a special amazing thing that we are the only country in the world that protects speech.

Also fuck the government having any more power than it already does, come on dude

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Are reality shows non-union? Im working in Baltimore in costumes.. did House of Cards and Turn in Richmond Va

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Just curious because we dont get any shows or movies that are non-union... and most of our commercials are union also

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How are you working on a production if you're not in any union...