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How do you feel knowing that reality television has an inherently negative effect on union dealings for Crew members in Film and Television?

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Suburbans and minivans? I'm sorry to hear that… we have rigging cars and Haddads. But I guess when you qualify for tax breaks and have, you know, content and a budget, that stuff just comes naturally. Take your karma and go home; it's the best you're gonna get for your 15 minutes of attention- and really all your work is worth anyway.

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Sorry you wasted your breath, but your opinion means very little to me.

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Yeah; all that healthcare and overtime protection is such a racket. But hey, thanks for contributing to lowest common denominator programming. As someone who works in scripted television; I have to say it's people like you that are ruining the industry with your willingness to take the table scraps production throws you because your eyes are filled with stars. Wake up, you are a scab and your work has no merit.

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Shit's been great for us east coast boys since you cats started chasing the scripted work out of LA; I just can't wait to see your name on a call sheet as a camera PA when you get nothing but studio lip service for that crap ass youtube channel you're pitching. But until then, I'll hold on to my Local 52 card and pocket my OT while you hunch in a 15-pass changing the batteries on your toy camera. The industry has no respect for you but I'm glad you're content being a reality lifer.