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I know a family that originally started working at McDonalds in the 70s as cooks and now owns three. They're filthy rich and living in a mansion.

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Well, yes but I mean they had been promoted to management and then were able to run their own once the town expanded and built more.

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But he isn't talking about California. A large portion of states are still $7.25.

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I don't mind it really. I stop at McD's most nights on the way home from work and either get their nuggets or third-pounder. It really is decent near me, although once in a while the fries are too salty. It's only $7, so I figure I put one hour of work into my meal that lasts half an hour. Seems fair.

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Thanks for the response!

Sorry, I should've been more specific, I was tired and I think I left out what I meant to say.

If you know anything about the 'adventure' shows, ie Naked and Afraid, what are they like? Is it just a cameraman walking around in the wild with the actors? Or is there actually professional equipment set up such as dollys, cranes, etc? Does the cameraman have good food and a nice place to sleep unlike the cast?

Thanks again.