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This is great, and I'm happy to see some love for her! I'm hoping to catch her live show sometime in 2016.

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Do you have a favorite "this is comedic gold" moment from anything you've filmed so far? I know some of those shows aren't meant to be funny, but I'm sure you capture some seriously hilarious situations from time to time.

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I just missed getting the colored vinyl from Sub Pop (like they'd sold out a few hours before I tried) and I spent a week calling local record shops on the phone until I found one. I bought it. It arrived. I had happy tears.

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You've been asked quite a number of political questions (as expected), so I'll ask a distinctly non-political one: what Western food do you find the hardest to find in the Middle East? And consequently what food item do you miss the most?

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Historically it was typical for many labels to have a 'house band' of sorts or a collection of studio musicians to use if/when necessary. Does this happen in the metal community? I assume it doesn't, but wondered what your experience had been.