15 years ago, on January 2nd 1999 my sister, Mikelle was kidnapped. A lot of people know her as "The missing girl from Mesa" or the "Ice-cream truck case". We were playing on our street waiting for the ice-cream man when I got tired and went inside. Mikelle stayed outside to wait. She was alone for 90 seconds, and when I returned she was gone. She vanished with out a single trace. She was 11 at the time. I recently celebrated her 27th birthday on May 31st. Her birthday inspired me to create a FB page in her remembrance (see links). I am determined to find an answer. 15 years is too long to not know what happened, who did it, or where her body is. My family and I do believe she passed, but we want to know who took her from us. We want to bury her body and give ourselves some peace and a chance to grieve properly. Someone somewhere has to know something. I am reaching out to get her case going again and hopefully get some leads. We believe a man named Dee Blalock is who did it. He is convicted of various other rape and assault crimes, and is in jail for life. There is no conclusive evidence to name him her killer, and he won't say anything. So here I am 15 years later, searching for an answer for the sake of my big sister. She deserves the remembrance and burial. We need peace.

FB page for Mikelle: https://www.facebook.com/mikellebiggs Proof: http://imgur.com/ueeRr8z

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fuckyes122 karma

I am truly sorry to hear about your sister. I don't by any means think you should, but did you ever blame yourself?

HeyMamaK18 karma

For years I actually did. I did a 20/20 interview 4 years ago and admitted to feeling guilty for 6 years. It wasn't until I got old enough to understand it wasn't my fault and it was out of my hands. There is a part of me though, that still wishes I had stayed. Even though I know that could have resulted in both of us being taken.

Parttimedragon14 karma

What is your happiest memory of your sister?

HeyMamaK17 karma

Love this question! I posted a few on my fb page I made for her but One of my favorite would probably be the Christmas before she was taken. She made me sneak out before our parents woke up, to see what Santa brought us. She was definitely an older sister making me do the dirty work ;) but it was fun for both of us.

Parttimedragon7 karma

That's siblings for you, haha. Awesome! I love the mischievous things that are always the first to mind. I'm definitely glad her childhood sounds to have been a good one.

Kimber, I hope you find closure. It's been 15 years, but I sincerely wish for the day when you can finally know what happened to your sister.

HeyMamaK7 karma

Thank you so much! She was an amazing sister and definitely lived a happy life.

yougetnothingcharlie10 karma

First off all, I am so sorry that this has happened to you and your family. I grew up in the valley and remember when this happened. Mikelle would be just a couple years younger than me so it was something that had an impact on myself, my parents and peers.

Is there any possibility of anyone talking with Dee Blalock or questioning him again? It makes me so sad to think your parents sense that he did it, but don't have the confirmation. Has his family ever spoken out for or against the possibility of his being guilty? I'm curious what their feelings are about the case.

HeyMamaK10 karma

I have recently considered talking to him myself. His wife had an alibi for him and never spoke against him as far as I know. But she could be as twisted as he is.

yougetnothingcharlie5 karma

I didn't realize he was married. He is in jail for some pretty nasty things. Talk about being married to a monster :/

Good luck to you and your family. I think you are very brave and an amazing sister to carry on her cause.

HeyMamaK4 karma

Definitely disturbing! Thank you so much.

tumblrthrowaways9 karma

How do you feel about websites such as Websleuths?

HeyMamaK9 karma

That's the first time I've seen that particular site/thread. That was part of my motivation for speaking up again. So people can be told the exact story and know we haven't given up looking.

plastic_venus7 karma

I would definitely recommend contacting Websleuths and getting them to take a look at the case. They have a history of doing a lot of good and putting pressure on authorities to re-open cold cases. Good luck!

ScubaTwinn7 karma

I'm a member there. They are a great group and will do anything to help. A poster had a family member go missing and within hours posters had been printed and put up in the town she was at based on her thread.

HeyMamaK4 karma

Oh wow! Good to know I'll definitely check it out! Thank you!

HeyMamaK5 karma

I will look into that, thank you!!

Thomas_collard9 karma

i'm very sorry for this horrible event. Do you still have any hope of finding her alive, like some recent cases i heard of in usa or are you just searching closure?

HeyMamaK20 karma

Honestly I don't believe she is alive, and we just want closure. There is a tiny part of me that believes "anything is possible" but at the same time I would hate knowing she's been out there for 15 years going through hell.

HeyMamaK3 karma

Idk what that guy said but I'm glad its give and that y'all called him out! Thanks 💜

bbbrokeasfuck6 karma

I am so incredibly sorry that nothing has been solved. I live in Tempe and remember this greatly as a child. I really hope that someday your family will get the answers you deserve.

HeyMamaK3 karma

Thank you so much!

oGod_ItsEverywhere6 karma

Was any evidence ever found? What led you to suspect Dee Blalock?

HeyMamaK14 karma

I am still working on figuring out what evidence was gathered, I wasn't told a lot of that because I was only 9 at the time. But Dee Blalock lived in our neighborhood, the night it happened his house was searched but they didn't have a warrant for a trailer he had, then he got rid of the trailer so it was never searched. though I am still gathering exact facts on that particular story. He showed up to a candlelight vigil we had for her and he even reached out to my parents while in jail. A lot of times people who kidnap or similar will show up to see the chaos they caused. It just looks like it was him. My parents talked to him in person and strongly feel he did it. Just that parental intuition.

memyself45 karma

This is a little bizarre...but....do you think there is a case for getting children 'Chipped' like we do for dogs, cats etc. geo-chips and the like are so cheap and if it only saves one life (like the Amber alert system) then its worth it.

HeyMamaK6 karma

Interesting idea but the idea of chipping people sounds a little too.. government involvement to me lol

adomaniac4 karma

What would help the most at this point? What, specifically, can the Reddit community do to help?

HeyMamaK6 karma

I guess just "up-vote" to get it on the main page so more people will see it. I want to spread the word as much as possible. We have not given up and we want answers and this Is what it takes!

adamroberts73 karma

Somehow If you had a chance to ask her anything but not of where she is what would it be?

HeyMamaK11 karma

Good question I've thought about this before. I guess I'd ask her what she wants me to do, if I'm doing right by her.

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HeyMamaK3 karma

Thank you very much!

superhotbunnysex3 karma

Did you live in fear of being kidnapped, too, after it happened?

Also, I'm sending you big internet hugs and I hope you realize that this was not your fault. I can't imagine going through what your family went through.

HeyMamaK3 karma

I was definitely far more paranoid and aware of stranger danger after that! Thank you for the kind words and hugs!!

UmbraeAccipiter3 karma

I would like to ask a question about this if I could. You stated you were more aware of strangers. Yet, the research I did showed that Dee Blalock was a former neighbor of yours. Most kidnappings are done by some one the victim knew (as also would seem to be the case here... knew of, perhaps if not know personally).

did you at all have a similar distrust of people you knew, specifically ones that were only acquaintances or friends of the family?

EDIT: I realize it may have been years between the kidnapping and your indication of Dee Blalock as the person who did it. I am just interested if you treated people in general as a threat, or if you were more withdrawn from society.

HeyMamaK5 karma

Just saw your edit. Definitely was not withdrawn at all. More in tune to instincts of danger though. My intuition only grew stronger as I got older.

HeyMamaK3 karma

We didn't personally know him and none of us had ever talked to him as far as I knew. I didn't have an issue trusting friends or relatives but definitely learned that those closest are often involved.

tinyem2 karma

Was there any evidence at all? Seems odd that someone would just vanish. I'm sorry for your loss

HeyMamaK3 karma

Nothing conclusive that they can actually use, unfortunately. Thank you.

ismellpretty2 karma

If Dee is already in jail for life, why do you think he is so hesitant to say anything? I remember seeing this story on a crime show. I sincerely hope your family gets the answers you deserve.

Edit: typo

HeyMamaK3 karma

I'm not totally sure but if he admits it, it could mean death penalty do that may be his reason?

UnorthodoxViking2 karma

Do you feel like the case was handled professionally and that the investigation was done correctly after going over the facts and evidence years later?

HeyMamaK3 karma

I feel like the case was too big for Mesa PD to handle but they did their best considering the situation. They were a few who really stuck by and worked hand in hand with us and really went above and beyond.

T0mc4n2 karma

Out of curiosity, what was your first thought when you realized your sister had actually been kidnapped?

HeyMamaK2 karma

Sheer panic. Confusion. Disbelief. I kept hoping she would come home unharmed. It took a long time to really believe what happened and by that point I just wanted her safe.

smellsliketuna2 karma

I'm nearly hyperventilating thinking about this happening to my child. I can imagine something like this would cause a lot of tension, and could very easily tear families apart. Any observations about how they handled the situation?

edit: your parents are the "them" I'm referring to

HeyMamaK5 karma

I commend my parents for how well they handled it. Obviously it effected their marriage and our family but they strove to keep a sense of normalcy and safety to our family. They divorced a few years ago but for other reasons. They are on good terms though.

smellsliketuna3 karma

You should be proud of them. Something like this could cause a lot of collateral damage to a family not led by strong-willed parents.

HeyMamaK4 karma

Definitely very proud of them! :)

waterhybrid131 karma

What would you give to know the answer?

HeyMamaK1 karma

I don't know, almost anything.

lshic1 karma

did you ever thought about letting a specialist/profiler in the area of nonverbal communication or body language (eg joe navarrio) talk to dee blalock in prison?

HeyMamaK2 karma

I believe they already did that and that's why they think it's him. I'd love to have them do it again though.

anotherlittlerobot1 karma

When I was three my little sister died of sids, she was only a month or two old then, and I have often thought about her throughout my life wondering what would be different if she were here. I wish nothing but closure for you and your family, and I really do hope you get the answers you need.

HeyMamaK3 karma

Oh I am so sorry, for you and your family. That's heartbreaking. Thank you for the kind words.

JohnnyAcesDueces-2 karma

You're really pretty!

And strong.

And courageous.

And i'm sure a whole lot of other awesome things!

I'm very sorry for your pain, and I hope somewhere along the way you found reasons to smile again :)

HeyMamaK2 karma

Aw thank you! I did. Especially being a mother 😊

FearAzrael-5 karma

Why are you doing an AMA?

HeyMamaK2 karma

Exactly what clodiusmetallis said. I figured this would be a good way to digest the word.

Sydarmx-6 karma

Does the women who were found by the black man who were locked in the basement for 10 years ever give you hope shes still out there?

HeyMamaK8 karma

Somewhat I guess but it scared me more than anything

Mikeydoes-16 karma

I admire your strength. I am going to up-vote for visibility.

I was also going to come up with a clever way to say you are very pretty. But this isn't the time or the place for that now is it?

HeyMamaK5 karma

I'm not sure what up vote for visibility means but thank you for both compliments! :)

Mikeydoes4 karma

No problem- I really hope that you get some type of closure.

HeyMamaK3 karma

Thank you!

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Basically, the more upvotes a thread has, the higher up and more visible the thread will be on the main page. =)

HeyMamaK3 karma

Oh perfect! Thank you!