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In 1870 a scientist calculated that the entire surface of London would be covered in 2 inches of horse manure by 1970, if horse drawn carriages continued to increase in popularity at their current rate. In other words...this question is impossible to answer because we have no idea what the future hold in terms of technological innovation.

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This is a little bizarre...but....do you think there is a case for getting children 'Chipped' like we do for dogs, cats etc. geo-chips and the like are so cheap and if it only saves one life (like the Amber alert system) then its worth it.

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Why do you think US public opinion is so keen on pursuing 'BP' for the Gulf Oil spill ? Particularly when it was an American drilling platform that was so badly maintained - that caused the disaster...and particularly in light of 'Union Carbide' disaster in Bhopal... doesn't this appear double standards ? ie: it's OK if it's poor Indian's but not OK if it's poor American shrimp fishermen.

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We're they more attuned / irritated by noise such as loud music, radio etc, which most kids like. I guess that blocked out their primary sense ?

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Do most caskets crush or implode with the weight of earth on them after burial ? I saw a 'Mythbusters' episode where this happened in all cases ?