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Though I am happy to say he didn't get my vote!

nor the vote of many other Oklahoman's who disagree with him, but failed to vote in the midterm.

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The part I like about that is the casual "today"... The most danger I faced today was driving on the freeway, and will be the same tomorrow. the way I describe the danger of my commute the same way /u/KinessaVETPAW just talks about having been caught between two wild lionesses...

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This is exactly why you get a job doing something you love.

Love your job and you will never work a day in your life... But I bet he paycheck is better in murder.

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What is the loss in fuel efficiency for bullet proofing a car?

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I have always wanted to talk to a serious believer of the flat earth theory to understand how they think gravity works. As a bit of a space nut I find it insane that people who use GPS think the earth is flat. the two literally cannot co-exist, but yet, we both use GPS, and one of us thinks it's a lie. Even when watching "serious" flat earthers talk about "proof" it does not hold up to basic math in that area