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yougetnothingcharlie10 karma

First off all, I am so sorry that this has happened to you and your family. I grew up in the valley and remember when this happened. Mikelle would be just a couple years younger than me so it was something that had an impact on myself, my parents and peers.

Is there any possibility of anyone talking with Dee Blalock or questioning him again? It makes me so sad to think your parents sense that he did it, but don't have the confirmation. Has his family ever spoken out for or against the possibility of his being guilty? I'm curious what their feelings are about the case.

yougetnothingcharlie5 karma

I didn't realize he was married. He is in jail for some pretty nasty things. Talk about being married to a monster :/

Good luck to you and your family. I think you are very brave and an amazing sister to carry on her cause.

yougetnothingcharlie1 karma

I love your approach to life and you sound like an amazing Mom!