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Honestly I don't believe she is alive, and we just want closure. There is a tiny part of me that believes "anything is possible" but at the same time I would hate knowing she's been out there for 15 years going through hell.

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For years I actually did. I did a 20/20 interview 4 years ago and admitted to feeling guilty for 6 years. It wasn't until I got old enough to understand it wasn't my fault and it was out of my hands. There is a part of me though, that still wishes I had stayed. Even though I know that could have resulted in both of us being taken.

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Love this question! I posted a few on my fb page I made for her but One of my favorite would probably be the Christmas before she was taken. She made me sneak out before our parents woke up, to see what Santa brought us. She was definitely an older sister making me do the dirty work ;) but it was fun for both of us.

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I am still working on figuring out what evidence was gathered, I wasn't told a lot of that because I was only 9 at the time. But Dee Blalock lived in our neighborhood, the night it happened his house was searched but they didn't have a warrant for a trailer he had, then he got rid of the trailer so it was never searched. though I am still gathering exact facts on that particular story. He showed up to a candlelight vigil we had for her and he even reached out to my parents while in jail. A lot of times people who kidnap or similar will show up to see the chaos they caused. It just looks like it was him. My parents talked to him in person and strongly feel he did it. Just that parental intuition.

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Good question I've thought about this before. I guess I'd ask her what she wants me to do, if I'm doing right by her.