I am a current employee at McDonalds. My main job is to make all of the food and assemble it into what you eat. I will answer any questions you have about McDonalds and the way we do things. AMA!

My Proof: http://imgur.com/ppZN6gm

Edit: Sorry i fell asleep but i'm back now to answer a few more questions.

Edit: Shout out to everybody here that works at fast food restaurants. You know the struggle.

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Edit: I never thought this to get more than 30 comments and to get over 7500 is just unreal. Thank you all so much for the questions and i'm sorry i can't answer all of them. It feels good to go from a nobody to somebody that thousands of people want to know about. Thank you for this experience Reddit!

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TJTal1828 karma

Is this accurate?

kem8961933 karma

That is actually spot on. Our job consists of riding a stationary bicycle and listening to customers complain all day.

OfficerDarkDong1659 karma

Wendy's worker here. I'm sorry you have to deal with the horrible people. At Wendy's we talk shit about customers on the headset. Do MCDonalds workers do the same?

kem8963461 karma

All the time. We put on a headset just to do such and its alot of fun to talk about customers. But its 90% of the time to let others know about the cute dog that just pulled up in drive-thru. If you have a cute dog, you are #1 priority.

TheKookySpooky1370 karma

I worked part time at McDonalds back in the late 70's. They had little time cards that showed how long the item was sitting in the heater bin. Usually it was less than 3 minutes because McD's was just booming back then. Employees were allowed to pay half price for their meals and soooooo muchhhhhh food was thrown out. If a customer sent it back, it went into the garbage. If it sat in the food heater bin for more than 3 minutes, it was thrown out and employees were not allowed to take it, as corporate thought employees would deliberately leave items there for 4 minutes for free food. Everyone rotated having to mop floors, and everyone had to know how to do everything. Once, even a "family" came in, obnoxious but they were really corporate spies to see how employees handle difficult customers (I passed with flying colors). Does any of this still go on?

Edit: I've gotten so many replies about the "family" being mystery shoppers. Back in the 70's at the McD's I worked at, that family was the owner's brother's family, where the brother worked at the corporate office and had his family make the rounds to all the restaurants in his area. There was actually a report card on the restaurant and the targeted employee(s). I was a chosen target before I knew they existed. The woman had 3 loud kids and she screamed in my face complaining about all sorts of things that just didn't seem worthy to screamm about. So, I remained calm, told the woman I want to help her, gave suggestions, got her what she wanted and 10 minutes later I was called into the boss's office. I passed their test and was told never to tell anyone, especially the new employees because this was their way of keeping good employees and ridding or training the bad employees for customer service. Also, they gave me a 5 cent per hour raise after that.

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The timers are all digital now. We put the meat in the heating cabinets and then press a button. When the timer goes off, that means its time to change the meat. We get free meals up to $5. Managers usually dictate who mops and sweeps. Some people are trained for grill others for counter/drive thru. Some are trained for both, but its not mandatory.

Mmm_Booze1278 karma

How sick are you of working at McDonalds?

kem8962443 karma

Hours suck. Pay sucks. Customers suck. Take a guess

lucipherius942 karma

Try setting up a tip jar

kem8961201 karma

Not a bad idea

matrixstar7923 karma

Worked with people in food before... I think they forget you are human. Whats the worst and best you have been treated?

kem8961356 karma

Customers have a hard time realizing that McDonalds employees are human, and do make mistakes. We have been called names, got nasty phone calls, and tried to be fought. But on the brighter side, you get to know some of the customers and befriend them. It is nice to same the same old guy come in for breakfast.

IronMew877 karma

Which of the commonly held myths about McD food would you say are true, and which are false?

kem8961145 karma

McDonalds MythBusters - Give me some myths!

mastermindxs862 karma

How much would it bother you to make breakfast after 11am?

kem8961385 karma

Nope. Nope. Nope. Not happening. 10am is when we begin to prepare for lunch and start to take breakfast stuff back. After 10:30, you are out of luck.

potentpotables0203773 karma

Have you ever incapacitated an armed robber using a mop?

kem8961537 karma

We have been trained in the ancient art of Mop Karate, but i have yet to use my skills in a real life scenario.

69IDontCare96747 karma

What is the most annoying thing that has happened to you at work?

kem8961353 karma

Anybody who orders food a certain way, then after we make it changes it to something completely different than before. It is just a waste of food and time.

thunderbuns2434 karma

The McTenthirtyfive. Fact or fiction?

kem896465 karma

So far fiction at our store. Although i have made one for myself just to try it. Was not happy with the result.

pokerplayerman425 karma

I'm a big fan, I love your food. I usually get a number 11 for breakfast (Bacon egg and cheese bagle) and a mcdouble and mcchicken for lunch. Your food tastes delicious.

kem896578 karma

Thank You. Its nice to get complements instead of hateful insults. I wish you well in life.

TotallyBitchinDude925 karma

Fuck you, you little McBitch.

(Nah, I'm just kidding. You seem like a cool dude.)

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_fmaule413 karma

If we ask French Fries without salt will you serve us?

mongolfiera1577 karma

I work in a McDonald's in the UK and people who order fries without salt are a pain in the arse, especially when we're busy. We salt all the fries and so if someone orders them without salt, we have to fry some fresh, clean out the fry station, clean the fry scoop and hope to god that someone doesn't put the fries in and salt them if we're away from the station temporarily. I've had this happen and it's a pain in the McPenis.

Edit: To all of the people saying we shouldn't salt the fries, they're too salty anyway, put them from the basket straight into the box etc. The correct way to do it is as mentioned above, and every basket of fries should have one shot of salt from the accusalt dispenser (held approx. 20cm above the fries) so as to distribute 2.5g of salt.

Also, we do still serve the Big Breakfast. :)

kem896804 karma

We share the same pain. Most of the time customers will start to get angry because of the time it takes, even after we explain that its going to take a couple extra minutes.

kem896255 karma

Yes but you will have to wait. We need to make more fries because we instantly salt them as soon as they cook.

jalabapeon335 karma

How are the cookies and muffins made?

kem896534 karma

Cookies come semi-baked in a box that we stick in the freezer. We bring them out and set them on a baking sheet that we stick in a oven that has pre set times for everything.

iamtomb332 karma

Have you had any weird special orders you've had to make? If so what was it?

kem896680 karma


ThermalExhaustPort374 karma

This happened to me at my first job at McDonalds. Except with a double cheeseburger. It ended up costing him about $5 for a fucking cheeseburger.

kem896749 karma

And it seems that every shift i work, some idiot (being serious or not) orders a cheesburger with no cheese.

a_white_rabbit319 karma

Could you take a picture of a frozen cheeseburger party and post it? I've always wondered how they looked before they go on the grill.

kem896350 karma

Mythical_Empire307 karma

How sanitary are the conditions? Most importantly after working there, would you eat there?

kem896590 karma

We keep every sanitary as much as possible. The only problem is employees. Some will be careful while making the food, others are just lazy and sloppy. I will eat there only if i make the food.

Mythical_Empire419 karma

Well, that isn't very reassuring.

kem896524 karma

All McDonalds have a standard of cleanliness, its just up to the employee to follow it. Most do, but a few don't.

E-fly304 karma

Thanks for the McWraps.

kem896247 karma

Premium or small wraps?

WhoShotMrBurns261 karma

What's the longest consecutive streak that you ate nothing but McDonalds? What did your stool look like afterwards?

kem896320 karma

I mainly only eat McDonalds on break. I rarely take food home or eat when im not working.

wilburmina252 karma

After seeing everything you must see, what would you still order at any McDonalds, not just at your own?

kem896386 karma

Most likely not. Don't get me wrong, mostly everything we do is clean and sanitary. But you get a handful of employees who just don't care and will serve you a slop burger.

SilverWing113220 karma

As a customer, what's the best thing I can do to make your job a bit easier/enjoyable?

kem896414 karma

Dont be a dick. Simple as that. Have some patience and everybody will be happy.

thirdtotheleft219 karma

Does the ice machine get cleaned often? I've heard horror stories about them being full of mold.

kem896416 karma

It gets cleaned fairly often. But i can gladly tell you that those stories are not true. There has never been mold in the ice machines.

MudButtMcGee219 karma

Do the eggs really come in as powder?

kem896475 karma

We use real eggs for the round eggs. For the scrambled, it comes as liquid in a milk carton looking thing. And the folded eggs come in a little package already folded and ready to cook. So no, no powdered eggs.

gives_free_rimjobs228 karma

We used real eggs in a weird scrambling device on the grill in Australia.

kem896225 karma

We use little plastic rings that we place on the grill to make them round.

NeonClawsOfGamblor48 karma

I worked McD's in the late 90s and we used to cook the folded eggs. They came in a milk carton thing and we cooked them. They must have changed it at some point.

kem89650 karma

They did. It comes exactly how they look in a package that we open and place on the grill.

FazedOut219 karma

Is this your primary income? Do you support yourself or a family? Do you have other jobs or incomes, assuming you work full time? Do you make minimum wage, or if not, did you start there?

People have started to make your job the go-to job when arguing minimum wage laws, and I'm curious what an actual McDonald's worker has to say about it.

kem896447 karma

McDonalds is not at all my main job. It is just a job to help me finish school and get a job that will support me for the rest of my life. I currently work 5 cents above minimum wage (woo), and thats at part time.

lucipherius165 karma

I like your food and appreciate that I can get food shitfaced at 2am ..that being said if minimum wage how's to $15 / hr how many of your coworkers would be fired for incompetence ?

kem896211 karma

Many. Some barely get by right now. But if people dont apply for a job, then we are forced to take what we got.

Snowleopard1469134 karma

Why was the Angus 3rd pounder removed?

kem896187 karma

I don't know. Just another thing cooperate never tells.

pakidude17120 karma

What is the least ordered item on the menu in your experience?

kem896153 karma

We dont sell many filets. Also the different variations of chicken sandwhichs like the Grilled Chicken Club, and stuff like that dont sell often.

Selontidon100 karma


kem89682 karma

Welcome to the family :)

If we have some off time, we like to see who can make the most delicious/disgusting nugget creation. We get one nugget, and unlimited condiments.

HeythisisWallace91 karma

Does being as respectful as you possibly can get you less of a chance to get decent food? I've always tried to be a gentleman with every social interaction I do but I've sometimes had a worry in the back of my head about someone doing something to my food because they're sick of assholes and just want to take it out on someone.

kem896124 karma

Being respectful does help. You have a better chance getting your food neatly placed and well made than if you were an arrogant annoying customer.

misterbeauds85 karma

Today I heard of an 11 heard old kid eating outside of mcdonalds at their provided tables, but charged for a refill on his soda because he left the restaurant. Policy or super dickwad?

kem896152 karma

Super dickwad. As long as he is on McDonalds property, he should be entitled to a free refill.

Throwawayqw12378 karma

So what ARE the nuggets made of, because as a proper amerifat I eat a whole lotta them (used to, nearest one is a 3 mile walk from my place and I don't drive)

kem896105 karma

Only cooperate knows. We get them in little bags, stick them in the fry vat, and serve to you.

leozander76 karma

How many times do you see people spiting, puting hair in food, Ect.

kem896196 karma

Never. I have not once seen people spiting in food, or placing hair in it. Now dropped items are a different story. But very rare.

idrawinmargins73 karma

When I worked at McDonalds we used to play floor hockey with frozen nuggets. Have you done this yet?

kem896165 karma

Only if we drop them. Then we play soccer

tuframnedox57 karma

Man, I've been wondering this for a while. And you may not be privy to the information.

As a vegetarian, the only time I'd even consider McDonald's is at breakfast. And there are far better fast food options pretty much everywhere else.

When can I expect a veggie burger? I'd be happy to try out McDonald's' take on vegetarian cuisine, and almost every other fast food restaurant offers options for when I'm on the go.

Fix it! You have the power!

P.S. Meat lovers? You and I are cool. This is just a personal decision. I'm not into changing your dietary habits, I'm not a Veghovah's Witness, I just want to know when I can enjoy a McDonald's meal on a business trip.

kem89682 karma

I will definitely put in word about a vegetarian menu, but the only reason it has yet to happen is because your average McDonalds customer is not looking for a veggie burger.

P_B_R_Queen14 karma

Do you work in an area that would be considered a huge city, or a city, or a small city, or town.

So that would factor in to how many assholes that come in the drive thru being like " NO PICKLE, EXTRA MAYO!" etc.

Like, if you worked in LA, I could only imagine the douche bags being picky.....

kem89683 karma

I work in a small town McDonalds. But the we still get the same picky douche bags. "I WANT A HAMBURGER NO KETCHUP THATS IT!" "Alright so that will be all today?" "WHAT PART OF THATS IT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?" These types of people are what make me hate humanity.

VulgarTruth4 karma

Are you in school? What's next? What's your game plan? Do you have your sights set on anything? Is McDonalds a means to a greater end, or just the end?

kem89610 karma

McDonalds is just a part time job to help get through school. I plan on studying computer engineering and pursuing a job in that.

harsh_hk4 karma

Do you prefer to eat what you serve?

kem89611 karma

For sure. If i decide to get a wrap or something, i will always make it myself. I feel much safer that way.

AngelWyath3 karma

You talked about the girl that dropped the patty and still sent it out. Does this kind of stuff happen often? What about spit or other ways of purposely messing with people's food?

kem8965 karma

I doesnt happen often, but it does happen. It also depends on the employee. Some will drop the bun/meat and use it, others will throw it away. Spitting has never happened so far. The worst that will happen is if the customer is extremely rude or disrespectful, ive seen people add extra ketchup if they asked for no ketchup, or "accidently" forgetting to put certain things on it.