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I work in a McDonald's in the UK and people who order fries without salt are a pain in the arse, especially when we're busy. We salt all the fries and so if someone orders them without salt, we have to fry some fresh, clean out the fry station, clean the fry scoop and hope to god that someone doesn't put the fries in and salt them if we're away from the station temporarily. I've had this happen and it's a pain in the McPenis.

Edit: To all of the people saying we shouldn't salt the fries, they're too salty anyway, put them from the basket straight into the box etc. The correct way to do it is as mentioned above, and every basket of fries should have one shot of salt from the accusalt dispenser (held approx. 20cm above the fries) so as to distribute 2.5g of salt.

Also, we do still serve the Big Breakfast. :)