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Is this your primary income? Do you support yourself or a family? Do you have other jobs or incomes, assuming you work full time? Do you make minimum wage, or if not, did you start there?

People have started to make your job the go-to job when arguing minimum wage laws, and I'm curious what an actual McDonald's worker has to say about it.

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Will you be doing a tour with the new statute? I really wanted a picture with it and I live in Tulsa, so OKC would've been perfect. Secondly, can I still hope that it'll be installed in Oklahoma? Our governor is a real douchebag so I kind of think we earned this.

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Did anything happen to the nurse for making such a terrible mistake? Coming to work sick when you're accountant is one thing, but coming to work sick when you're a nurse exposing patient's spine is quite another.

Also, other than the memory problems, do you have any other lasting effects from the meningitis?