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All the time. We put on a headset just to do such and its alot of fun to talk about customers. But its 90% of the time to let others know about the cute dog that just pulled up in drive-thru. If you have a cute dog, you are #1 priority.

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Hours suck. Pay sucks. Customers suck. Take a guess

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That is actually spot on. Our job consists of riding a stationary bicycle and listening to customers complain all day.

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We have been trained in the ancient art of Mop Karate, but i have yet to use my skills in a real life scenario.

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The timers are all digital now. We put the meat in the heating cabinets and then press a button. When the timer goes off, that means its time to change the meat. We get free meals up to $5. Managers usually dictate who mops and sweeps. Some people are trained for grill others for counter/drive thru. Some are trained for both, but its not mandatory.