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Do you harbor any ill will toward the medical team? Any nightmares, flashbacks or continuing mental or emotional trauma?

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Your name sometimes comes up in accusations of "liberal media bias." How do you (or, perhaps, how can and should the mass media) combat the pervasive idea that the news industry slants to the political left?

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Man, I've been wondering this for a while. And you may not be privy to the information.

As a vegetarian, the only time I'd even consider McDonald's is at breakfast. And there are far better fast food options pretty much everywhere else.

When can I expect a veggie burger? I'd be happy to try out McDonald's' take on vegetarian cuisine, and almost every other fast food restaurant offers options for when I'm on the go.

Fix it! You have the power!

P.S. Meat lovers? You and I are cool. This is just a personal decision. I'm not into changing your dietary habits, I'm not a Veghovah's Witness, I just want to know when I can enjoy a McDonald's meal on a business trip.

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Thanks for the AMA, Mr. Koplinski. Representing Hershey here.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I have a hard time trusting that anyone who has spent any length of time on Harrisburg's self-important city council that has wasted the better part of a decade infighting and complaining than taking care of the city.

Harrisburg is a small city with big city problems, and from blight to crime, it's not getting any better. There are lies, damned lies, and statistics, and no figure you throw at me is going to convince me that the city is headed in a positive direction.

Nevertheless, I have always respected you and found you to be one of the few decent, hardworking people on city council. How can you convince me that you're the right man for the lieutenant governor position?

Edit: Would you rather fight one incinerator-sized Tom Corbett or 100 Tom Corbett-sized incinerators?

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What was the inspiration behind the iconic "Don't You Want Me" music video?