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Which of the commonly held myths about McD food would you say are true, and which are false?

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You're an oil rig? Cool! So, how does it feel to stick your dick in the planet?

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I've seen a few "behind the scenes" videos from X-Art. It seemed to me like everyone was having the time of their lives, but I'm not sure it wasn't all edited or filmed for the purpose of giving that exact impression.

What would you say? Specifically, do the girls enjoy the sex, or is it like in "pro" porn where they look all horny, smiling and eager, and the moment someone yells "CUT!" they instantly switch back to their usual bored faces?

Edit: the BTS videos showed a few instances of performers getting it on just for the hell of it, out of shot of the big cameras and just the random hand camera filming the BTS. How much truth is there in that?

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Would you share the most interesting thing that happened to you on the job? And what about the scariest?

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...the lack of an odor or texture that defines "radioactive".

You can feel radiation as a prickly sensation on your skin and a taste of metal - but only if being irradiated very heavily, to the point your life expectancy starts to drop fast.

Thanks for this AmA, I'm very curious about anything and everything Chernobyl and will be sure to read more of it later on.