I've been working at Taco Bell for about a year and a half while attending college. I'm here to answer all of your Taco Bell questions, as well as questions pertaining to anything else!

My proof: http://imgur.com/NoEgYu3

Not sure why you'd care, but I have a YouTube channel! You can hear me talk and.... stuff. Plus I could lose my job! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmMxv1XeOlxYFXHZEde0IkA

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grimnoddle169 karma

Is it true that the Cina twists are just deep fried rotini pasta?

TheTacoBellGuy151 karma

Yes!!! We get these large bags of them. Once fried, they puff up to the familiar look and we put cinnamon sugar on them!

hobnobbinbobthegob63 karma

Wait, I get that they might be pretty flat and hard and resembling pasta when they're un-cooked, but are they literally pasta?

TheTacoBellGuy97 karma

They are literally pasta. The item isn't sold as pasta to us, and we don't order pasta whenever we have to order more products. But that is literally what it is. Just pasta.

itsagoodtime37 karma

mind is blown

TheTacoBellGuy30 karma

It was a big shock to me as well...

Jenicsaco25 karma

That sounds like an experiment from home! Neat-o!

TheTacoBellGuy29 karma

It would definitely be possible!

geaux02146 karma

soak them in Bunn water and mix them with nacho cheese, makes for a delicious snack ;D

TheTacoBellGuy4 karma

Hmmm. I will have to try that!

Its4ForScience91 karma

Why is the cheesy gordita cruch soooo good? Why?????

TheTacoBellGuy72 karma

I don't know! It is probably my favorite thing on the menu.... It's probably because it has so much cheese.

Its4ForScience31 karma

Yes! I ate three last night. I am so full of shame yet so satisfied as well.

TheTacoBellGuy40 karma

Do not be ashamed friend! I'm sure it was delicious!

Wicked8127 karma

Can I get a Cheesy Gordita Crunch with beans instead of meat or is that just too fucked up?

TheTacoBellGuy55 karma

Of course you can! Taco Bell supports vegetarian diets, so you can substitute beans for beef on any item free of charge!

scarabin23 karma

every time i attempt this they hold the meat, then ADD the price of beans to my order. not cool.

TheTacoBellGuy155 karma

Well you tell them that there is a Sub Bean for Beef button located on the "More Modifiers" section. Blow them away and save money.

Wicked8114 karma

I am incredibly excited about this. So, the beans are vegetarian??

TheTacoBellGuy69 karma

They have cut meat out of their diet...

The beans are considered a substitution for beef at Taco Bell. That way we can feed those who love the beef, and those who are against it. And then some people just prefer the beans over our beef. But it is free of charge! If they try to charge you, tell them there is a Sub Bean for Beef button on More Modifiers....

sutiibu19 karma

Can you share any other obscure buttons?

TheTacoBellGuy7 karma

Hm..... Nothing that isn't out of the ordinary like that one.

drunkbirth2 karma

...are the beans cooks with beef broth for flavoring, or in beef fat? Or are they just beans?

TheTacoBellGuy4 karma

They are just beans.

bruddahmacnut3 karma

Well I'm a meatarian. Can I substitute the lettuce for beef, the tomatoes for steak, and the sour cream for chicken in my burrito supreme? You guys don't charge for that right?

TheTacoBellGuy4 karma

I wouldn't charge you. I'd be impressed.

HelloSomeoneCanBowl1 karma

Wait is that thing back? Im not sure it's at my local one.

TheTacoBellGuy4 karma

It's been around since I started! It's a permanent item here, as we will always have the proper ingredients. Perhaps you could ask!

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii64 karma

Who handles their twitter account? dudes a genius

TheTacoBellGuy61 karma

I honestly have no idea.... But he is quick with witty remarks. I'll give him that.

DickNickerson42 karma

Growing up I was the biggest fan of the chilito which went away, then came back as the chili cheese burrito, then went away and now is back but its twice the price and half the size of grillers. How the heck to I get a big fat chili cheese burrito? Is there some code word or something? PLEASE HELP ME GET MY CHILITO BACK!

TheTacoBellGuy32 karma

The chili is a limited time only item! It isn't the most popular thing, so they hardly ever bring it back! But, I would say the best way to get a thicker burrito is to ask for extra chili. It'll run you about 40 cents extra, but it may be the only way!

Jgarza36141 karma

How many times have you stuck your penis in the taco shells??

TheTacoBellGuy80 karma


Jgarza36129 karma

Im satisfied with this answer...

TheTacoBellGuy123 karma

I was satisfied when I did it...

BlameOmega18 karma

You know what, you just sold me on getting taco bell more than any actual ad.

TheTacoBellGuy28 karma

And people are saying I'm going to get fired! I'm advertising for free right now!

tumbleweedss17 karma

Dude you are totally getting fired.

TheTacoBellGuy58 karma

Well, if I found out an employee had stuck his dick in 69 tacos, I would be more impressed than anything...

mspurr15 karma

in a row?

TheTacoBellGuy64 karma

At the same time.

GlitterBlonde38 karma

I seriously need to know why the hell the Cheesy Bean and Rice burrito was discontinued and if there is someway that I can "rearrange" a different menu item to dupe it. I'm still going through withdrawals!

TheTacoBellGuy69 karma

Okay, I'm gonna help you out.

Step 1: Go to your local Taco Bell and order a Bean Burrito.

Step 2: Tell them to hold the Red Sauce and the Onions (unless you like that stuff)

Step 3: Ask them to add Nacho Cheese and to take the cheddar cheese off and add 3-Cheese instead.

Step 4: Ask to add Rice.

Step 5: Ask to had Jalapeno sauce.

This will get you something very similar to those burritos... It may cost a little extra, but it could be worth it in the end!

GlitterBlonde40 karma

OH. MY. SWEET. JESUS. I now owe you my first born!! Thank you!!!!!

TheTacoBellGuy27 karma

You're welcome! Hopefully it tastes just as good as they used to!

I_WouldntRecommendIt61 karma


TheTacoBellGuy50 karma

.... I think you and I both know the answer to that.

hurlcarl38 karma

You worried about getting fired for this? I'd imagine somewhere buried in your hiring paperwork there's something against this or something.

TheTacoBellGuy133 karma


mrstalin10 karma

It's in our contract that we can't post things on social media that are negative about the company. Try to avoid posting details that could identify your location.

TheTacoBellGuy23 karma

Can do. I'm just trying to provide people with the truth!

theinternn35 karma

This is important. Tell me about the baja sauce.

It used to be on the baja gorditas, which seem to be in limited availability in my area, and in the quesadillas. I need more.

TheTacoBellGuy39 karma

Does your store not have it anymore? We do, as it goes on the cheesy gordita crunch. Maybe you should ask! They could be hiding it from you....

Magus1011210 karma

Seriously, this is the only question I care about. Baja sauce is just, something otherworldly. Is there anywhere I can get like, minor bulk of it? Like a bottle or something

TheTacoBellGuy18 karma

It's just a pepper jack sauce. The only way you can order a lot of it is if you get a side of it. Sides cost around 40 cents, so you could order as many as you like! They can't tell you no...

Magus1011219 karma

So theoretically I could call my local TB and say, hey in like 5 hours I'm gonna stop in and pick up 100 sides of baja sauce and they'll do it?

TheTacoBellGuy18 karma

I don't see why they wouldn't.

Magus1011232 karma

You're the best, taco bell guy.

TheTacoBellGuy37 karma

No. You're the best!

flimflammed30 karma

I'd like to know just how much of the menu arrives in the form of powder? I'm assuming the beans do and then are reconstituted with water. Anything else?

TheTacoBellGuy51 karma

You are correct on the beans. They aren't fine powder, however. They are small chunks, very similar to Cocoa Pebbles. Red Sauce is a really fine powder that we add hot water to. And the rice seasoning comes in a powder form as well. That's about it though... Salsa used to be powder, but we have changed that.

catsandblankets18 karma

All of those kinda make sense though (except the salsa one). My local bulk store sells the beans in that form and it's incredibly cheap and convenient for the same quality of pure beans, and you don't have to drain/mash them once cooked. Good stuff.

TheTacoBellGuy13 karma

Yeah, that salsa was nasty. But now it comes in a bag and is much better. But the beans look and taste like regular beans, so I don't see a problem with them.

TryNstopME02428 karma

My go to taco bell food item would have to be the steak quesadilla. What's your favorite thing from taco bell?

TheTacoBellGuy43 karma

Ohhhh this is tough.... I have worked there for so long that everything just doesn't appeal to me. But, if I had to choose something from there, it would either be the chicken quesadilla or the cheesy gordita crunch. Both are quite good.

Jenicsaco25 karma

Is there anything that you DON'T recommend on the menu?

TheTacoBellGuy105 karma

Well.... To be honest I don't like anything on the breakfast menu. The preparation and the ingredients that go on the items just make it disgusting to me. Ronald McDonald may like it.... But Ronald McDonald I am not.

oxxxxx58 karma

Please do another ama when corporate fires you.

TheTacoBellGuy91 karma

I most certainly will. Keep a look for "AMA Fired Taco Bell employee!"

FalseTautology21 karma

I tried every item on the breakfast menu, only the breakfast crunchwrap thing was anything less than disgusting.

TheTacoBellGuy17 karma

I agree. It's all very greasy and very very nasty. I can't stomach it.

Jenicsaco11 karma

Aww, disappointing! I thought it all looked decent but the ...waffle taco. I don't think I have anywhere nearby that does the breakfast. I guess that's for the best. :p

TheTacoBellGuy25 karma

It is expensive and not worth it. You could get a better and more conventional breakfast elsewhere, like Hardee's/Carl Jr.'s. I love their breakfast haha.

tehgama9529 karma

I love the A.M crunchwrap

TheTacoBellGuy24 karma

Good! It is nice to know that there is someone out there! I want breakfast to stick around because I work the shift, and it is a breeze compared to lunch.

Darklydreamingx28 karma

The crunchwrap is legit. Whoever cane up with the idea for the waffle taco needs needs to stop smoking crack

TheTacoBellGuy38 karma

And start doing LSD! I mean, the people who discovered DNA did LSD. It's obviously working for some people.

supermeth23 karma

Thanks for the ama and all that you do for the good of mankind.

Can you enlighten us on your worst customer experience?

Do you guys have the ingredients on hand to make "limited time only" items? It surprises me to think that the chicken flat bread is too expensive to keep around. I miss it. . 1/2lb beef and potato burrito was a classic too. That sour cream.

TheTacoBellGuy42 karma

I appreciate the thanks!

The worst customer experience I ever had was with a drunk man. He came through the drive through and passed out while ordering! So, we yelled into the mic to wake him up, and he passed out 2 more times while ordering. He finally pulled around to the pay window, hit the wall 3 times, and passed out while paying. So we parked him and made him wait on his food, when in reality we called the police on the guy. It was funny, but pretty scary in its own right.

And no. We don't have some of the items. It's usually the sauce that we get rid of. We keep the obvious things; chicken, beef, all that jazz. But we usually get rid of the sauces that go on certain items.

supermeth23 karma

Wow! Ending world hunger AND fighting crime at the same time! Thanks TacoBellGuy, you ARE the bestest.

TheTacoBellGuy22 karma

It's what I do! :D

Well.... That and make tacos.

A_Hobos_Fart23 karma

I've been eating Chalupas for like 18 years now because I love that delicious shell. I especially love it when the shell is crunchy. Can I ask for the shell to be made crunchy or do I just get what I get?

TheTacoBellGuy25 karma

You can ask to have it fried for a little longer. That's what makes them a little crispier!

catsandblankets13 karma

Heaven. Thank you for this.

TheTacoBellGuy17 karma

But make sure and just say for a few seconds longer! If you don't they'll come out a little too hard.

billalphonso22 karma

Why does Taco Bell get rid of the new menu items so quickly? The nacho wrap. Chicken flatbread. Beefy crunch burrito.

TheTacoBellGuy24 karma

Well, the demand for those items go wayyyyyy down after some time passes. We keep them as limited time only items to keep the demand up whenever they come back. Otherwise we waste a lot of product.

Hambone7420 karma

Yeah, like the beefy crunchwrap supreme... OMG I could eat 20 of those.

TheTacoBellGuy15 karma

Those are delicious, and easy to eat on the go! So it's one of the best things you can order!

rob-da-hob21 karma

I've never had Taco Bell before. What am I missing out on?

TheTacoBellGuy112 karma

Cheap food and diarrhea.

VirtualPickleTickle31 karma

Ha, that was blunt. Although I feel like people who get diarrhea from Taco Bell can really only blame their own digestive systems.

TheTacoBellGuy81 karma

It can actually be blamed on the food. The food is really, really fatty. And when all that fat gets into your stomach, it produces bile to break it down. Since there is so much fat in our food, your stomach produces a lot of bile. The more bile, the worse the shituation.

Im_not_the_cops29 karma


Your liver produces bile.


Source: Got a C in a highschool anatomy class

TheTacoBellGuy15 karma

Son of a bitch you're right! Ahhh how did I mess that up?! I have failed you...

HellaFella42020 karma

Had Taco Bell for dinner last night, need some help. Will you pull my finger.....

TheTacoBellGuy38 karma

.... I will.

Dizzyd125020 karma

None of you will hire me. Any tips on landing a job?

TheTacoBellGuy20 karma

Hmm. It really depends on who you know. Taco Bell usually doesn't hire too many people, as they aren't really needed. But, if I had to give any advice, I would just put in your application with some good references. And then call the store and follow up on your application.

kalebnew17 karma

Why aren't there any freaking potatoes in the breakfast burrito? It's not like you guys are a Mexican restaurant or anything.

TheTacoBellGuy25 karma

There's a guy that works there who puts potatoes on the breakfast items, and it makes them a little better! Our breakfast burritos are really disappointing. I mean, of all the things we could have, we really suck it up on the burritos.

YouNeedToStopPosting16 karma

I appreciate the AMA.

1.) If I only had $7.00, and it was noon, what would you say would be a good bang for my buck?

2.) Would it be more probable to see you playing checkers with a friend, or rollerblading to work?

TheTacoBellGuy26 karma

1.) Meal deals! They provide you with a food item, a bag of Doritos, and a drink for around $2. So that covers a good sized food item and a drink. (Keep in mind, a drink is about $2 by itself.) After the meal deal, provided you're still hungry, you can splurge on whatever it is you desire!

2.) Checkers. I enjoy playing it, even though I'm really bad at it.

dirtyjew12316 karma

I bought a meal deal along with a cheesy potato burrito and it was like $5. Fucking love Taco Bell man!

TheTacoBellGuy28 karma

I'm glad you love it! Work there and you won't! D:

en1gmatical5 karma

This the most upbeat deterrent ever. I'm imagining you holding up a sign with a smile on your face that reads "kill me."

TheTacoBellGuy6 karma

That would basically sum up the working experience from there!

AhhaNewb15 karma

<3 love Taco Bell. Sucks you might get reprimanded for this.

I could drink your nacho cheese with a straw. But It seems like it was much better in CA then it is here in TX.

TheTacoBellGuy54 karma


violue14 karma

Okay is it my imagination, or are the Loaded Grillers getting smaller? It seems like less and less filling is being put in them since they were introduced.

TheTacoBellGuy21 karma

Well, they actually have. The portions that go into them, as well as the rolling procedures, have all changed. So they appear smaller.

violue44 karma

I'm excited. Not because they're smaller, but because I'm not crazy.

TheTacoBellGuy48 karma

I, too, am excited! I don't know what for.... Perhaps the new Smash Bros. game...

lovemesomesteph13 karma

How do you make the breakfast wraps??

TheTacoBellGuy48 karma

Step 1: Put a 10.5" tortilla on the grill for 5 seconds on one side, 5 seconds on the other side.

Step 2: Apply a hashbrown

Step 3: Add a scoop of eggs

Step 4: Add the meat (Steak, Bacon, or Sausage)

Step 5: Add a pinch of cheddar cheese

Step 6: Add Creamy Jalapeno Sauce in the shape of a "Z"

Step 7: Fold in the shape of a hexagon

Step 8: Grill for 17 seconds

GreenThmb12 karma


TheTacoBellGuy16 karma

I will do that for you... I will honor your request! For GreenThmb!!

GreenThmb9 karma


TheTacoBellGuy17 karma

No... You're the bestest.

Hambone748 karma

No.... YOU ARE ;)

TheTacoBellGuy20 karma

I believe that we are all the bestest! :DDD

Xopowo1012 karma

What can I do to bring back Lava Sauce? I got that added onto everything and it was sooo good. It seems to be gone nationwide, despite a high demand for it. :(

TheTacoBellGuy10 karma

I know! It sucks that they got rid of it. And I am not sure if it'll ever be back. But have you tried the new Fiery sauce? It could heal the wounds from the loss of Lava sauce.

JamieSayer12 karma

It's crazy reading some of these questions and knowing the answer hahaha I'm glad to see fellow TB employees parole reddit! Canadian though, so no breakfast menu :( Which from what you make it sound like, a good thing haha. Also, do you guys have Chalupa's? I haven't had one in forever! I MISS THEM SO MUCH.

TheTacoBellGuy3 karma

Yes we do! Do you not carry them anymore? We sell the crap out of them!

Quocalimar12 karma

Why do the ads exclusively take shots at McDonalds? Not that I like McDick's but they are not the only fast food restaurant to serve breakfast. Not to mention the fact that pitting yourself against a product as low quality as McD's is setting your own standards pretty low.

TheTacoBellGuy19 karma

My thoughts exactly!!!! There is no reason to take shots at McDonald's. We shouldn't compare ourselves to them because our menu is completely different. The reasoning behind that is probably because McDonald's leads the market in Fast Food Breakfast. So the ads try to say that we are better than the top dog. It's stupid.

johnnynoname129 karma

Why ain't the double decker more popular?

Also, why do you all cock tease us by making the Doritos taco so small?

TheTacoBellGuy4 karma

Well, mainly because people don't realize that you can order it by itself. It is really only advertised as the Meal Deal #2. Plus, when ordered by itself, it's pretty expensive for how little you get.

The Doritos tacos are the same size as our regular tacos. I'm not sure why they would be any bigger...

johnnynoname1214 karma

The Doritos taco can never be too big

TheTacoBellGuy5 karma

True, true...

HackPhilosopher9 karma

I get sick everytime I eat your ground beef, but I love taco bell so I order everything with beans instead of meat. How much do you guys hate that?

TheTacoBellGuy16 karma

I don't hate it at all! A lot of my coworkers bitch about it. But it isn't hard to do at all. It's quicker in some cases.


Why is Baja Blast only at Taco Bell....

TheTacoBellGuy34 karma

It isn't!!! It's actually being sold in stores now as a limited time only type of thing!

But, it was originally sold only at Taco Bell because it was exclusive. The chemicals in Baja Blast are supposed to "enlighten" your taste buds, making the food you eat more enjoyable.

karmacraze8 karma

what is the largest order you have ever filled for 1 customer?

TheTacoBellGuy23 karma

15 party packs..... It was freaking brutal.

karmacraze10 karma

i bet those first tacos were soggy as shit by the time they got eaten!

TheTacoBellGuy10 karma

Oh yes! You could almost see it through the box we put them in. But there was no way to prevent that!

micmike1008 karma

Who would win in a fight, a Galapagos giant tortoise, or a chicken soft taco?

TheTacoBellGuy21 karma

It depends if the chicken soft taco had sour cream...

StormyJMaster8 karma

Is there a secret universal code I can say to the drive thru person at Taco Bell to get free food?

TheTacoBellGuy12 karma

There isn't. At least I don't know of one....

hastytaste6 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! What can I do as a customer to make your life easier/more enjoyable?

TheTacoBellGuy15 karma

It makes it easy if you order small things through the drive-thru, and come in for larger orders.

Always order grilled items first, they take the longest and we want to finish those first.

Just be short and sweet with your order.

mashdownbandit6 karma

Why are the tortillas called burrito shells?

TheTacoBellGuy22 karma

I..... I didn't know they were.....

Doug_6 karma

What's the most ridiculous order you've seen placed?

TheTacoBellGuy18 karma

15 party packs! 180 crunchy tacos! And the guy tried to order it in the drive-thru!

whoistheturkey6 karma

Will they ever bring back the Enchirito? And will they ever start putting green onions on items again? I used to love a enchirito with green onions on top.

TheTacoBellGuy15 karma

Doubtful. We now have the smothered burritos, which took the place of the enchirito. They're basically just a larger version of an enchirito, have you tried one?

JolorianRuler5 karma

Why don't you have decaf coffee? Years of coffee abstinence have left me a shell of the quad-shot latte-drinker I used to be. Decaf will get me through all day now. I have to drive to McD to get some.

TheTacoBellGuy5 karma

I've actually asked our GM to get decaf. We just don't have it. And I think it is really stupid that we don't.

Noahdutch5 karma

What are the work conditions like at Taco Bell?

TheTacoBellGuy32 karma

Hell. At least at the one i work at it is. I work about an hour and a half over every day. The air conditioner doesn't work at all. The job itself is really easy though, so I can't complain there.

Hogan5244 karma

Other than Taco Bell, what's your favorite fast food?

TheTacoBellGuy14 karma

That, Mr. Hogan524, is a damn good question. I like Hardee's/Carl Jr.'s (depending on where you are from) a lot. I also like Wendy's and McDonald's. I prefer to eat cheap. As long as the price is low, I like it haha.

WIInvestigator3 karma

Did the quesadilla used to come with two tacos in the combo? I swore it did. I'm too embarrassed to ask in person.

TheTacoBellGuy2 karma

Not that I can remember.... But it is a possibility.

HeirToGallifrey3 karma

Is the stereotype of high people going to Taco Bell true? If so, do you treat these people any differently (both professionally and personally) and have you ever had any problems with them?

TheTacoBellGuy23 karma

It isn't as bad as everyone thinks. I mean, yeah we get a few here and there. However, it is no where near as bad as some people make it out to be. In the event they do come through, we usually treat them as a regular customer. They are usually much nicer and more relaxed, so they get treated better sometimes. We have a bigger problem with drunk people, and we have had to call the cops on them before. There are some pretty bad stories about people coming through drunk. But never a high person.

Metalhead0010012 karma

What happened to the Chili Cheese Burrito?

TheTacoBellGuy3 karma

The Chili that we made was a limited time only thing. They do it to keep the demand for it up, so that way we sell a lot whenever it comes back.

dictator1592 karma

Whats your favorite part about working for taco bell?

TheTacoBellGuy19 karma

Hm.... Probably the free food....

NorbitGorbit1 karma

do you think a taco truck selling tacos in front of taco bell would have a significant impact on sales, or is it two different markets?

TheTacoBellGuy8 karma

It could impact us. Not because of the quality of the Taco Truck's food, but because it is a freaking taco truck. I mean, given the option, I'd definitely buy food from a taco truck...

NorbitGorbit3 karma

note to self: open taco trucks in front of every taco bell

TheTacoBellGuy3 karma

You'd draw in the business! For a day or two. It would be more of a novelty than anything.

Green2Green2 karma

Thats it, I'm getting a taco truck and moving it in front of a new taco bell every day!

TheTacoBellGuy2 karma

You'll make millions! Or, if all else fails, you'll own a taco truck! Which is still pretty cool! :D

vancanslam1 karma

What is the most innovative taco idea FUDGING EVER?

TheTacoBellGuy3 karma

Your mother's.......

Just kidding. Well, I like my tacos with 3-cheese blend instead of the cheddar that comes on it.... Putting steak on tacos is also pretty good.

NorbitGorbit1 karma

is there any variation in quality for the doritos taco shells? they seem quite bland sometimes.

TheTacoBellGuy4 karma

They are all bland.... They all taste like stale doritos. It's disappointing