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Hi Mr. Bradley, thanks for doing an IAmA with us today.

1.) Do you ever speak in strange voices or funny sounds when you look at yourself in the mirror while getting ready?

2.) Could you look at the tag and tell us what kind of jacket you're wearing in your proof image?

3.) Do you enjoy swiss or colby jack cheese more?

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I appreciate the AMA.

1.) If you stood in the phonebooth, closed the door, and allowed it to be submerged in a lake, would it be able to keep out water for a fair amount of time?

2.) Would you rather eat peppered beef jerky or chicken fried rice for a month?

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I appreciate the AMA.

1.) Have you created any lifelong friends throughout your travels?

2.) Would you rather have the chance to poke [and break] a 1,000,000 gallon water balloon suspended over the Grand Canyon, or drop 780 feet through 5,000 single-spaced layers of soft tissue paper, landing on a platform of fuzzy down pillows?

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I appreciate the AMA.

1.) If I only had $7.00, and it was noon, what would you say would be a good bang for my buck?

2.) Would it be more probable to see you playing checkers with a friend, or rollerblading to work?

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Hi Sean, I appreciate the AMA.

1.) Where do you see yourself in ten years?

2.) What is the most funny number that you can think of?